November 2011 Blog Income Report – Getting Better At End of Q4

Time to share one more month’s earning report. The net income is quite OK for me, but still it is short of what I targeted. As we all are reaching at end of the year, normally most of the ad networks will work better for publishers and we can see good increase. December should be much better because last December was a great month especially by Adsense for me and other bloggers too.

I’m sharing this November 2011 blog income report with screenshots of each money making program. I’m doing it for a reason which I will share in coming days. November 2011 blog income report is combination of my two blogs called and this DailyBlogMoney’s contribution is very less (even lesser than 1%), so I can claim this full earning is mostly from my tech blog.

I made $2292.79 online in November, it was with 17.5% growth rate compared to previous month $1951.34 earning. Google adsense worked pretty well for me, I could see the good increase in CPC and RPM during between before black Friday to cyber Monday. That  was due to the competition of advertisers during these special promotions days.

Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense – 1381.98

Contextweb CPM – 328.23

Amazon Associate – 114.57

Luminate (ex Pixazza) – 0

Vibrant Media – 277.17

BuySellAds – 22.50

ShareaSale Affiliate – 0

Google Affiliate – 168.34

Total – 2292.79


Things I wanted to Share

Luminate is still not showing ads. It’s a common problem for most of the sites and still they are manually reviewing each sites and fixing the issue.

After checking other sites similar (even with lesser traffic) to my blog in Buysellads inventory, I realized the low pricing of my ad slots. So, I increased it, may be due to that the main ad slot is not sold in November.


Traffic Drop

Google is busy with changing their algorithm very frequently, which affected my blog too. I could see changes in search engine result pages related to my blog articles. Some articles lost and few articles gained traffic. But, at the end I lost around 10% of traffic in November 2011.

I’m working towards to bring up the traffic to normal and growth rate. Instead of breaking my head on older posts which lost the traffic, I’m planning to publish fresh useful articles to increase the traffic.

Google Adsense

It again proved as my favorite ad network. As I said earlier, it performed well during a week. Even I have seen my first ever top adsense earning 150$ in a day. Still I remember those days I struggled to get my first 100$ adsense check which took more than two years. Things have changed now, because still I’m blogging and improving day by day.

Click here to view adsense earning screenshot (for some strange reason, I can’t add it here.)

Contextweb CPM

This is my second favorite network pays well without any additional efforts. Since its a CPM network, I do not need to worry about clicks and CTR. But, the placement should be good enough to earn more money with CPM networks. For example, because of we do not expect any clicks as publishers in CPM ad network, but as advertisers they want clicks and good placement to show their ads and get visitors to them. Good placement will make sure you are getting good fill rate with higher CPM.


Amazon Associate

The way it started in November beginning, I though it could reach ever top earning , but not worked as expected. Anyhow, I’m happy with the final earning from Amazon associate.

amazon associate


Vibrant Media In-Text ad

My second full month with them, there was a considerable drop in earning compared to last month $351. This could be related to 10% traffic drop or lost traffic in USA and Europe areas. I’m hoping things will change once the blog gains traffic more.

vibrant media

Great News,

I received my first payment from Vibrant media (for month of September 2011). Even though their payment cycle is after 45 days, but they pay by end of month (its like 60 days). I don’t mind that as long as they pay correctly. Other cool thing is, direct bank deposit outside USA without any additional charges. It is really convenient for any bloggers who do not want to receive checks or payment via PayPal.

Here is the deposit from Vibrant media to my bank account.

vibrant media payment



As I said earlier the main ad slot not sold in November. By the time I’m typing this post that particular slot is sold with the increased price 🙂


Google Affiliate

This worked well this time. One thing I understand if you want to have some affiliate sales, by placing affiliate banners in your blog’s header and side bar will not work, but publishing an article about it and getting few ‘targeted visitors’ will give some money.

I recently published an article about a discount code for particular product in Google affiliate, that post is not listed in my top 50 articles in November, but still it managed to give $168 with less traffic with ‘highly targeted visitors’.

Google aff


That’s the end of my November 2011 blog income report.


We can expect good month in December as holiday offers will be up and advertisers will be spending their all balance money on advertising.

Also, this is the good time to think and analyze what you have learned including mistakes in 2011 and what are the new plans for 2012.

I will be happy to see your comments about blogging issues, earning and traffic of November 2011.

Happy Blogging in December

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  1. great earnings and congrats 🙂 Your earning report is the only one which I trust because you are so transparent and dont gather emails to spam unlike others who boast of fake earning reports to gather emails and spam them with affliate links 😉
    Keep up the gud work

  2. Hi Dinesh,

    Congrats on achieving a new milestone 2K+ 🙂

    Wow, as I always say, you are an inspiration to me and your monthly reports keep me beliving in this income source –blogging 🙂

    I respect you for this as you’ve proved that even if you don’t have your own product, you still can earn sizeable income 🙂

    • @Avadhut,
      Thanks. May be I can think about my own product once I become full time blogger. Making money from only ad networks is very much possible. you can take me as an example. By the way, good work at your blog. Keep it up.

  3. This is really a great month for you. Since am from Naija, the only best way of making money online is through Google and Amazon.

  4. Really awesome earnings, Dinesh.
    I hope I can reach half of your income at the end of this year.
    Btw, I applied for Vibrant media a few times but they didn’t approve me. What should I do to join the network?

    • @Tuan,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Recently I landed on your website from Google about CDN services. Then remember that I know this blog already, it was yours. Good work done.
      Definitely you can make half or more than that in this year.
      Send me your traffic report by email, so I can talk to my accounts manager in Vibrant media. No response from Vibrant media is the main draw back.

    • I have not told about 1 million page view.
      November 2011 Page views is 608,000. I’m almost working for last two years in my blog, and still I’m a part time blogger. Yes, I’m the only one man built up this blog. So, if you are full time blogger or doesn’t have full time job to spend and concentrate, then you have plenty of time to build a better blog and reach this earning quicker than mine.
      is this useful?

      • Your blog is very nice. I say tech articles are unique. Do you get time to write them and analysis them all Well that great amount of traffic. I serve fraction of page views as compared to you but still over $250. If i will get 1 million page views, probably i will earn more than $10k.

  5. Awesome report ….i like it very much . Making money with adsense is very difficult for me. Newbies Struggling to get step by step details.each site having diff diff openion for promoting their web sites and confusing the same for new bies like me … My web site 1 yr old … Even still struggling to make passive income .. Could u pls advice the best possible ways to making passive income ….

    • It mainly depends of how you are getting traffic. When you write a post consider human readers and search engine traffic also. I think your blog is mainly targeting existing human readers, not any new visitors from search engines.
      Once traffic started to follow, the money will come.

      • thanks dear … I am updating my blog for very frequently with new contents these all are questions and answers related for helping students and techies (apart from this focusing high paying keywords for getting relavant ads) … Upto this stage i am focusing content content content only .. Unfortunatly i miss some important things for getting traffic … Any way to focus genune automated method is there … Why i am asking from end ?? This is very strange … Comparitively previous year $ 643 to this year $ 1381 .. This is tremendous improving your earming … What is the anchor secret tips to be following on daily basis … Need advice once again …

        Mohan C

        • Make website on pregnancy pillows and rank them and hundreds of genuine article. I am sure you do 50 times better than you present site. I guarantee you.

          • Hi Rahul,

            Mean to say for building back links ? I am having lot of time for making worthy for websites … even dedicated to work more than 6 hour day … My Target is for making decent traffic and getting no1 against targeted keywords in Google .. What is the best way or What are the steps needs to be followed on daily basis …

            C.Mohan – Part timer blogger @

          • Either time or money need to be spend. If you do work it will be reflect in few months. Drop me a mail or comment from my blog. I will be glad if i can help some one.

          • @Rahul,
            Thanks for giving some ideas.
            Checked your blog, I can see the good progress. You must be busy with building niche websites. Good luck for your all targets and projects.

        • @Mohan, No secrets. What ever I know I’m sharing them here in this blog.
          I understand your focus on helping students by publishing content, but ask a this question to your self, ‘How these students will reach your blog?’, that’s the traffic. Either it can be done by search engines (mainly Google) or social networking sites.
          Publishing useful content is not a major part in blogging, how you are driving traffic to your blog is the main key.
          In my opinion, instead of publishing articles by guessing ‘what could help students’, try to find out what ‘they want to know’ or ‘what they are searching’ or ‘what is missing on other blogs’… this will help to increase the traffic.
          Good luck,

          • @Dinesh , Thank you for providing such a wonderful path .. Definitely I will travel In diff path for getting more traffic (White hat only) …I would like to join with you for getting valuable tips like this .. Any way for keep in touch on regular basis .. Advice on this

            @Rahul , As a part time blogger hand shaking with you . Thank you for your advice . Surely i will ping you ..

  6. Congrats Dinesh!
    Great going and best wishes for more and more!
    When you work hard, money automatically follows. So the income denotes your involved work! You DO DESERVE it!
    Good luck!

  7. WOW those are some pretty high figures ^^ Dinesh, everytime i see your income report im curious to ask, are the income coming from only this blog? or is it also coming from your other blogs as well?

  8. Hi Dinesh,

    Your post opened new avenues for me. I am earning around 25$ a month from my website – from google adsense.

    I wasn’t aware of other avenues of advertisements through other websites till now. Can we use all of these in the same website? Wont it create problem for the advertisement of google?

    Rajesh Singla

    • @Rajesh Singla,
      Yes, you can use other ad networks as long as they do not violate Adsense TOS ( such as appearing like adsense ads, placing next to next and some more you can find in Google TOS)

      Affiliate network banners and direct ad slot selling also good way of making more money along with Adsense.

      Good luck.

    • Thanks for notifying me.
      It is not my blog.
      I already got several ‘ping backs’ from this ‘crap’ site. I would have reported to Google if the site is using Adsense, but they are not. Anyhow, I will take some actions if they pull my future articles.

      Thanks again for your concern 🙂

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