October 2010 Traffic Report, What’s Your Average eCPM?

Wow, I got nice comments for my October earning report and experienced good traffic too. Here is my October traffic report of Sysprobs.com which helped me to make 637 Dollars.

Before that, I wanted ask two questions?

1) Do you believe stats from Google Analytics?

2) What’s your blog’s average eCPM for October 2010?

I’m not asking the eCPM of any particular program, it’s a total average eCPM for your blog. As a bloggers we can set our earnings goal by this average eCPM.

How to calculate?

Its very simple. The formula is,

(Total Income / Total Page View) * 1000

OK here is my report.


Page View – 216,538 ( Previous month was 169,015). Increased by 47,500 in 31 days. To be honest, I have not done anything specifically to increase this much, except posting articles.

Search Engine Traffic –  67%

Traffic Sources

Google Search Engine is at top.

Bing and yahoo at 7th and 9th positions.

Social networks sites are not in first 10 positions, I’m not great fan of them.


My earnings are not that great for traffic, but I can console my self by search engine traffic. For 67% organic traffic, my adsense earning is enough.

If you are a serious blogger, I advice you to set some targets for every month, it can be for earnings,traffic, twitter followers, facebook fan page and trying new monetizing ways. Try to archive them, I set to archive 200,000 PVs on October and I did that with Smile face.

I will update some techniques I used to increase the traffic in 31 days.

Keep visiting.

So, my total average eCPM is – (637/216538)*1000= 2.94 ( which is less for a technology blog, I feel)

Anyhow, share your eCPM.

Have a good blogging.

    • @ajeet,
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      I looked your site, its showing 50 online users at a time, very impressive. Your traffic should be high.
      Here are the few suggestions and questions.

      1) Why you don’t have Google adsense?
      2) Try infolinks.
      3) Try to reduce your post headline (H1) size
      4) Try some more CPM networks than Traffic Revenue.
      5) Are you selling links in your blog?

      I will be talking about how I made or making money from my one blog with very similar traffic as yours.

      Keep visiting.

  • My site was not approve by adsense infolinks …i think that due to hacking word in my domain..
    yaa i am selling links on my blog….

    my friend have adsense ,if i used that, will they disable that account?

    • I thought so.
      If adsense rejected your domain, obviously they will have some records. So, definitely they will come to know and disable your friend’s account.
      If you are serious about making money, then consider changing domain name. Most of the money making programs will reject your domain name.
      Good luck.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Is it the stat for this blog (Dailyblogmoney) or other sites. It seems to me that this site is still new but if the traffic is what you show above, it’s a magical thing.

    Could you share some tips for the traffic?

    Have a great day!

  • @ Ajeet
    Adsense will not banned your friend account but it will ban your blog from participating in Adsense in future ( if possible ).
    According to Google Adsense Policy If you have one adsense account you can put their ads on as many of your sites ( eligible sites )
    Why dont you use “Indyarocks” to get an Adsense account. It is quite easy. You just have to meet their minimum requirements and apply for an account. You will get approved within 4 days.

    Hope this help!

    • Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog.

      I clearly said ” Here is my October traffic report of Sysprobs.com which helped me to make 637 Dollars..

      May be you got wrong impression that I’m talking about this DailyBlogMoney.com blog.
      Sorry for that.
      I don’t get anything by cheating others, just I’m trying to help and encourage other bloggers.

      Keep visiting.

  • Dinesh,
    I started my blog in the beginning of October. But I am having a hard time passing 50 visitors a day limit. Google only recently started sending me traffic, and in total sends 20% of all my traffic. The rest is from Facebook, Twitter, and other referrals. Can I expect the number of visitors to increase vastly, when Google decides to like us?

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