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On Vacation, in Sri Lanka – Limited Blogging Activities

Hi friends, already you might have noticed the drop in my blogging activities such as posting new articles, replying comments and emails- sorry for it. I’m on vacation and enjoying in Sri Lanka, even though its my native country but this time I got the chance to visit several places with my family.

I’m writing this small note for two reasons,

1) Probably you will not see any new posts, replies to comments and emails for another two weeks, but I will be checking them regularly.

2) The total expenses for this trip (including for my wife and kid) is covered by my blogging income, cool isn’t it?


(Image – One of the beautiful beach I visited)

The blogging financially supported my family life greatly and helped me to learn more things, improve my writing skills (hopefully), making some friends and able to help and support others..etc.

So, if you are seriously interested in blogging, then keep blogging. It will not change your life tomorrow, but definitely in coming months or years.

with kid

(Image – Its me with kid – I haven’t stayed in 5 star hotel but it was a nice hotel with excellent view)

Be my reader for another two weeks, I will come up with new articles to help your blogging activities by improving the traffic and earnings. I will publish my blogging July 2011 income report by 2nd of August, stay tuned.


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