September Blog Income Statement – Exciting Month!!!

September was really an exciting month for me. Crossed few targets, joined a well waited money making program, sudden traffic increase, slight drop in earnings during middle of the month and finally it was an active month. I’m happy to say I crossed $2000 monthly income mark just with only ad networks. Let me share the details of September income report, some blog achievements, difficulties and learning.

The below income report is mainly from my main tech blog, this time the current DailyBlogMoney did not contribute much except the balance payment for blogging service and around 12$ from Google adsense.

Yes, I crossed 2000$ mark, my targeted income was slightly lesser than this, but I achieved more than what I targeted in September. The net blog income for September is $ 2098.67, compared to previous month income ($ 1756.59), September was with 19% increase rate which was more than I expected.

I share my blog income with you for few reasons,

1) I get motivation and enthusiasm to work harder to achieve more in next month.

2) Definitely you will get some motivations and interest in blogging. Instead of saying ‘I make money in blogging’, I feel this way really encourage others and me.

3) You get some ideas, real life difficulties, experience from other money making programs and suggestions too.

OK, Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense – 1169.20

Infolinks – 50.91

Contextweb CPM – 355.79

Technorati CPM – 57.15

Amazon Associate – 87.90

Pixazza – 93.72

Vibrant Media – 178

BuySellAds – 56

Blogging Service (Half Payment) – 50

Total – 2098.67


Things I wanted to Share

As I said in my earlier income report, I applied to join two major money making programs.

1) Vibrant media

2) Tribal Fusion CPM

Because of I applied for above two networks, I removed the Infolinks and two ad slots from Contextweb CPM. This removal effected my income for one week considerably.

Why I removed?

The applications will be reviewed manually and someone from these companies will visit my blog, if my site already filled up with ads and in-text ads, then there are less possibility to get approval.

Finally, none of the company responded for my application after one week. I was really disappointed because I’m sure my site is meeting their minimum requirement. So, I contacted them regarding my application. Tribal fusion responded me that my site is not meeting the requirement. I will write in a new post for this confusion.

After searching about Vibrant media’s application approval process in Google, I found out it is not easy to get approval even though your site in meeting 500,000 PVs monthly. Luckily, I found out the direct contact email for an account manager in Vibrant media, contacting him and reapplying to their program helped me to get in to their system. Vibrant Media In-text ads are great and the earning is very good. You can expect one more post in coming days about Vibrant media ads and how to get approval.


Google Adsense

Nothing to say, my top and favorite money making program. First time it crossed 1000$ monthly mark and I have seen 75$ earning in a day. Really I’m excited about it, because you know how hard is to make money with adsense.

Holiday season is coming up, October, November especially December will be great for adsense publishers. So, prepare and make your blogs ready to increase the revenue during this time. Stay tuned with DailyBlogMoney to get tips on how to prepare your blog for holiday season to maximize the revenue.



This is another great network pays me well. Even though I removed their two ad slots for one week, but still I managed to get the ever high income from Contextweb CPM by changing asking price.

You can join Contexweb here.

More readings,

How to set ask price in Contextweb

How Contextweb works in a blog

Vibrant Media

I’m using their In-text ads in my site. It works like Infolinks. So, I removed Infolinks currently. Infolinks made $ 50 in 13 days, whereas Vibrant media made $ 178 in 9 days. You can see the difference in earnings.  I don’t say Infolinks is bad, but when you have more than 500,000PVs and good traffic from USA and Europe countries, then Vibrant media will be a best option to increase the revenue.

Other All Networks

As usual some ups and downs. Affiliate networks did not work for me this time.

I’m planning for some promotions and niche sites in this October month.

What’s Your Say?

I’m sure most of you had good time with Google adsense and other ad networks, just share your experience. How much you have made? how about your traffic stats?

I’m not a blogger who woke up one day and started blog suddenly to make this much money. It was quite long and painful journey, I have spent huge amount of time on blogging and writing posts.  So, take things positively what ever happens now, just keep some long term plan in our mind and work towards it.

Work hardly and smartly!

Good luck friends.

  • Wow, congratulations you’ve made ​​a lot of money especially from adsense. Your article is a motivation for me, especially after one of my blogs penalized by google and I have to start from scratch.

    But what about your strategy, such as how you choose the topic, and link building will you share with me?



    • I followed a simple strategy initially,
      Write a valuable article, then search in Google who talks the same or similar thing, visit their articles and leave valuable comment with back link to my blog. This worked very well for me.

      • Thanks for you reply

        I understand, you write good quality articles and then build backlinks from other blogs that discuss the same topics.

        Another question, what about the anchor text whether you use keywords as anchor text or not?

        thanks in advance



    • Starting and running a blog is easy, but as you said making money from it is a difficult task. It needs hardworking.
      People think just publishing 10 to 20 articles with correct interval will get traffic and money, but its not. If making money from internet is that much easy, then most of the people would have left their office work and sit at home and started making money front of computer.

      Now, you would feel the difficulties in making money from blog, but once you establish well with a steady income, then you are one of the luckiest person in this world 🙂
      Good luck.

  • wow great and congrats to you for earning such a nice income i would like to know that how we can build backlinking so that it will appear on front page of google pls tell me

  • heartly congrats to you dude great work keep it up i would love to learn some serious money making tips your story is inspiring for newbies in blogging thanks again

  • Thats awesome man! I m making $ 5 every month woohoo! I could really use your help. I m a student and write a blog to help other students. Don’t know how to get more people to visit and buy stuff. I just have Amazon associate account. Any suggestions?

    • Making students to buy something could be a difficult task. Targeting students is good idea but do it globally. I don’t know you are from which country, but target all country students. Also, what ever you write, make sure its a profitable content. (like some advertisers are out there to advertise their product relevant to your content…)
      So, you can make some money. You have to think in this direction also except only write to help other students.
      Got my point?

  • Belated Bunch of Congrats Dinesh jee….

    Deserving one gets what the vouch for , Persistence and perseverance always pays that’s quite evident from your journey.

    When people talk jealous stuff that mean either they have no work or they are worrying abt the progress. Priya and ….. are the part of such population.

    Keep Going Keep marking ahead.. GOOD LUCK..

      • Of course not….. I have again paused for a while why because The topic with the blog name was not matching and even I was bit confuse about the objectivity of the blog. Thanks for welcoming… I will restart from Dec again.

    • Thanks.
      Not only in Germany but also everywhere its difficult to make money 🙂
      I think when you have a blog not in English, I think it will be a tough job. What do you think?

      I’m still a part time blogger with full time (8 to 6) job for 5 days. Also a family man, so 2 days weekend goes with them. Hardly I find time nowadays for blogging, that’s why late in reply your comment also. If you need exact stat, I think I may spend average 2 hours daily for blogging.

  • Dear Dinesh,
    Happy New Year to all!
    Interested to start blogging.
    But confused where and how to start.
    Could you please guide me, atleast a little further?
    Thanks and regards

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