Small Gap, Few Issues – This Blog is Running in Other Host (VPS) Now!

Yes…. you are correct. There has been a small gap in this blog, no updates for few days. I moved this blog to different host (My VPS server where is running), but it failed with some permission errors. Then, there were are some issues on internet and I could not upload data to new host. That’s the reason for the gap, it was a good lesson too.

Earlier this blog was hosted with Hostnine company which was not bad. I had to pay monthly $4 for shared hosting plan. But, my VPS plan at Knownhost is supporting more resources to host unlimited websites. I’m paying already $36 monthly for this plan, then why should I pay additional $4 monthly for this blog? Winking smile


I thought that moving process will go smoothly as how it went for, but I got stuck. Some file permission issues inside WordPress dashboard. I did the migration three times in different ways, but same error always.

Finally, I contacted Knownhost support team, really they are great. Excellent support and very fast. If you are planning to move to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting which is the next plan from shared hosting, I highly recommend Knownhost.

I will try my best to update this DailyBlogMoney blog with some useful information and experience.

Stay tuned.

  • I am happy with Hostgator shared hosting package but it I hope one day I could switch to VPS, that mean my blog will be big at that time. How about, I see Shoutmeloud is running here.

    • No doubt, Hostgator shared hosting is one of the best. will be suitable for me when my blog reach the next level, since is slightly expensive and cloud based VPS (its good).
      In fact, there are plenty of good VPS providers Vuong, we will be confused if we started looking and considering each company.
      Shouldmeloud is running on Linode VPS.
      Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks for the post. I’m considering moving a WordPress blog from GoDaddy shared hosting to GoDaddy virtual private server.

    I’ve read a couple of comments on the internet from people who’ve had problems with file permissions. That point is putting me off making the change.

    • Yes, mostly everyone gets some issues while moving to VPS, including wordpress file permissions. If you case, I think your migration will go smoothly since both are from same provider. Make sure support is great and always ready for you.
      Good luck.

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