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Every year I make my blogging plan in mind-map format which used to be very helpful throughout the year. This year in 2015, I have decided to share my blogging plan (sample only) with my readers. This will be in editable format also, so you can modify and set your own targets. I have mentioned the main areas a blogger has to take care to bring good traffic and increase the online income. I’m sure this mind map blogging plan will be very useful for you, you can download it for free after subscribing to my mail list.

The main difference between successful and unsuccessful bloggers is, how someone treats his/her blog. A blog or online money making method should be treated like real physical business. It should have a written business plan, budget/forecast and major future plans in a year. This professional approach can take a blog to next level.

It is always highly recommended to write down your blogging goals and targets which need to be achieved every year. Even I would recommend to open and watch this plan every day morning to boost your energy and working strength towards blogging.

As of my 2014 blogging plan, I wanted to make monthly earnings of 5000$ by end of December 2014, unfortunately I was short of 1300$ of my target. But it is ok, I’m fine with it. Setting up the target to 5000$ helped me to achieve at least 3700$ by December 2014.

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Basically this blogging plan will give the ideas that in which areas you need to concentrate to become a successful blogger in 2015 and make good amount of money. I will send the PDF and editable format of this plan once you have subscribed (at end of this post or on the sidebar).

Below is the just preview of the PDF file you will be receiving.


To be honest, ‘mail list’ is something I have intended to concentrate in this year. Do not worry, I will not bug you by sending  promotional or useless emails daily. I have planned to send 4-6 emails per month.

If you have any doubts or thoughts that I have missed other major areas in this blogging plan, feel free to comment below.

Also, request your friends and readers to download the blogging plan for 2015 by sending them to this page (to sign up to my mail list)

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