The Why, How and What of a Successful Business Blog

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Lately it seems every business from diverse industries is following the blogging trend as a marketing strategy. Although blogging certainly provides the ideal setting for you to interact with your customers and attract new customers, it must be emphasized that following this strategy needs to be analyzed and evaluated before it is implemented. Blogging as a marketing tool must be in alignment with your overall marketing strategy for it to be suitable.

Successful Business Blog

Before you hop onto the blogging bandwagon you need to ask yourself certain questions:

1. WHY do you require a blog?

Firstly, you will need to examine your overall marketing strategy and determine whether a blog will assist your business in meeting its goals. Will the existence of a blog meet the needs of your target market? Do you have the time and resources to maintain and promote a blog? Or would your business reap greater rewards by following an alternative online promotional method like Search Engine Marketing, Article Marketing or Email Marketing. It isn’t feasible to start a blog just because everyone else is doing it!

2. HOW best will your target market be served?

An exhaustive understanding of the buying habits and behaviour of your target market is a key factor to serving them appropriately. Knowing where your potential customers search for information related to your products will provide the answers to what medium is most suitable in reaching your target market. If your business is focused on the local community then perhaps an advertisement in the local newspaper will suffice. But if your target audience falls into multiple geographical segments and they are well acquainted with the internet, social media and blog platforms then a blog might be suitable for your business.

Successful Business Blog

3. WHAT are your goals?

The presence of a blog as a marketing tool has many benefits, for instance:

  • It can raise brand awareness amongst consumers
  • It gives you the ability to provide your clients with a personal touch
  • It can help attract new leads and customers
  • It can serve as your company’s “voice” to all stakeholders
  • It allows you to receive feedback from clients which will help improve your overall offering

Of course these benefits are elements that every business will want to achieve, but if your business is in the construction industry a portfolio of previous projects is what will attract new clients and a general Search Engine Marketing campaign will be sufficient to build brand awareness online. A blog might not be suitable in this scenario.

Starting a blog is dependent on what your business objectives are, and how best those objectives will be met. Sometimes following the crowd isn’t in the best interests of your business. Before starting a business blog take a step back and consider all your options and then chose the medium that will provide long-term benefits to your business.

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