[Tip] How to Move Keyword Winner Single Site License Plugin to Different New Domain

Keyword winner is a great pluin to to find out the less competitive and trending keywords to write posts in a blog. If you purchase the single site license then you can’t move it to different site easily by your self. I purchased and installed Keyword winner2 in this DailyBlogMoney blog, later decided to move to my main blog www.sysprobs.com. This small tip tells the way how to move keyword winner single site license to different domain.

How to Move Keyword Winner Single Site License Plugin

When you first time activated this plugin with your Clickbank ID, it registered and locked the particular ID for specific site. Therefore, if you uninstall the keyword winner plugin from existing domain and re install in different new domain, still you can’t use the same Clickbank ID to activate because it remains same in their server.


What’s the solution?

You can’t do anything from your side and you can’t activate the license in different domain without informing Daniel – Plugin owner.

Its simple, just send an email to Daniel including current Domain, new Domain and Receipt code (Clickbank ID). This is the email address info@keywordwinner.com

As per mentioned in their FAQ

Daniel will remove the domain lock for particular ID and send email back. Now you can activate the same keyword winner2 single site license in different new domain.

If you think you are smart by activating the license without removing from existing domain and send email to him, I’m sorry, it will not work. Because every time when you use keyword winner plugin inside wordpress dashboard, it checks the license first then talk to Google to get the results.

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