[Tip] How to Select Best CPM Network for Your Blog

CPM is another good way of monetizing a blog or website which works with page impressions. . I spent few weeks to find out the best CPM networks and finally settled with two ad networks now. I’m sharing few tips on how to select or what are the facts should be considered on best CPM network for your blog.

Let me tell the truth before go further, the CPM ad networks work well with good/high traffic sites only. You need thousands of page impressions to make good money from CPM ad networks.


Another important fact is geographical traffic source, that means the top traffic countries to your website. Most of the CPM ad networks are working well for USA and Europe traffic. They consider only this traffic and pay good money. Therefore, make sure your top traffic source countries are falling in this geographical area.


Here are the important tips to select Best CPM network for your Blog


1) Geographical Traffic Source Support

You can check this from their official website or other forums. If you are experiencing good traffic from India, lets say more than 70%, then make sure they support Indian traffic.

If you join without considering this fact with 10% of USA traffic, then you will be getting very less eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mile) at the end and your each page impressions and ad space will be wasted. Instead, you could join other CPM network which supports Indian traffic specifically.


2) CPM Rate

Obviously its an important factor. We all need to maximize the earnings by higher CPM rate. Most of the networks do not declare the exact CPM rate, but still you can get a rough idea from other bloggers’ experience and reviews.

As far as I know, none of the CPM rates are stable and guaranteed, all just between a range. You have to try each network to find out the best network for your blog and traffic.

I’m happy with my current CPM network Contextweb, which pays what I ask. Read more here.


3) Requirements to Join

Joining the top CPM ad network is not an easy job nowadays. Number of page view requirement  is very high and they expect less ads, unique content and some times only for USA or Europe blogs/websites. Make sure you are meeting their minimum requirements and their user agreements/rules are suiting you.

Most of the CPM networks approve user applications after manually reviewed, so go through their blogs and FAQ sheets before register.


4) Payment Options

Another important factor must be checked before joining and starting their ads. Check up with forums, community sites, other bloggers about their payment system. As usual, you will find good and bad comments on any of the networks, but check the rate of it and fair comments.

The important facts on payment options are;

a) Payout rate (CPM Rate)

b) On time Payment – are they paying on time? are there lots of disappointed customers?

c) Payment cycle – is it 30, 45,60 or more days.  I prefer 30 to 45 days.

d) Payments options – Is it by PayPal, Check, direct bank deposit or what ever you like?

e) Revenue Share with Publishers – Is it 70-30% or 80-20% or 100%?

Contextweb CPM payment is very systematic and on time, I’m happy with them – Join now


5) Ad quality and Advertisers

You must be very careful with ad quality of a CPM network. Make sure your ad company is not serving ‘Adults’ products on your technology blog. This may happen when the company is not having relevant ads for particular topic or not enough of advertisers.

Therefore, check the past and present advertisers and their websites for the relevance of your topic.Do not join a CPM network which is having ‘Entertainment’ related advertisers when your blog is about ‘Technology’.

You will be having two issues by this,

1) Non relevant ads which will irritate your readers.

2) Low fill rate


6) Reporting and More Control in Dashboard

The both CPM networks currently I’m using are having totally different reporting system and dashboard.  Sometimes its very difficult to work with other network which is having limited options in reporting and dashboard. You should consider this fact seriously, instead of breaking your head after joining program, better check it before that. Some of the programs give real time, slightly delay and even three days late reports too.

The dashboard should be flexible to create/modify CPM ads, select and block advertisers/ads, change personal information, payment options…etc.


7) Support and Contact

Normally things will go smoothly most of the time, but make sure you will get good support when ever needed. I had to contact Contextweb CPM for two or three times and I’m well happy with the response especially through ‘Live Chat’.

Also, I tried to contact my other CPM network twice, but never received a response. This is very important when ever you require information in payments, ads, profile changes and any complains.



These are the important points I suggest to consider before selecting a best CPM ad network. If your blog is getting decent traffic but not very high to join top CPM networks, then I highly recommend to try Contextweb CPM network which works great and fulfills the above seven requirements.

Let me know if you consider some more extra facts while selecting a best CPM network!!!

27 thoughts on “[Tip] How to Select Best CPM Network for Your Blog”

  1. Thanks for the great post.
    I’ve had some success with CPM network like Text-Link-Ads but they have since changed their TOS I believe that prevent my blogger blog from being part of the magic.

    I’m in the market for an alternative.

  2. Hi. Any body help me
    i have a blog 35000 to 40000 page views per month i want to earn cpm ads . I use some ad network but it’s use less SO GIVE ME ANY EASY AND BEST CPM AD NETWORKING SITE

    • Arunblack,
      You can start with Technorati and Contextweb CPM. As I said, CPM ads works well for specific country traffic only. So, make sure you get more than 50% traffic from USA and Europe.
      Also, allow enough of time to CPM networks for the improvement. Do not decide anything quickly.

  3. Hi Dinesh.
    I would like to know if there are any CPM ads for this traffic:
    1. Thailand 85,172 4.69 00:06:09 15.97% 39.10%
    2. Indonesia 64,233 4.28 00:07:21 17.22% 38.00%
    3. Malaysia 46,043 4.17 00:05:27 19.47% 42.10%
    4. United States 35,260 3.98 00:03:50 29.29% 48.68%
    5. Vietnam 32,370 3.97 00:05:26 27.38% 39.25%
    6. Singapore 20,064 4.42 00:05:54 23.10% 44.58%
    7. Australia 14,786 3.88 00:04:26 18.44% 48.84%
    8. South Korea 13,907 4.82 00:03:40 38.64% 39.59%
    9. Taiwan 12,795 4.49 00:05:15 20.72% 43.37%

    and if there is any way to make more money from that website


  4. Your post is very informative. I dont have ads on my blog yet, though i t gets around 1500 page views per day. I had applied for Adsense 3 months back was not approved so this time going to get approved as i a having good page views, optimised navigation on my blog. please suggest. Thanks Dinesh. expecting suggestions from you 🙂

  5. thanks for information .I started using eDomz.com CPV ./.program few month ago and I find it profitable and good, I have mostly traffic from India and I average $3 and some time $5 for every 1000 visits. it seems eDomz CPV affiliate program is exactly what you looking for, they show ads to user when a visitor comes at first in site, you can set number of time you want show pop ads to same users, They pays on request twice every month, has good rates for most country

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