Welcome Back, Here is What I Did Recently – You can Expect More

Hello friends!, It’s been very long time I have written something here in DBM. So many reasons for it, but no point in explaining them. I’m publishing this post to renew our relationship and say that you can expect more articles regularly in this blog. I had very bad time in blogging in terms of traffic and income loss in past few months. I was able to digest the income loss because of my full time job changes. So, I didn’t worry much my both blogs which were actually going down.

Now, I have resumed my blogging activities with full swing like how I did back in 2010. There are reasons for it too, I will be sharing them in upcoming post. Here, I just want to convey that my main and long waited target was achieved recently (in fact, during my latest vacation in Sri Lanka).

Blogging keep giving me extra money, it started working positively after plenty of hard work and sleepless nights. For long time, I wanted to help children who are in real need with the income I got by blogging. Really I wanted to do this during 2011 visit, but couldn’t due to few reasons.

Finally, this year I made it. I have given away some study materials to school children in 30 years war affected remote area in Sri Lanka. They were very happy, so me too. The money I spent on this donation was little amount compared to my online earnings, but I had to consider several circumstances for that.


IMG_2417 IMG_2425

It has given me full of self satisfaction and I have decided to do this yearly whenever I go to Sri Lanka. May be this intention also has given me moral boost to resume blogging activities.

I have donated 50 school bags with 25 instrument boxes, pens and pencils, of course something eat too. I’m sure that would be useful for those students.

The smile I have seen from their faces can not be replaced by anything.

So, this is just to refresh your and my motivation on blogging/online interest. Keep reading this blog and leave your valuable comments.

You can expect the next article very soon.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Hi,

    Just came accross to check your aritcle on infolink optimization. But landed here. You are doing great. I have always been thinking to increase my earnings so that I can spare some money for needy once. I decided to give my infolink earning everymonth to a school here in India..

  • Hi Dinesh,
    I know you are a Christian, keep it up help the poor it means that you owe God. Days have changed a lot Dinesh it is not like in 2010 now there are many blogs and competition is at peak. It is becoming tougher to earn same income as it was in the recent years.

    Anyhow welcome back.

    • Thanks Vijesh,
      It gives some kind of self satisfaction, that’s it.
      I agree, 2013 is not like 2010, so many competitions, strict rules from Google and also black hat techniques some times works and they rank well too. I feel still there is a place for good bloggers and blogs in current trend.

      One more thing, we should not tell in 2016 that 2016 is not like 2013 🙂 . So, still its not late…..

  • Good Work Dear Dinesh. I also like to do more-thing for my Society but, after success.
    But you are doing good Job. I think whenever we listen our heart’s sound and do something like you did Then we fell a different types of Peace. like *****OM****

  • Dinesh you are one of the most humble and open blogger I have seen, I read your blog occasionally and I
    can sense how simple and authentic person you are.
    In this world of greed; men like you make differences and inspire other people.
    May God bless you and Merry Cristmas.
    I hope I’ll reach to your level soon and do something like this.

  • Hi Dinesh.

    I know this is poor pepoels. and if you helps these childeren then God will help you about any work.

    THankx to working brother

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