What I Learned from My New Blog? Blogging Tips For You

What I Learned from My New Blog? Blogging Tips For You

If you guys remember I started a new blog back in November 2013 about Google Nexus tablet. My aim was to make a little amount of stable income with less work. In this post let me share how is it doing currently and how much I have earned so far from it. I’m sure below real world tips would be helpful in making money from your blog and stay motivated in blogging.

Wow… 6 months have passed, it is so quick. The performance and result of the blog is great and it is making money as I planned and expected. The good thing is, I have learned few practical tips and I was able to test/experiment and see the results. If you are new for blogging or still having difficult time in making money, below tips are for you.

The Stats

The new blog started on – 05/11/2013

Total earnings till May 15th – US $ 303.50

Monthly Average earning – US $ 50.50

Initial one time Investment on this blog – US $ 50

It has already crossed $ 60 Google Adsense earning ( as of 15th of May 2014) with a good growth rate.

Break Down for Last 6 months.

Google Adsense – $ 228.66

Amazon Associate – $ 14.90

Vibrant media in-text – $59.90

Adsense earnings


4 Things I Learned from My New Blog

1) New Blogs still make money

Most of us think that blogging is difficult and not possible to make money because of high competition and all topics are already covered. But it is a myth, the truth is ‘still there is a way or space to make money by blogging’. Still there are few topics untouched or less covered on internet to get decent traffic and make money.

When I started this blog, it was for experiment purpose only. I checked several same type of blogs and they were pretty old (domain age) with full of content and social media presence. So I had the doubt how it will progress. But it has progressed well and now in the position to make small amount of passive income.


2) How much I want to make from this blog?, decide that FIRST

This is an important target every new blogger should set. If you ask your self how much money really I want to make from this blog?’, do you have an answer for it?. Most of us do not know or have no idea about it. Of course we would be loving to make as much as possible from the new blog, but practically that is not the proper way to work on your blog.

Set the monthly target and that should be realistic. If you set 1000$ monthly, you should make sure that you have enough blogging experience and your new blog’s topic is capable of doing that.

Even though I’m in blogging since 2008, by considering the topic of this blog and the time I can spend, I set the target of making $ 75 per month (so yearly 900$) from this blog. $ 75 is my monthly online spending for blog networks, hosting and other online services. So my main target is to have a separate stream of income for this spending.

I’m sure the target will be achieved in this month even though last 6 months average monthly earning was $ 50.50.



3) Initial Promotion of a Blog is very important

When you take a new blog online at first time and submit it to Google and other search engines, make sure you are showing to Google it is not spam and its really worth. Google puts all new blogs/websites under observation before show URLs of a new blog on search results, its called ‘sandbox’. My earlier both blogs sysprobs.com and dailyblogmoney.com faced this issue and it took around 6 months to come out from sandbox and to appear on Google search results.

This time I did not want that to happen because I can’t wait for it. I wanted my new blog to start make money quickly.

So What and How I Did?

a) My blog went online with 5 articles on it

b) Each articles well met all onpage SEO requirements. On page SEO is not something you can do after publishing and indexed by Google, especially for new blogs, do it before publishing.

c) Proper interlinking among these 5 posts

d) Created some back links from my blog network including some of the wordpress,blogspot and web 2.0 sites.

e) Promoted on social media networking

f) Created some backlinks by outsourcing

IMPORTANT NOTE- Since this is a new blog, I was so concerned about not doing anything over and over quickly which will be treated as spam by any online search engines. I have planned well and processed few activities day by day. For example, I have not created 100 back links in a day or shared on facebook 100 times over night.

The Result: My new blog was not caught by Google sandbox. It started to to receive reasonable traffic from second week itself and started to grow.



4) Integrate Blogging with your life

Nowadays anyone can start any type of blog if you are good in outsourcing ( which needs money) or have enough time to learn and write. But I always believe that sticking with the topic you know and experience in your daily life will be easier for blogging.

When I bought a Nexus 7 tablet I started this blog hoping that I will be able to write about Nexus 7 tablet tips, Android OS and all related to this product. Even I bought a Nexus 5 phone for this blog. That shows how I have integrated my day to day life with this blog.

Always start a blog about what you know already and do everyday. Do not jump on something new for sake of starting a blog. That will not work in long term.


I hope these above tips would be helpful in some way to someone here, I will be updating about the progress or major achievements of this blog in future.

Happy Blogging


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