Why Making Money from Adsense is Difficult? 9 Reasons

Why Making Money from Adsense is Difficult? 9 Reasons

Adsense is one of the famous program most of the bloggers use to earn money at initial stage of blogging. It was doing well for bloggers when it was new in web. But currently, making money from adsense is not that much easy, except you have huge search engine traffic. Here are the 9 reasons why making money from adsense is difficult. google-girl

It took 29 months to earn my first 100 dollars, now in a single month I managed to earn around 400 dollars from same. So, what are the problems in it and what I learnt. Keep reading.

9 Reasons

1) All know about it.

Almost all internet users know it’s an advertisement from Google. Most of the  PPC (Pay Per Click) programs known by internet users. So, they don’t click without knowing  or having interest on  ads on your site.

2) Less Traffic

Since getting clicks on ads are very less compare to earlier, you need more traffic (visitors). Still lots of bloggers earn huge money from adsense and it’s a main income source for them. So, how it’s possible? because of traffic. You must have enough organic (Search engine) traffic. I would say, minimum 1000 daily unique visitors by search engines will give reasonable income. Are you getting this much traffic?

3) Ads are not relevant

Sometimes ads are not relevant to your blog posts. When you are talking about Windows 7 wallpapers on a article, Google will publish ads about ‘How to make cheap phone call?’. Who will have interest on this ad?

4) Low Payments

You may get even 0.01 US Dollar for a click. It’s very low compare to how hard you tried to get that click. There are some methods available to stop low paying advertisers from your site. But it doesn’t work how you expect.

5) Keyword Selection Mistake

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid low paying advertisements but still you can’t make good money from adsense because of ‘Low paying keyword’. When other bloggers earn 20 dollars from 10 clicks you may earn 1 US dollar in same 10 clicks. Why? It’s because of your low paying keyword selection.

6) Wrong size ,placement, color combination, no monitoring

Your adsense ad placement and color combination should be perfect and match with your blog style and theme. Don’t miss even a single click by wrong ad placement and color system. You have to work around with your blog and ads to find out the correct format and placement. Its a time consuming experiment but useful.

To increase your adsense earnings you must monitor it. Create channels and monitor which ad format is making real money and in which page. Then get rid of low earning ad formats.

7) You don’t have Control on Adsense.

You don’t have control to select high paying ads and advertisers. Changing colors and sizes also limited. So you can’t hide ads completely with your blog as part of your links. You have to allow ‘Ads by Google’ in every adsense advertisement.

8.) Limited Numbers of Ads.

It’s not a good idea to place ads all over the places in a page. But still if you think you can make more money by more ads and your all posts are very long, sorry it’s not possible.  Google allows adding only 3 ad blocks and 3 ad units on a page.

9) Don’t depend only on Google as Search Engine.

You must optimize your blog to yahoo, bing and ask search engines. One study said visitors coming from other search engines except Google, click ads more due to not familiarized with Google adsense. I don’t know how much it’s true, but I think it’s quite right

Conclusion; Making money from adsense is a difficult task but its ‘Very much possible’.

Once you establish your blog well and optimized for search engines, then you should not worry about it. Earnings will follow you.

Three things more important for adsense according to me,

Organic traffic

Keyword Selection.

Ads size, color and placement.

To encourage you, check it out the top adsense earners here.

I will be updating this blog with more tips to make good money from adsense. Stay tuned.

What’s your experience? are you making good money by adsense?


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