Why Websites and Blogs? Not Others? Whats Your Experience?

Everyone prefers to have an extra income source top of your full time job. Blogging and online is the best choice for it. It can be helpful to share your knowledge, improve writing skills, create a network, get more user appreciation and make some extra money.

Is blogging only the source to get money from internet? Answer is NO. There are more options available on internet to make money, each have advantages and disadvantages.

Some people make more money without websites and blogs. But when you are a newbie, its advisable to start as a blogger. First understand the internet facts then shift to other money making methods.

Few methods to make money on internet without blog,

1) Taking surveys

2) Date Entry

3) Promoting and selling  products ( without websites)

4) Publishing articles on other websites (you don’t have to have own website).

5) Selling  photos.

6) Working online. ( some companies will hire you through internet)

7) Teaching and supporting online

8.) And some more………

Read more about ways to make money online here.

I have good (actually bad) experience with some of the above methods. The common problems I faced are;

1) Pay and Join. If you paid, that  doesn’t mean you win. Anything FREE doesn’t’ work at all.

2) You can’t work when you want to work.

3) Your location. If you are living outside of USA or Europe, then you can’t participate with all programs.

4) You will be controlled by a company or a person.

5) Income limited.

To avoid above and some more problems, everybody prefers blogging.

Advantages of having a own website as money making source;

1) You are the Boss; you decide what and when to write.

2) Lots of free methods and programs available to make money from a blog or website.

3) If one method fails, then you can change to other one. No restriction, nobody to say anything.

4) Compare to paid programs, this method costs you very less. (hosting charges only)

5) You can promote your blog in any way to get more money and traffic. No limitations.

I’m sure you decided correctly by becoming  blogger, you can try and make money from other programs while you blog.

I like to know your experience on other money making programs on internet except blogging?

How you are comfortable by being a blogger?

Share your thoughts.

  • Hey – you changed your favicon! And the branding! Awesome – nice work!
    You know, all the income methods that you mentioned, are working for someone else online – while blogging or website is working for yourself. Huge difference. No more trading hours for money. You can do nothing all week, and still get paid.
    I would also add Affiliate Sales Pages to your list, as an additional option to make money online.

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