You Can Get Chickenpox More Than Once- I’m the Victim

You could see a small silent and a gap in my blogging with my both blogs, the reason was, I got chickenpox and surprisingly this is second time. As you may aware it affects adults heavily, I was almost collapsed, sadly my wife also got in same time.

When my daughter got firstly in my family, I was so confident that  I will not get it, because I had it earlier in my small age ( I think 10 or 12 years of age). But almost same day my wife and I got chickenpox, anyhow now I’m fully recovered.

Due to the hot climate in gulf countries, one person may get chickenpox more than once in life – this is what I heard from reliable source.

Still I’m struggling to get the same old momentum in blogging. The two weeks gap really affected my blogs traffic,earnings and mood. I did some changes in my main blog but could not monitor the performance, which affected badly. I will share it in my coming monthly income report.

I will try my best to response your old comments, but its not guaranteed. Definitely I will respond to your new comments and emails.

You can expect new useful articles once I get in to my ‘blogging track’, hopefully very soon. Give some time to settle well with my full time job, computers and blogs.


By the way, one question to you? Do you see a considerable drop in Adsense earnings in May 2011?

Share your experience please.

  • I hope you get recover ASAP and start posting regularly on your blogs.I had a doubt, that something bad is surely happened with you, otherwise, you won’t leave blogging without giving any reason.

    I will be waiting for the Income Report of May 2011…

    • Mahesh, Thanks for the message.
      I did not leave blogging, during my sickness I could not see the monitor or laptop screen, so did not touch them.
      Drop in earnings also slightly affected me, but I know its normal.

      I will be back from tomorrow.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Sorry to hear about that :/. I hope you recover soon and back on track sooner that you expect it to be :).

    And for your question, did you remember that I used to “cry” 🙂 about my site not getting enough CTR… well I only changed one thing (just this one thing). Previously I had a 336 add unit below post title, but then I float to left side of the post (like with your sysprobs) and my CTR went from 0.2-0.3% to 0.8-1% !.

    I don’t think this will work for everyone, but it certainly have worked for me and the earnings are really good for me (not boasting dinesh, I could easily lose it, but)… I’m seeing consistent $5 days (it’s usually more actually, $7 and today it’s $9+ for the first time 🙂 ).

    Again, I hope you recover very soon.

    • Gayan thanks for the message.
      I stayed with sysprobs ad position after several experiments, it works better than any position, I’m glad it worked for you too.

      Are you using 300 or 336 ad unit now?

      Good luck mate.

      • Oops, commented on the wrong place (sorry about that, Priyangashu)

        336… the main reason is that, most (over 70%) of the traffic consists of Ubuntu Linux users.

        And with Ubuntu you get a “customized” firefox with smaller fonts as the default selection. So 300 add units looks a bit smaller and 336 looks better, I guess 🙂 .

        Thank you.

    • 336… the main reason is that, most (over 70%) of the traffic consists of Ubuntu Linux users.

      And with Ubuntu you get a “customized” firefox with smaller fonts as the default selection. So 300 add units looks a bit smaller and 336 looks better, I guess :).

      Thank you.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Chicken pox for adults is said to be dangerous, good to know that you are back to health. Regarding adsense in May 2011 yes I have read about drop in CTR and other issues during April/May.

  • Hi Dinesh !

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  • Dear Dinesh

    You must have idea about ptc/ptr sites.Can you put some light on these sites ?
    Also it is my humble request to you to share your valuable knowledge about how we can earn online money without any investment ( Since everybody can’t have blog or website to earn from google & other advertisers)..Please name some of the sites in these regards.


    • Sunil,
      This is the first question or attempt everyone do initially, ‘want to make money without investing any money’.
      I tried survey filling, reading emails, clicking links, clicking ads…etc, these all are falling in the category which you are looking to ‘make money without website or investment’.
      In my personal opinion and experience, these all are ‘simply waste’. You can’t make reasonable income or payment is not sure in these programs.
      Believe me, till I earn 800$ per month, my monthly investment is around 5$. Do you think this is difficult for anyone?

      You do not need to depend on Google or other advertisers to make money, but I highly recommend to have a blog or website which is required to generate steady income.
      If you need to make money fast but without producing much content, then you can try affiliate and CPA business. But again, you need to invest on these methods to create professional websites and run some traffic ad campaigns.

      Finally (personal opinion), making money from internet without having a blog, website or investing any money, IS NOT POSSIBLE except you cheat or spam people and hack others account 🙂

      Hope I answered your doubt!

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