Best Litespeed Shared Hosting in 2020 – 6X to 80X Lightning Speed

LiteSpeed is a different kind of web server technology that can run on many UNIX based Operating Systems. It came to the market to solve the pain points of the famous Apache webserver. We do not need to go deep to see how it works and its architecture. But I can clearly say if you get a chance to get the LiteSpeed hosting over the standard Apache webserver, go for LiteSpeed. In this post, we will discuss the significant advantages of LiteSpeed and list out the best LiteSpeed shared hosting providers who provide speed, support and value for your money.

My Suggestion

If you are starting your new blog or E-commerce or even the Amazon affiliate site, you can simply start with the shared hosting. I do not recommend starting with VPS (Virtual Private Server) except you have more money to invest in your new project and want to host many websites in a single private server. A shared hosting with SSD that runs on LiteSpeed technology will give excellent response rate, security and ROI of your business.

Advantages of LiteSpeed Server

LiteSpeed is 6X to 20X Faster than Apache & NGIX

How Fast is LiteSpeed Compared to Apache?

Hosting your WordPress blog, eCommerce site or Magneto based eCommerce business on LiteSpeed can significantly improve the performance and handle traffic spikes well with its technology.

Few benchmarks tests and comparison have done at LiteSpeed website.

According to this test, it performed well than Nginx. Remember, here we are comparing between LiteSpeed vs Apache shared hosting. You could see the massive difference in handling requests between these two web servers.

As per this test, LiteSpeed worked well to handle 100 users per second than Apache. The rate is almost around 80X faster.

Caching System

LiteSpeed has a dedicated caching system called LSCache, which is available for most of the blogging platforms. LSCache technology even supercharge your LiteSpeed website. Here is the comparison between the famous web servers and the best caching technology.

It outperforms well with the major players in the market according to their plugin page.

Ready to find the best LiteSpeed shared hosting provider in 2020?

Before seeing the providers and pricing, let’s understand a fact. LiteSpeed technology is not a free product like Apache. It is a premium product owned by a company.  That doesn’t mean you need to buy a license or product for your website. Your hosting company will manage the cost and deal with the technology provider.

Since it’s a paid product by your hosting provider, you may see a slightly higher price compared to usual Apache shared hosting. But is it worth to pay little extra money (let’s say, $1 per month extra)? Definitely, YES. You need to think of the importance of a faster, efficient and secure website for your new project.

Best LiteSpeed Shared Hosting Providers in 2020

There are few players in the market. But I will go with the hosting providers listed on the official website and my favorite hosting provider.

1) KnownHost

My Rating (5/5)

I have been working with them for the past 10 years. I started using their service when I moved my main sites to their VPS service from shared hosting 10 years ago. I do not have any hesitation in recommending KnownHost for any hosting services. Their servers are super-fast and optimised well. Uptime is excellent with the all latest technologies in the market.

  • Support

Their support is something amazes me always. They attend and fix the issues quickly. Additionally, they will inform you how they solved and what changes they made by sending you the screenshots and command outputs. Even their first level support staff are incredibly knowledgeable.

  • Technology

KnownHost is one the provider adopted the LiteSpeed technology in their shared hosting. They have various packages to meet your requirement. As usual, you get a better price when you commit for 3 years. I recommend to start with the smallest package then upgrade (or downgrade) later when required.

With the cPanel interface, the management of LiteSpeed hosting is simple and easy. All packages come with unlimited premium bandwidth, so you do not need to worry about the traffic usage or the number of users to your site.

  • Uptime 99.99%

Get the 99.99% uptime. This is something different and unique you will be getting from KnownHost for your LiteSpeed shared hosting. While other companies provide 99% or 99.9% uptime, you get 99.99% uptime from KnownHost. Additionally, free site migration, SSL certificate and Zend OpCache are included with the all shared hosting package.

  • Low Starting Cost with 1 Domain

If you want to host ‘unlimited domains’, then you need to get a higher level of shared hosting with ‘unlimited domain’.  It may look bit expensive for a shared hosting package, but that is the standard price you will find with other providers who provide LiteSpeed web server with ‘unlimited websites’. In my opinion, if you are a beginner in blogging, why do you need to host more than one websites? Try with the single host and make it success first then expand your network.



2) A2Hosting

My Rating (4.5/5)

A2Hosting is another famous hosting provider in the market with a good reputation. At the moment they have two hosting packages with LiteSpeed server technology.

Turbo: Kind of shared hosting from A2hosting with unlimited websites. That is the smallest package which starts around $7 per month with LiteSpeed.

Managed VPS:  It is a managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) with LiteSpeed. Since we are not going to talk about VPS, we can ignore this part.

Compared to KnownHost, who provides LiteSpeed for even a single website hosting which starts around $3.5 per month, you need to pay double to A2hosting to get the package.

If you have multiple websites and you need to host them on LiteSpeed server with SSD storage and free SSL, then A2hosting is the correct choice.

The Turbo feature with LiteSpeed provides 20X faster hosting. If you are promoting affiliate products or hosting an eCommerce product review website, then the web page speed plays a major role.

The customers of A2Hosting get 99.9% guaranteed up time. Also, several ways of support channels are available. 24/7 phone, chat and ticketing support available with the shared hosting package.



Final Point in Selecting the Best LiteSpeed Shared Hosting

As of now, only a few players provide LiteSpeed technology in shared hosting. It is proven the LiteSpeed works much faster than the traditional Apache webserver. Hence, it is recommended to get or migrate to the LiteSpeed webserver to get the extra speed your readers and search engines to love.

As mentioned earlier, the LiteSpeed web server is a paid product, and the hosting company will pay for it. Therefore, the packages will look a bit expensive than regular shared hosting that is running on Apache. But in the long term, as a blogger or website owner, you will enjoy the performance of the website and revenue it makes.

While selecting the best LiteSpeed shared hosting, you need to see who is going to host your website? The feedback and reputation of a hosting company decide the best hosting for your website. Then look for the features of the package. Nowadays, most of the hosting providers include attractive services, additional features and extra support. Go through them and find out the best that is suitable for you.

I picked the above hosting providers at the moment after considering and researching other providers.

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