[Updated] How to Earn 10 Dollars Per Day from Adsense in 2015

Most of the bloggers try Google Adsense as one of the first money making program in their career. For some, still it works good and remain as their main income source, including me.  It is really a great, hassle free and solid CPC (Cost Per Click) money making program you can try without any issues. Unfortunately it’s not so easy now and it’s not working as how it used to work 5 years ago. Things have changed, readers are smart enough to know which one is advertisement and which one is your link. If really they do not have interest and intention to click  ads, as bloggers we do not have much option and control.  Making 10 dollars daily from Adsense should be the first target for any new bloggers to achieve.  Here I discuss and show you how to make 10 dollars per day from Adsense.

This post was firstly published on FEBRUARY 17, 2011, and updated 14th January 2015.

There are specific requirements I will be suggesting below based on my 6 years experience with Google Adsense. I’m not going to say how to create a website to make 10 dollars per day or how to select the topic for that.  I’m going to say what are the requirements to make 10 dollars per day from your existing blog (or even the new blog you are going to start) from Google Adsense.

Before dive deep in to the matter, see the below screenshot.


You must be say ‘Wow’  by now, that’s right. 1 click brings more than 10$, it is from my Google analytics dashboard. That indicates Google Adsense still works and there are high potential topics/keywords in the market which can bring higher CPC earnings.  So your task should be very easy in making 10$ per day from Adsense.

This is the power of Google Adsense. Your blog’s topic and traffic source country play major roles in the Adsense earnings, I will be covering them below.

Understand The Terms

There are few measurements in Google Adsense, like CTR (Click Through Rate), CPC ( Cost Per Click) and RPM ( Revenue per Thousand impressions). CTR and CPC are individual factor while RPM is a collective measurement.  That means, if you are getting good CPC and CTR, you will have a good RPM. In other case if you have a good CPC but very bad CTR, then the RPM will be less. So, RPM is the ultimate factor to see whether your blog is doing good with Google Adsense ( of course you must consider increasing the CPC and CTR all the time which will directly increase the RPM).

So, what is RPM?  it means how much money your blog  is making from 1000 page views .

If you are making 8$ from 2000 Page views daily, then your RPM is 4$ ( 8 x 1000/2000).  We will be connecting the RPM and discuss how to make 10 dollars from Adsense below.  The RPM can be different for each type of blog, for example, technology, news, entertainment, free stuff, financing and education etc.… blogs will have different RPM ( because the CPC and CTR would be different for each blogs).

I would say 3.5$ RPM is reasonable and you should target more than that. If you are making 2 to 3 $ RPM, then you should spend more time to increase the RPM to 3.5$ or more dollars.

The Math to Earn 10 Dollars per Day from Adsense

So, if we assume 3.5$ RPM, you will make 3.5$ from every 1000 Page views daily.  To get 10$ per day from Adsense , let us multiply this by 3 (even though it will reach 10.50$) to get 10$ round figure per day. That means, your blog has to generate 3000 page views per day to make 10$ per day from Google Adsense.

Is it a difficult job to make 3000 page views per day?…It will look tough for any new bloggers and even for the old bloggers who are struggling generate the good traffic for their blogs.

Let me break down the 3000 Page Views per day like below,

  • 30 articles on your blog which can generate 100 PVs per day
  • 60 articles which can generate 50 PVs per day
  • 120 articles which can generate 25 PVs per day.

Do you think article numbers are increasing, then how about this?

  • 15 articles which can generate 200 PVs per day,
  • OR just 3 killer articles which can generate 1000 PVs per day.

It’ your decision to target a suitable scenario for you.

At the end we need genuine 3000 page views daily to make 10 dollars per day from Google Adsense assuming the RPM is 3.5$ and very importantly your blog is meeting following requirements.

Other Factors to Decide on How to Earn 10 Dollars per Day from Adsense

1) Your niche and keywords are very important.

Your blog should have high or reasonably paying keywords. Though we can’t say what is the best CPC amount, but I would say you should make sure your average CPC is higher than 0.25$.  If you are targeting higher CPC keywords, then this rate will be higher so the RPM too. In my experience anything related to ‘Free’ will not bring good CPC.

higher paying adsense cpc

Click here to check the original post of above image.

You do not need to start a blog or straightaway target these keywords to increase the Adsense CPC ( it is very tough actually), but you can get an idea which topic can bring good CPC to make 10 dollars from Adsense per day by seeing above image.

Google adwords keyword planner is another free resource to find out the CPC of your relevant keyword. I have already published a guide in below link, highly recommended to read this post.

Read more here to find out higher paying keywords.

2) Your blog may require around 2100 PVs via search engines daily.

Organic traffic is very important to make money from Adsense.  Assuming the average search engine traffic for a blog should be somewhere around 70%. So out of our required 3000 PVs per day, the 70% is 2100 PVs.

You must make sure around 70% of your daily traffic is coming via search engines. Because these are the users new for your blog and may click yours ads.

3) Use above the fold ad placement

No matter how many ads you are using in your blog, make sure at least one ad is placed above the fold. ‘Above the fold’ is the place a visitor sees without scrolling down in internet browser. I think the ads with 300×250 or 336×260 size below the head line and above (or wrapped by) the content works better for higher CTR and RPM.


Google serves high paying ads to the ad slot which is loading first in a blog. So, make sure to utilize this ad slot well to earn your 10 dollars daily from Adsense.

Read my earlier guide about how to increase Google Adsense CPC.

4) Geographical Traffic Source is Very Important

Even if your blog is meeting above all requirements, but not getting the readers from specific countries (where normally CPC and Adsense ads are different and highly targeted), then the CPC will be less and your intention to make 10$ per day would not be achieved.  Clicks from some countries, like USA, Canada, UK, Australia pay much higher than other south Asian countries. So, even if your blog is getting 3000 PVs from Google daily, but the majority of  traffic is coming from south Asian countries, then I doubt you will get the 3.5$ RPM rate.

So, target a topic which can attract all readers from around the world.


2100 daily visits via search engines can be different for each blog depending on the content, ad placement and niche/keyword selection. If you have high paying keywords and getting good search engine traffic from around the world ( mainly USA), then may be two or three clicks will be enough to earn 10 dollars daily.

Whatever I have mentioned here is just an estimate to understand the requirement to make 10 dollars per day from Adsense.

Do share your thoughts about this estimate. If you are making daily 10 dollars from Adsense, do compare your state and share your opinion below.

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      • Hi Dinesh,

        Is it possible to assist me and help me understand where are things going wrong with my site..Mine is more than a year old, have adsense which is embrassing to talk about, my articles were a total mix of all sorts, I really wish to increae my revenue but, cant find a way to get the hang over…I have about 164 posts and most traffic seems kinda weird, ads are placed at fold and invetween posts, please check out my URL and tell how to go about it.I recently migrated to wordpress butm trafic and adsense never moved..Help me out please.


    • hello, I agree, to make numerous good websites, however, i also must say, that they still need to be relatively popular websites. in my experience, it is better to have about 5 descent web sites, rather than 10 medium.. you can sell 1 or 2 to make money if you are doing well with them all as overhead. to have 10 sites to begin with, and then dropping half of the one s that are no good, or selling them, or revamping is probably a better idea. let us take into consideration 1 x 10 x 7 x 52 = 3640 extra dollars a year, which does add up.. but you need to make sure your time counts everyone. do it leisurely and expect a while, or do it hard, and expect results.

      http://www.made-downloads.com is currently 1.5 top million sites according to alexa at time of this writing, i will pop back in at the end of the month to this thread to update.

      • @mic, thanks for the comment.

        I understand your point. In my personal opinion, your idea may work for ‘already experienced’ blogger only, who will know how to create several websites to make stable income or sell it out with profit. Its always better start with a single blog, learn the things specially how to find the next profitable topic to start a new blog, then go for your idea.

  1. “creating 10 websites which can make 1 dollar per day, so at end of the day you earn 10 dollars daily from adsense” – this is a stupid idea. It waste some of time during the beginning phase. However I am sticked to two and main focus on one 🙂

    Anything above 3000 visitors per day or 1 Lakh per month is good for adsense and other monetize techniques.

    Nice post.

    • Yes, even I hate that idea of creating 10 websites. We will be spending more money on hosting than adsense earnings if we are not going for sub domains.
      Thanks for your comment. Keep visiting.

      • Having 10 websites is not a bad idea. As long as the subject is different you can really multiple your income. The website won’t grow equal, but what if you hit 1000 daily vistirors? It’s not that much.. x10=10.000. Yes, it’ll cost you more time and possible money, but I gave it a try and it works fine for me so far. The beginning is the hardest part, but it’ll pay off..

        Great post btw. Keep up the good work

        • Hi John,
          You are right. I think you are already an experienced blogger who can find the 10 topics/niches which can drive traffic and money. But as newbie in blogging, it may take some time start 10 websites, even with sub domain (to reduce the cost).
          The 10 website concept will definitely work well if it started properly.
          Thanks for your comment and Good luck to you.

  2. These numbers are probably works with an english language webpage.
    My page (automotive fanpage) gets 1300-1500 unique visitors and 5-6000 pageviews but if I reach 0.1-0.3$ / day, I am very happy with it…
    I tried to optimise as hard as i can, i have plenty of text content, almost 100k tagged images in categorised albums, but the site does not perform very good…. even if i chaged the background color of the ad, or if i blend it to the content…

    • First of all, Are you getting related ads on your page with correct language?

      I suggest, better you go with direct ads with local business. If Google can’t serve good ads for your site’s language and content, then I doubt other networks can do. Get some direct sponsorship.

      Good luck. Feel free visit this blog and drop your comments.

    • my friend it is time to swith over to adbrite
      if there is 5-6000 page view perday on your site then you make 5-6$ in one day.

  3. Hi Dinesh, I am not accepting this idea. I agree with Swamykant. Really this is “creating 10 websites which can make 1 dollar per day, so at end of the day you earn 10 dollars daily from adsense” stupid idea. Anyway Thanks for giving!

    • Hi Magathi,
      I think I gave wrong impression here by my writing style. I meant to say that I have found this solution when I was looking ‘How to make $10 from adsense’ on internet. Its not my idea, some one suggested.
      Yes, its a useless idea. I can invest time and money on my single site instead of other 9 to make a good blog with good income.

      Thanks for your comment and keep visiting.

      • i have a question here…..when we talk abt high paying lon tail keywords with low competition then buying a domain name containing those keywords and writing 4-5 articles in it……isnt it a better idea ? it can be like make a site and forget it and it will generate revenue every day be it 2-3 dollars only 🙄
        specially talking abt keywordw which have no relation with ur man blog whatsoever.

        PS – smilies arent working properly i comments i guess

        • Deepanshu, Its a good question.
          I tried this method several times and failed. There are few issues on this method.

          1) Difficult to find high paying keywords with low competition to get in to Google’ first page search result.
          2) Google will not serve the high paying ads to your site if you forget the site with 4 or 5 articles.
          3) Possibly Google will treat these type of sites as ‘Made for Adsense (MFA)’, which will never show high paying ads.

          and some more.
          But, people earn good money from these type of niche sites if they are lucky enough to get in to Google’s first page.

          yes, smilies were issues on my site earlier. In fact not only smiles, but several issues I faced as I moved this site to different host. Thats the reason for late in replying your comment 😉

          • 1) True but it’s not that difficult. It depends on keyword research experiences.

            2) False. Don’t mislead people with your personal assumptions. I have sites with only 3 posts and adsense is paying me for more than 1 year with that site ranked 1 on google with a keyword.

            3) False. Again don’t mislead and create or spread rumours when you hear other people says so. It depends on your content and how relevant your website is for advertisers to advertise.

            4) Luck do count some times but most of it depends on experience from trial and error methods. It’s not hard to get on google first position if you know what to do.

            I came across your site when I’m trying to look for some increase adsense CPC stuff. This blog has traffic that increases because you’re sharing adsense information and mainly because of your adsense monthly report. New internet marketers are just curious about such stuffs.

          • Thanks for the input.

            You must be an experienced blogger as you said in your comment. But for newbies it will be tough job, that’s what I said here.

  4. Hi Dinesh, I also not accept this idea. I agree with Magathi and Swamykant. But you have sharing tips are very useful and also I enjoyed to reading. Really the niche keywords are very important. It’s a one of the main thing in SEO & some type’s internet marketing and also per day 3000 visitors is good for adsense. Actually you give some useful tips! Good Post!

    • Hi, seems like you started a new site. The theme and idea is great. Good luck buddy.
      3k visitors per day can be done easily. You have to find out the small clue about the topic what people are searching on internet. Then write about it. Publish 50 to 70 posts. Then see the traffic!

  5. Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for ur post. I dint have any adsense experience yet, my adsense application is still on review so i cannot say much about click rate. But one of friend owns an auto blog which is having about 700-1000 visitors per day. He is earning about Rs.7000/- from Google adsense only. ie almost 6$/day. So 3000 is a lot more, may be $20/day from that, not sure.

    • Hi Jimmy,
      Thanks for the input with one more real world example.
      Auto niche is one of the famous and high paying niche. Like auto insurance, online insurance quote…etc. So, it can be possible to make $6 per day with the traffic you mentioned. Your friend’s eCPM is very high compare to technology or blogging niches.

      Here I gave some rough ideas for average niche selection.
      Good luck for your adsense application. 🙂

  6. useful information dinesh 🙂 can u answer my question plz..i m a new blogger and started my blog around 2 months ago,,i get 300-350 daily visitors with 225 odd visitors from google…..what is the right time to apply for adsense 🙄 shud i have 3000 visitors per day for geting adsense 😮 thats quite tuff for me i guess ;?

    • Hi, sorry for the late response.
      300-350 daily visitors in two months is really a great stuff.
      You can apply for adsense now.
      I think adsense team rarely check the traffic of a blog, instead they check the content uniqueness, domain ownership, domain age (some times), type of content.
      I suggest to apply for adsense now with correct information.
      Good luck.

      • thanks for replying dinesh 🙂 i will apply for adsense soon. just another question if u dont mind…2day before yesterday i reached an all time high of 624 visits (445 visits fro google, 110 direct traffic and 70-80 from referring sites) but yesterday traffic wend down to 182 🙁 wit direct traffic drop from 110 to 9 along with google traffic going down from 445 to 145 and traffic from referring sites going fdown from70-80 odd to 25 🙁 i cant believe my direct traffic fell so much …could something be wrong with google analytics ? because its hard to believe for me 😕

        • Google analytics is not 100% accurate. 110 direct visits out of 624 daily visit is unbelievable. Keep producing good and unique content to increase the traffic. If your blog is new, don’t check and believe the traffic stats now, it will take some time to stabilize.

          Do not worry if traffic goes down. So many things happen in web every day which will affect our blog. Good luck,

  7. Great and Good…… Dinesh your suggestion are really worthy…. In spite of following John chow, Corbett , Gobala, Amit Agarwal, John Paul, Harsh Agarwal….. I found your Experience more practical and implementable. The way you plan your post is really to be patted for. Keep Rocking 🙂

    • Shekhar,
      That was the ever best comment I got from my reader 🙂 . The people you mentioned here are very far from me, I just passed the beginning stage in blogging, still long way to go.
      The purpose of the blog is to share my three years true experience. I don’t want to guess and write.

      I will say what worked and not worked for me in blogging, you can take that as a real world example and learn from my mistakes.
      Good luck and keep visiting.

  8. Hello Dinesh, very good tips about adsense. I avoid using adsense, but I really didn’t know about the fact that 1st adense ad that gets loaded have the highest paying ads.
    Instead I like to go for niches who have 2000-3000 visitors, easy to rank and where I could get atleast 10 sales frm clickbank. and its pretty easy to get that frm 3000 visitor. It makes around 200-300$ per month depending on the niche.
    I have one site.. where I use adsense and made just 22$ frm last 2 months.

  9. Hi Dinesh, that was quite an informative piece, I am thinking of putting an adsense section to my SEO forum, I appreciate your work here, are you still showing adwords or have you opted for another system?

    • Martin, thanks for the comment.
      Did you mean ‘adwords’ or ‘adsense’?
      Yes, still I’m using adsense and its my main income source in my main tech blog ( http://www.sysprobs.com).

      Your SEO forum is looking good, get more users and make it busy. Good luck!

  10. ap ki site par aa kar acha lagahi.mujy koi acha sa mony making ka tareeka bto jis say main daily 4 dollar tak kama sakon .thx

  11. thanks for the share, dear. I have two blogs and write fo rev. share sites like triond and hub pags. But my adsense has made only 10$ till now. I think i should follow you idea.

  12. I only get 30 visits per day and that also only on working days. I get one or two clicks a months! However i am working on increasing my site content.

  13. Hi dinesh,
    I have been searching Google about the blog. I found out your site. As i am a beginner and wanting to learn more about blogging. It gave me some idea about the blogging. Thank you for sharing such useful information.
    I hope to get some idea and knowledge about the blogging.

    Thankyou again,

  14. Hey Dinesh really enjoying the blog has a ton of good information. Had a quick question about .blogspot blogs, do you know whether these blogs rank in google as well as sites with just a regular domain or are you at a disadvantage using the free blogger subdomains? Thanks

    • Antique,
      I’m sure Google will treat blogspot blogs well because of its their product.
      But as a blogger you may face some limitations and missing own unique domain name. You can’t join all money making programs with subdomain, you will not have full control on your web space..etc.

      If you are happy by just posting content and making money from adsense now without having any future developments in your blog, then blogspot is a good choice. But, think in long term, even if you want to quit blogging one day, you can sell it if you have separate domain.

    • Hi, checked your site. Your ads are placed and embedded well. But, I’m not sure how you are getting traffic to your blog. Its very important.

  15. Hi Dinesh,

    My blog is focused on finance career. Can I request you to visit my blog and comment on its design and usability aspect? Also, what should be the frequency of posts? Daily or 1 in 2-3 days?

    I have applied for Adsense and waiting for their approval. Currently I am getting almost 100 visitors a day. Need to grow 30 fold to reach the target.

    Request you to visit my blog and comment.

    • Avadhut,
      Checked your blog. Its very clean and nice. I’m sure it will work fine with adsense if you match it with theme color.
      Post frequency can be anything which you can maintain the same for long time. Don’t publish all articles now and later nothing or slowing down. 1 post per day should be fine, if you have more writers then you can increase the frequency. But, make sure the quality. In blogging quantity is not concerned, quality pays the major role.
      Good luck

      • Dinesh,

        Thanks a lot for taking time to visit my blog and givinng your valuable feedback.

        There is a dilemma in my mind. If I focus on writing quality articles, I may not be able to promote it thru social bookmarking or directory submission on regular basis. Do you think it is absolutely must to do this to grow my blog?

        According to you, which strategies will surely help in growth of my blog (no.of visitors) if I plan to publish 2-3 quality articles per week?

    • hi sir

      i liked article a lot and site and other comments and i am really surprised how u guys are able to get some much visitors i am trying blogs for 1 years not even able to get even 100 visitors a day. now i am google to star video site embeding youtube video and which ads site is best to earn ?

      also please please somebody tell how to get 1000 of visitors everyday?

  16. Hi Dinesh, You said creating 10 website is not worth instead concentrate on one blog to get more visitors, it is ok but we can make more money if you start creating niche sites and get decent traffic but this is only you have to choose proper niche and you mush have to rank #1 in google to make money.

  17. Yeah getting traffic is the hard part wish i could get 200 views a day let alone 3000 its probably the niche im in but still in there a easy way to promote my blog to legit people and get lots of views any help will be appreciated .and getting ranked in google is like see a pink bear. it dont happen unless your in a magical world.

  18. Yeah getting traffic is the hard part wish i could get 200 views a day let alone 3000 its probably the niche im in but still in there a easy way to promote my blog to legit people and get lots of views any help will be appreciated .and getting ranked in google is like see a pink bear. it dont happen unless your in a magical world.

    • Hi,

      Honestly…. all clicks from visitors. You can’t survive in Adsense with own clicks. When you have more visitors, you will get clicks. Do not decide anything with 200 or 300 daily visitors, try to get 1000’s of visitors, then you can see the increase in adsense earnings.

  19. yea its true , 3000 is for about 10 pounds daily, but the page has to be well layed out and description keyword placement etc has be tuned perfectly.

  20. Hi. I’ve been reading your articles and I have to say I am impressed with the progress that you made. I too blog and due to my father’s death, I’ve been trying to make ends meet since I am taking care of my mother. I’ve been blogging for four years now. I only started making money from adsense last year but someone hacked into my computer and filled my blog with malware. It was only recently that I was to get it fixed. Now I have to start all over again. I’ve reading your articles and I’m having a hard time understanding some of them. I’ve joining blog communities and submitted to directories but now luck. This doesn’t that money is my sole objective. Blogging also helps me reflect on life and express my thoughts. Still with the way things are I am trying my best to jumpstart my blog again. Can you look at it.?


  21. hello Dinesh sir,
    This is really an awesome article and feedback as well. I need to know, If i am using adsense for my blog, Can i use other revenue paying program?? Can you suggest me some program like that??

  22. Dinesh,

    This is very nice post. You are right even in my initial stages I used to check every hour to see whether anyone clicked my ads. :)) I have a technical blog, now days I get daily 1 to 2 clicks from 1000 page views.


  23. I received my first 100 Dollar check from adsense yesterday, It took about 8 months. I have about 5000 Daily viewers at my site, but I dont make 10 Dollars a day? It says I made about 15 dollars this week or so. Can you help me figure out what I have to do to make my site run better? I truly am appreciative

    • Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the comment and good to know that you are getting 5000 daily visitors.
      I could not see any adsense ad blocks except one ad unit below post. I think you are giving more importance to Google affiliate products.
      Are you using Google affiliate and adsense with Google’s double click platform?

      You need to place at least one ad block above the fold to see the improvement.

      • okay Im going to change my ad’s around, but for some reason I never get good ad’s? I keep getting the same “Gold Ads” I worked on my keywords for my site… I used your search tool. Is it also a way to ad the ad’s inside of the post? I see when I read your post you have relevant ad’s that are more about the content on your site. I have a basic site “just adsense” and the ads are not relevant http://www.indytrackhustle.com.

        Thank you!

  24. I have just recently publish a new blog and I am hoping that I can breach the $10 mark in google adsense. Getting the traffic is indeed the basic, without it there will be no clicjs.

  25. Hi, Dinesh

    Your comments and articles are very good.My name is Jayesh.I have an adsense approved website.My adsense earning is only 25 dollar.6 months age website.What can i do for my website revenue increase.Please help me.

  26. Great post, its encouraging to see that you’re starting to make some descent money with AdSense. I had a record day for myself today Almost $9 today, and there’s still a few hours left in the day…

    Thanks for writing this great article.

    Nic Coventry | Recovering Banker

  27. Hi, its very tough to generate 10 dollar in one day if our site is not popular. To increase the google earning just fix some time like 2 hour or 3 hour minimum for advertising. Like post comment in high traffic website related to your website. Do some email advertising like send email to 40-50 person. If you are getting new visitor in your website and that visitor clicking on google ad then u can get 2 or 3 dollar also , but if a visitor who visiting your website daily , clicking on same ad, for that you will get 0.01. So as much as you can try for new visitor , go for that.

  28. wow, this is great article
    i’m very interested with your advice
    sometimes waste my time for reading tutorial from this blog
    $10/day it’s simple for you but very hard for me. 🙁

    but keep it up

  29. Dear Dinesh,
    first of all congrats to your blog it is really nice. Now, I have some good news. Actually, you do not need at least 3000 visitors a day to earn $10. I have another website with a very competitive niche, let me say it again, competitive niche, but I manage to earn $5 per day out of less visitors.

    This is really exciting for me because that website started going live back in 2010, July to be exact. What did I do? Well, analyzed the behavior of people who will search for that niche. It is very competitive niche. However, one needs to know what people are looking for online. It is not important to research what keywords are high paying. Just trust your instinct and analyze the behavior of searchers. I hope I have given a good tip.

    • ‘Niche blogging’ what you are talking really works well and we can give exception here.
      As you said, after did the through study on specif competitive niche, creating a website will make more money from adsense. I agree, my above calculation could be wrong in this case.

      I just generally say for ordinary blogs.
      Good luck.

  30. I agree with u. 2005 A system is called ad sense empire. it s similar idea to make $1 per sites with 100 blog from sub domain with 100 nice product with low search (2000-5000) and low competitive.

    thanks .

  31. well what i think is that you could make 1 website and 10 blogs need an article writer deal with him and ask him to make 5 articles per day do the branding with different names use the imap server and send mails to people using fast mailer like things that way you could get traffic or seek a person who has some good seo techniques, tell him to do seo work for you. hope that will help

  32. hello AJZ

    Thanks for giving replay on it. you say article writer but they took $5 for each article (500 words).means 5*5=25 usd if you have or know any article tell me.


    • @ajz, thanks for the great input.

      @raju, getting article at fiverr for $5 is good choice. 25$ investment is not bad at all if you have a great niche and promotions ideas. May be you can earn this 25$ in a week, what ever comes later, that is bonus for you.

  33. It’s true that if you make 10 websites you will be spending lots of money on hosting, but what about if you make 10 blogs on Blogspot for FREE, and you make 1$ / day from each one?

    • Yes, that is a good idea. But when it comes to niche blogging, every one prefers to have own domain name with niche keyword included. In long term plan, that could be useful.

  34. I read your article and i appreciate it but it is very hard to get 3000 visit daily. I have my classifieds ads site but earning is too low. Please let me know how to promote classifieds ads site.

    • That is very much possible. Even I thought like this earlier, but you can grow day by day.
      I have no idea about classified ads sites. Since it will not have more content on it, I think getting search engine traffic will be less.
      Try to get traffic from social networking sites. If you are targeting specif geographical area, then do a promotion in local area, write some guest posts, or find out the similar sites and get to know how they are getting traffic.
      Good luck.

  35. thank you for sharing the advice, it’s important as well to lik all of your sites together, or articles that are relevant i believe , as well as backlinking, as i have done at http://www.made-downloads.com … it makes it easier for search engines to index your site properly, and find your most important content. Overall a very goo darticle, thanks for sharing.

  36. hi dinesh,
    do you have any idea of getting a direct sponsorship.I am planning to start 10 websites with the help of my friends.if i get how will they pay.It would be helpful if get direct sponsorship

  37. “I still remember those days I used to check my adsense earning every one hour to see whether anyone clicked my ads and how much I earned. Most of the time, it disappointed me.”

    I am in that stage now. Every time i check my adsense account, no click! But hope someday will be a blogger like you..

    But 3000 visitors from search engine! Sounds hard!

    • @Hamlet,
      Yes, initially 3000 visitors will be tough ( I felt that too), but definitely it is achievable.
      Try your best and make sure to write ‘less covered’ articles.

  38. Hi Dinesh,

    This is a very helpful post for beginners like me. I set up my blog a couple of months ago and I only have like less than 10 articles on there so I haven’t applied for a Google Adsense account yet. I heard a blog has to be 6 months old before you get a chance to have it approved. Is that right? If and when I get an Adsense account, I will be coming back here for more tips! Thanks.

    • There are no particular rules for that even from Google.
      People get approval in less than 6 months also. I think its all about the content quality and the traffic your blog is getting now.
      If you are confident on your blog, try applying.

      Good luck.

  39. my fight with google is about decision of content. they call content on my site is mature. but same type of content is running on other sites also,where google adsense is enabled. what to do?

    • @aishwarya,
      Are other sites copying your exact content? or its just similar content?
      If they are copying your content and showing adsense ads, you can complain to Google.
      if its similar type content, then you can’t do anything. Internet is like that, we need to be something different and quick to publish a content.

      Let me if I answered your question correctly!

  40. Thanks for the information. I have a blog and I’ve kind of lost hope, but reading your article gave me a new prospective. I need to concentrate con the content!
    Thanks again!

  41. Hi Dinesh, i’m glad i found your blog. I have been trying so desperately for 3 years continuously to make money online and every effort i took failed. I am so broke without money. Can you please create a money earning blog which gives me at least 6 $ per day ? i will pay for your service. I have so many difficult impossible tasks ahead in my life and i’m still in an uncertain world that will collapse if i don’t earn some money. Please help me. I shall pay you thru paypal. Please do send me an e-mail.

    Thank you.

    • If you are serious about your request, I’m sorry I can’t do that job.
      I can help and guide you to setup a blog which can make money, but I will not do that for you.

      Let me know if you are interested.

    • @dimik,
      Haven’t they said the reason?
      Make sure your content is unique on internet ( you know why I’m telling this). Also, your blog require some traffic before getting approval from adsense.

    • They also require some policies. As i do remember, your domain should be your personal domain(computersneaker.com) it should not be any blog domain(abc.blogspot.com)
      Second is it should be old enough of more than 6 months.
      and the third one is that it must have unique,fresh contents.
      I think you are having lack of any of these.

  42. agreed.. The amount of traffic is good enough to be making good money from a site. i am making a handsome amount and feel that the content and focus on content rather than creating sites around adsense brings in more money. Am more interested in repeat visits than one click and user gone.. Keep writing 🙂

  43. To make 20 dollars a day you need the site match the keywords used, these phrases with a high CPC, you do not need 3000 visits a day, with 1000 are more than sufficient and that the pages are in the top 3 search results on Google, this works for me very well, even visit my site is in Spanish, in English I probably would have better results, as in the United States clicks are paid better .
    Other recommendations are that the advertisement to better paid is the first thing you see in the html, not using all possible ads as it degrades the cost per click, ads must be confused with the article content, users know which are advertisements and do not like to click on them, do not use ads with pictures are not good CTR.

    My CPC is between .15 and .20 in better cases, Unic Visits arround 1000

    When users find what they looking for in the text on ads is when they do a click, thats is when you do money!

    Thats is in my experience.

    Very Nice Site!!

  44. Fully agreed to your post but getting 3000 visitors per day from organic search which exclude twitter traffic and facebook is not a easy job, As a online marketing and SEO professional I suggest to focus on traffic increasing techniques. The basic formula for Adsense is if no TRAFFIC there is no INCOME. Once you attain the traffic simply follow the above tips, it will works fine.

  45. My site is getting about 150 visitors per day right now and I am earning between $3 – 5 per day. I am aiming for $15 per day. That would mean 600 visitors daily. The main difference with my site is it is full of unique, original content. Each page is designed around a single subject and highly optimized. My primary goal is to increase the amount of quality content within the next two months to increase traffic.

    The ads served are very much related to the context of the page they are showing on and I think that is helpful to increase click through rates. I have set up specific ad types for each area on my site as well, so advertisers can choose what best suits them. When you set up ad channels, you are telling advertisers about the page the ad will be showing on.

  46. This is quite interesting from my site I have page views of about 1000-2000 and yet I monthly earn about €30 sincerely this has been so discouraging and that why am gonna try out what u have said in this post and watch out for improvement.
    Great post

  47. I agree with Dinesh above. Having multiple sites is not something I would suggest for anyone to do especially at first. I foolishly did that when I first started trying internet marketing and found it is better to learn the trade then use that knowledge later on to get multiple sites.

  48. I just started a niche site and i am looking forward to utilizing adsense in the near future, I appreciate your post about it. Just curious it has been some time since this post how much are you making per day now?

  49. It suck that today my adsense was up 6 dollars and now at 0 for the day. WTF is that all about?

    I have spurts of making good money on adsense but today didn’t feel like a good start.

  50. Well you suggestion on high paying keywords and 3000 visits is an eye opener. I can relate to your comment in which you said “I used to check my Adsense account every hour”. It happens with every beginner I guess.

  51. I think you’re numbers are pretty well spot on. A few of my sites average about $5 a day and are literally about half of the traffic numbers you’re using. Hardest part is to build relevant, useful traffic, in niches that aren’t too competitive, but still have substantial traffic. It’s like mining for gold.

    • You are correct. Creating a site as you said with those condition is difficult task, but once you find and make it,that will be stable income site.
      Thanks for your comment.

  52. Hi all, My name is Shailesh , a very new individual in Blogging and internet marketing feild. However I had gained enough experience in offline marketing and advertising.

    I realize the importance of words( and key words in terms of Internet business)in any business.The one who can play with words or phrases can sell anything.

    I have recently started blogging not with the pure intention of earning from adsense,but wanted to express my thoughts and ideas on using smart words or rather I would say smart key words,smart phrases, numerical statistics etc in promoting any online business. Let me be very clear I am very bad blogger in terms of earning from adsense. But I love to express my thoughts and ideas. Now wish to turn into a proffesional blogger using my offline selling skills.

    You guys may read my blog on key words:


    Please do criticize and express your tips and thoughts.

    I would welcome any valuable suggestions and opinions.


  53. Based on my experience we can earn more than $10 with 3000 Organic UV… I had an education blog with 3000 uv per day and it was earning more than $20 per day… main earning comes from US visitors (<1000 out of 3000)…

    • That’s great. That could be due to your blog topic and readers. I shared my experience based on tech blog type. I’m sure you must be doing good with adsense. Thanks for the comment.

  54. Does it matter if a person gets their own domain name and hosts it or if they have a wordpress blog or another type of blog? What I am asking is does adsense pay you any different depending on which kind you have or is it the same?

    Thank you.


    • I don’t think adsense will worry about,but you may miss some direct ad targetting advertisers through adsense because of free domains. Always seperate cusom domin is good for long term.

  55. my site get good trafic,but unfortunately here often less clicks,whta might be wrong?. for intance i get daily traffic of about 300 – 1000 visitors and get only like 2 – 3 click??? this is disapaointing anything wrong…?

    i would love to know. thanks

  56. hey dinesh,i like ur article. I can write good stuff, I can give good time to blogging per day but I am new to blogging, & reading all this 3000 visits/day luks like mountain to me, will i be able to acheive that? also i want to startoff earning using free blogspot blog 1st as i fear wasting money. i read a lot about same & find problems that adsense didnt approved my blog, getting very less earning even after 1000 of views, that makes me fear. plz can u help me out here? i want to make this my career.& i think ads which I will have wont get clicks but can i earn just for page views? just for showing of ads not clicking.plz reply.. thanx

  57. Hello dinesh,
    I am pleasure about you. You are really great. Because you share yours experience. I do not know that simple tag which is the clue said in… “You have to find out the small clue about the topic what people are searching on internet.” How to find the topic what is peoples are search on

  58. hi Dinesh

    My website name is (http://www.whatislotusnotes.com) now this website every day 30 visitor i want to increase my site traffic can you tell me, how i can increase my website more traffic, please suggest me…

    I also do Bookmarking, press release, article sub, blog commenting, forum posting on this site
    can you tell me other think for increase my website traffic

  59. oh really fantastic idea , as i am pakistani and our adsense is not reailable , adsense block our account do u have any idea about that we can save adsense to blocking ?

  60. hi Dinesh i am a regular visitor of ur site and follow you. i have one query can u help me plzz..Google adsense approve my web site but this website is very less visitors, i have one other site there is 2000 visitors per day, but this url is not google adsense approve can used one google adsense account mutli website plz tell me………
    if possible plz send me mail : – dpkrwt06@gmail.com

  61. Content is the key to visitors from my experience. there may be quick and easy ways to build traffic, but I think you nailed it. It takes time, work and trial and error. to figure out what works best for your content and your visitors. I like the idea of diversifying. Don’t forget YouTube is also a great way to pick up some extra $$ per day. The click value seems to be less, but it seems like the click to view ratio is higher.

  62. before all, thanks for your insight in the subject and the input provided by alll your commenters too!!!

    i am building a classified website with Koomona Ads. i choose them because they put advertising, they can also fill in the space with adsense but better yet it allows people visiting my site to advertise in any of the spaces available for a fee.

    one thing that worries me is working everyday to maintain the site, preparing marketing efforts, preparing fresh, original content as often as possible, building a 3k+ visitor and making $10 per day, which converts to around $300 per month.

    your original post was 19 months ago, can you provide an update of your experience and any radical changes that are affecting CPM marketing or/and adsense?

    the site is still in design, i will update once published,

    thanks again,


  63. I always come back to this blog to get information on how i can increase my daily visitors. Normally SEO or organic and im on google image pages and ranked in some keywords which normally can get me about 300-400 daily visitors and at that rate i get about 1,000-1,200 pageviews. so daily i make about $1-2.50.. these past few days ive been working just barely a few hours and ive been earning over $3.50 a day.
    If your trying to rank in searches, dont forget to submit a sitemap. For ex. google, bing, yahoo and many more sites.Just do your research. GOOD LUCK everybody.

  64. HI Friends, My Google ads account has been approved created by jabid since 5 months. he took Rs.5oo to approve account. and i created lots of blogger web page and published it but till today i cant earn even single dollar. besides i have not good idea about Google ads . he told me you need traffic . if someone help me to do i never forget you and if you want to charge some money i will give you honestly.

  65. Hi Dinesh Bhayya, your blog is awesome. It gave answers to many questions i had in mind about adsense. I started my website 4 months back and making $5/Day on Average with 500-700 Unique Vistors and 1100-1300 Pageviews a Day. What do you say? Please check my website http://dealsindiadeals.com and suggest me if i have to change any ad placement or any other tips. I too want to make as much as you do.

  66. “3000 visits via search engines daily”. Its not that much easy to get 3000 visitors in a day. You will need huge posts for that. And of course all those posts have to be unique. By the way, thanks for sharing this. I am a new learner and leaving with some knowledge from here. Thanks again.

  67. Nice Post for earninig 10$ a day. but i would focus on my two blogs only. and i hope i will earn more than 10$ a day from myeach blog. by the way thanx dinesh.

  68. Great site! I am a new blogger, so have a lot to learn and I see that I need to adjust my ads.

    I’m sure the traffic will come in time .. or I hope it will 😉

    Thanks for posting.


  69. i read your article, its great… i am newbie in blogging and my blog is five month old but i have very lass traffic only 250 to 300 visitor only per day. plz guide me to increasing traffic.

  70. Hy .. Could you tel me Ad networks that will provide banner ads and offers a cpm somewhat significant between 0.3 – 1 $.. Any promising ad networks.. I generate 10k page views per day

  71. i Have a doubt Mr. Dinesh.. Is .biz domain good for seo.. Some also quote that .biz never shows up in Google ranks.. I want a suggestion from U.. If you were to choose to buy a domain for eg exam5.biz or exam-5.com …. taking into account exam5.com is a popular website.. which one do u go for.. Does Hyphen really matters to google.. Help me out plz.. Awaiting ur reply

  72. Hi Dinesh,

    This comment should be first backlink for my newly developed website. Kindly feel free to clear my doubt, is it possible to put google ads in free websites. I mean yhe website yhay has veen created using sites like blogspot, weebly etc….

  73. Hi,
    Nice inspirational post and i am at a state of mind i believe that you were when you started this online earning.
    I have tried various PTC sites and survey taking sites but seeing your post i believe that blogging is more profitable and hope to start this now !!
    Thanks for the wonderful post !!

  74. Hello Dinesh,

    Thanks for sharing that clean and concise article on how to achieve 10 dollars per day from Adsense. I agree with the rough amount of 3,000 UVs in order to achieve that…and frankly that’s not easy for many newbie bloggers. Sadly, the site I own now which offers Windows 8 themes for free seem to be falling into the low CPC keywords sector, will take your advice and see if I can target more high costs keywords into my blog.


  75. Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for sharing your experience about Google adsense, I am really exited when i read the first article in this blog when i brought here by searching any contents about “how to increase Google Adsense PPC” . i read over and over again, and its so amazing tips. and then i brought to more of your articles about adsen… WOAH!!!! that’s all nice article and i really appreciate about it.

    Now, i will try to apply what i have learn here 🙂 hopefully i can reach what you have reach soon. Thanks again for sharing this article. have a good day. and may the force to be with you 🙂

  76. Dinesh,

    Thanks for your well written article. I run more than a dozen websites, and generate over million pageviews from those websites. I generate low 4-figure income from Adsense, but I am looking for ways to improve my Adsense revenue. My CPC hover around $0.15 – $0.35 which is somewhat low-end spectrum of payout. If I can increase CPC rate, I can certainly increase the overall revenue.

    Your articles offered a few things I can try to improve my CPC and eCPM. Thanks for the tip and I will certainly visit this site again in the future.


  77. Hi Dinesh,

    This is Arafath and you are the big inspiration to me that i have created money earning concepts only because of after reading some posts in your website. Keep updating interesting posts. I feel to get opinion from you for my website.

  78. Great tips to earn 10 dollar per day from Adsense. But this requires really hardwork to get royal visitors to your blog. I really find it very difficult to get visitors from Google Search results. I need to work more on this

  79. earn money for your site or blog



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    just above site. click

  80. Hi,
    I just got approved by adsense. My blog gets a regular 750 visitors and 2 clicks. Two days before the cpc is .16$ and today it was .25$. My niche has some high paying keywords but I have not used them. Can I add these keywords inside my existing content? How many keywords should I use minimum to increase my cpc?

    • @Manishankar,
      Yes, you can include the higher paying keywords.I guess try with 2 keywords, make sure it looks real. Do not stuff in your posts just to increase the CPC.

  81. Hi Dinesh,

    I just visited topnexus7tips.com and I have to tell you I will visit it more often.
    I am also thinking about moving to a Nexus phone from Samsung, and found your N6 review great.
    I am just wondering, how do you target your keywords, do you target long tails with up to 250 google search or you are looking for non competitive keywords with 1000 or more searches.
    Many of bloggers don’t share this tip.

    Thanks again!

    • @Deepak Sahani,
      It depends and there is no particular value for that.
      May be having more than 50 daily visitors (80% should be organic- search engines) should be sufficient. Anyhow, it completely depends on Google.

  82. Dinish, i have been following your instructions basically on how to make 10$ daily from adsense..i want to know if google keyword planner for keywords research is very goood for keywords research, because that is what am using on my new science and tech blog.

    Dinish i wrote about top 5 most profitable niche to start blogging and make money, please check it at


    remember i told you i will be launching the new blog, but its on blogger though….

  83. your all posts are superb..i bookmarked your blog.. i m a graphic designer and want to create a website about free high resolution cliparts, photo frames and other images.. my all cliparts are created by me using photoshop.. creating quality graphics take long time and hard work so i want proper income from my site ..my question ‘ what do you think about my niche? my english is not so good so i cant write posts in english.. i want to share my photoshop knowledge with my readers..so i decide to write posts in my language (hindi).. whats your opinion? please reply

  84. Hi Dinesh,

    I am reading your blog very often and your tips were as always simple and easy to understand. I was not knowing the exact numbers of page views required, but today you gave me an idea that at least 2100 daily page views is required to earn $10 amount. Most of the time I was feeling that whether my blog is going down or getting up, but by this post I got a clear image of this and I came to a conclusion that still I have to work very hard on my blog to make it a success.

    Thank so much for this great tips and keep writing like this.

  85. Thanks Dinesh sir
    Firstly i say wow to to you are getting 10$ for per click just amazing
    i recently created blog named Daily Deals for giving deals to the users in best price your article is very valuable to me to earning more money from adsense thank you so much..

  86. Really interesting post, I was figuring out how to increase my rpm and i am getting only low cpc ads. Your article will be helpful in increasing cpc and ctr for my niche website. Thank You!

  87. Hi,

    Nice article, but I don’t agree with everything..

    For example.. The ads placement has to do with the structure of the theme!

    About the increase of CPC and CRM I agree.. Our blog receive around 11- 18 usd daily with not too much effort..

    Main key to archive that is a good keywords and a good speed performance. Google is very selective.. And when for example use low value keywords + slow site performance immediately google throw your site in the bottom.. and no matter the page views income remains very low..

    In just one phrase… Try to show in Search engines that you have quality.. ( and I don’t speak only for content.. Because only content is not enough)



  89. Hi, No matter what how i try and what i try, I am unable to get users from US , EU, UK, AUS visit my site, Any clue how i can achieve this to have highter RPM ?

  90. I have one blog with certain keyword with 250 articles is only got 200 pageview. My friends blog have only 30 articles but got 300 pageview per day. This is show the popular “niche” can get more traffic with less articles

  91. Thanks for all ad-sense tips and really all these tips are very effective if any interested for ad-sense income. I have total 600 post from the different topic, but my daily ad-sense earning $0.25 or $0.05, Hope after read all these tips it increase.

  92. Thanks for sharing good article which is related to adsense. I understood all topics which you mentioned in below post . But what is PVs ? 3 to 4 places you have given 1000 pvs, 2100pvs.. What is means?

  93. Dear any one will suggest me that. First time i was applied for adsense when i have make 20 post but my application was rejected now i have maked 45 posts. Now may i apply for adsense.While my blog’s traffic is only 150

  94. Hi There! A very good and descriptive post about how to make money with AdSense. I would like to add that bloggers should also think about affiliate marketing, it can be more profitable than AdSense, especially as you said for the returning visitors (they know the difference between ads and real links).
    My blog is dedicated to help traders to make money with binary options.


  95. nice tutorial i never expected this,really cool information on adsense perfect optimization.if we have 3k-4k views definitely we can make $10 per day

  96. When i started a new blog really i didn’t get more traffic and income untill six month. When i started to search of more valuable SEO data provided sites like you then income generation was started . Thanks for your post and your valuable article.

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