Why You Should Start a New Blog Every Year and Must Do in 2015

We all start our first blog with lots of hopes without any prior experience. We will be learning blogging methods and SEO with this first blog, but most of the time the first blog fails without serving our purpose. Unfortunately we stick with the same first blog and try our best to improve or bring it back to the normal level. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. In my opinion, if you put the same effort (which you are trying to bring back the old blog) and the learned lessons on a new blog/domain name, that will work faster and meet your requirements. Once your blog lost the reputation and credit from online world, mainly from the search engines like Google and Bing, then it will be tough job to bring back to good position and prove that your blog is great. Instead, you could start a new great blog and prove your self in making decent passive income by blogging.

That is the main reason you will find with successful bloggers who did not become success with their first blogs. Success reaches bloggers after few years, trying few blogs/domain names and new money making methods too.

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Here I’m going to share the reasons why you should start a new blog every year (YES, every year) and what are the advantages of it if you are really serious about blogging and online earnings. Of course this post may look self promotional, because I’m going to refer you to my affiliate link to purchase your next new domain in 2015 (though you have some real advantages if you use my affiliate link), but even if you do not use my link, it’s OK, this post will give some ideas and motivation in 2015.


Advantages of starting a New blog From Scratch in 2015

1) Change your domain name

This is the main advantage you will have. Once you realized which topics work well for you after few months in blogging, your domain name may not look relevant and you will be wanting to change the name. So, this is the chance, change it and start from scratch but with full of experience now.

2) You will not be a loser

Oh… again purchasing a new domain and hosting package? Yes, that could look expensive, but in long term, this blog will be making passive income for you. Here is my calculation. I’m not exaggerating or over-committing anything here.

I’m assuming your blog will start making 1$ for a day from the 4th month. Practically an 15% increase of traffic and earning monthly is very much possible. There are people double the complete traffic and income in 3 months, but we are not targeting that much. 15% monthly increase is very much possible. So, below table and chart can give an good idea about your new blog for next 2 years (24 months).

the earnings chart

The final calculation indicates your new blog would earn around 3564$ by end of 24th month assuming it is start making money from 4th month in the rate of 1$ per day only. Don’t you think it is realistic? definitely it is possible!

getstarted today-blue

3) Let Us Do Further Math

Ok, how to make 1$ per day from 4th month? I think that is the first question will come into mind and that is the starting point. Here is my calculation and assumption.

2.5$ RPM is a normal (and good) rate you can expect from Google Adsense. That means, for every 1000 page views your blog will make 2.5$. But here our target is 1$ per day, so your blog needs around 400 page views daily. Out of 400 PVs, it must have 70% of traffic from Google, that is equal to 280 PVs from search engines (Google) per day.

280 PVs from Google daily after 3 months…… don’t you think it is possible? Believe me, if you blog properly by producing useful content to the readers in your first 3 months, you can go far better than this target or even your single post may bring more than 280 PVs daily.

4) More Math….

So, our target is to get 400 PVs per day. Let us assume you can write 3 articles per week. Again I’m discussing this realistically and not putting more pressure on you. You do not need to publish 2 articles per day (that is what most of the new bloggers think) on this new blog. 3 Articles should be enough for a week. In blogging always quality wins over quantity. So, in the first 3 moths you would have published 36 articles. These 36 articles should bring around 400 PVs per day, so one article should bring around 11 page view per day, tell me frankly what do you think now?

Can’t your one article bring 11 page views per day? in case one article fails, don’t you think your another articles will cover up the total page view requirement? I’m sure it is possible.

income in 2 years

4) Keep Another Blog For Testing

If your current blog is doing fine, that’s great leave it as it is. But your new blog will give some more opportunities to test or experiment new techniques, new SEO methods and money making ways. It is not recommended to play around or try something new with your existing good working blogs. So, better to have a second blog which will allow you to try new ways to increase the traffic and income.

5) Recovery is difficult and Time consuming

If your blog has been punished by Google by their algorithm changes, then it will be a tough and time taking job to recover from it. You may need to wait and depend on Google till the next update ( that is also not sure whether it will be favourable for you).

Instead, you could build a new blog without doing the same mistakes and gain the traffic quicker than recovering your affected blog.


Ready? Start A New Blog in 2015

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A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Hi Dinesh, i want to start blogging. I dont have any idea but i feel i can write quality content. Would you help me in setup of a new blog! I have not decided any topic but i am interested in a website like downloading songs and job portal. Please help

  • Hi Dinesh

    I am reader for ur blog.

    I have plan to launch (may be next month)sharemarket website for free tips and guidance to indian traders and investors.

    I need ur assistance for ads revenue and sugg for improvements.

    I hope you will response to me.

  • Hi,
    I want to start a fashion tips website on my old domain that have already content about fashion. The already present content is not unique and there are copies of this content on web. If i delete the old content and start new website on this domain will it helpful to achieve my goal of 2015?

    In simple may i need to delete the old content and then start again or may i start writing new articles along with the present copied content?

    • @abdul rahman,
      If you think your blog was hit by Google by these duplicate content, I would suggest you to start in a new domain name.But if you need to stick with the same old domain, yes, you have deleted/update duplicate content. Setup the redirection when you delete (or modify the URL) a post, because it will be having some interlinks and incoming external links. Once you cleaned up all duplicate content, I’m sure your blog will progress better.
      Good luck.

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