Make Extra Money with Amazon Associate (Affiliate) Program

Make Extra Money with Amazon Associate (Affiliate) Program

Amazon is famous for online selling and buying, therefore it doesn’t need a brief introduction. After they have started the service in India, the market has grown and expanded, so Indian bloggers can make use of it. As bloggers, it is no harm to try new and different methods to make extra money online. Even though I do not make much money from Amazon associate (affiliate) program, but still it is one of my favorite program since it doesn’t require any additional work.

Amazon is having the great selling portal which can convert your users as buyers. The commission rate of Amazon would be less compared to other affiliate sites. The conversion rate is great and compared to other physical products selling affiliate programs, Amazon associate affiliate is reasonably good. There are plenty of people make handsome amount of money by selling their own or others products on Amazon.

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My this month (December 2014) Amazon affiliate earning is around 110 US dollars, but I’m targeting to reach 1000$ per month by end of 2015. Here are my personal opinions of this programs.

Amazon Associate (Affiliate) Advantages

1) It is easy and free to join

Yes, you can join easily no matter where you live in the world. You can sell the USA products to people in Canada by sitting at your home in Sri Lanka. Even you can join without having own website or blog. You can visit their official page and join here.

2) High demand/Need of products

Amazon sell physical products mostly in all categories. People can buy diaper and dresses to high end music system/laptops and also electronic books and audios. So, you will find plenty of products you can promote on your blog. Also, the demand and need of these physical products are always higher compared to other electronic products which give higher commission.

For example,

You may be getting 70% commission of a electronic product you sell ( let’s say, a WordPress theme), but the Amazon’s music system may pay you around 6% commission only. But the point is, you can sell the music system (because all people need/like it) easily than your WordPress theme (because only few will be needing WordPress theme.)

So, the need and demand of these physical products in Amazon is always higher than other higher commission rated electronic products.


3) Good conversion rate/sales page

Amazon is having a great showcasing sales page with multiple products, options and user reviews in the target sales page. So, the users you send may end up buying completely different product from Amazon, but still you get the commission, cool isn’t it?. This is mostly not the case when you promote specific electronic product. If you take the same example I have mentioned earlier, when you send a reader to WordPress theme sales page, he doesn’t have any options to buy different items. Either he will buy the WordPress theme or anything related to WordPress (if available). So, the exit rate will be higher and conversion rate will be less.

Here is the screen shot of some items sold in my Amazon affiliate account this month. Frankly I do not promote any of the blow items( 80% of sold items are not related to my blog), but I still get the commission.

amazon sales

4) It can work with your existing money making programs.

That’s right, this is not CPC or CPM ad network. You have to simply include these affiliate links on your blog/website wherever it is applicable. So, it can work with existing  Google Adsense or other ad networks.

5) They have great selling tools.

Selling Amazon products on your blog is not only by the affiliate links, but also plenty of different and professional ways available.

Their Links & Banners, Widgets and the famous astore would be the great tools to make the selling professional. The Publisher studio tool and API integration will add more comprehensive support to WordPress and it’s plugins to sell Amazon products.


These above 5 points would mostly convince you to start concentrating on Amazon associate (Affiliate) to make extra money from your blog.


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