[Must Read] How to Increase Adsense CPC in 2020 – Simple Tips

Recently one of my readers asked a question about the very low CPC he is getting. It is around 0.01$ per click (yes, it’s very low). He asked me to check his blog and suggestion for increasing the Adsense CPC. Luckily I found out the possible reasons for low CPC immediately once I checked his website. In this post, let me explain simple tips on how to increase Adsense CPC.

If you are mainly depending on Google Adsense as the main income source, then you must always tweak it to make it better. Everything changes frequently, you need to test and adopt the better formula which works on your blog for your readers and you as the publisher.

What is Adsense CPC?

CPC is ‘Cost Per Click’ on average. Technically it indicates how much you are earnings for every click on a website.

Let’s say, you get 0.02$ for one click and 1$ for another click, so your average CPC is (0.02$ + 1$ )/2 =  0.51$.

CPC is another factor in Adsense to decide the performance along with RPM (or eCPM) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

You must try all possible methods to increase the CPC in Adsense to maximize the revenue. Increasing the CTR also will help, but when CPC is low with higher CTR, still there will be fewer in earnings.

For example, instead of getting 10 clicks at 0.02$ CPC (10 x 0.02$ = 0.2$), try to get 2 clicks at 0.50$ CPC which is 2 x 0.50$ = 1$, much better isn’t it? So, even though the CTR is less but final earning is much better (0.2$ to 1$) because of good CPC (0.02$ to 0.5$).

Let’s See How to Increase Adsense CPC in 2020

1) Concentrate on Keywords, niche and topic

The content and topic of your blog play a major role in getting higher CPC.  Not all type of content shows the same types of ads. Advertisers pay (bid) more money on particular keywords/topics that will give good CPC for publishers like us. You must find out the high paying keywords for your blog topic and write about or include them in your blog posts. Google Adsense robots scan your content before display ads, if they find valuable keywords and useful content, then Google will serve high-quality ads.

See Also,

How to find high paying keywords for Google Adsense

As per the recent research and article by SEMRush, the below topics/keywords in USA have higher Adsense CPC in 2020. You can find more keywords in every region by checking their post.  This can give a clear idea of the potential CPC rate you can expect or verify whether you are in the correct niche to make good money from Google Adsense.

Suggested Reading

I highly suggest reading this guide about finding the higher paying topics just by Google search.

This doesn’t mean, you have to write only about high paying keywords. Getting search engine traffic for high paying keywords is very difficult since it will have more competition.

You write what you know and like to write, but keep in mind about higher paying keywords and include them in a few places. Also, the group of keywords can give the idea of the topic or where you should take your blog.

Also, you have to think about the potential advertisers and competition of the topic you write. Let’s say you are writing about free stuff, then you may possibly get less CPC because none of the advertisers will pay high payout for free stuff which they can’t sell.

Keep in mind, each advertiser who advertises through Google (Adwords) that display Adsense ads in our blogs need our visitors to their product page and convert them as a sale, registration, or any action.

The content and niche of your blog are so critical to get higher Adsense CPC.

2) Source of the Traffic (Quality Traffic)

We miss this main part most of the time. You must know from where and how users are reaching your website? There are 2 major things to consider when it comes to traffic.

  1. The geographical location of the users
  2. The entrance source (like is it from search engines, social media, referral or the repeating visitors)

If you need to increase the Adsense CPC, then you need to concentrate on these facts to increase the earnings.

Geographical Location

Our blogs do not show the same ads everywhere in the world. It shows different ads in Sri Lanka and different in the USA. Depending on the topic and competition (demand) for the particular keyword, Google will push higher paying ads in certain countries such as the USA, Canada and UK.

So, if your blog is getting most of the users from Asian countries, then ultimately the CPC will be less. If your friend is having a similar topic blog and the same number of pageviews as yours, but he is getting most of the readers from USA, Canada and Europe, then definitely he is going to make more money from Adsense and CPC will be higher than you.

To increase the Adsense CPC, you must target the readers from the USA and other higher-paying countries. Select, research and write about the keywords and topics that will attract international users. Do not focus on a specific region or country if you need to make money from Adsense.

Importance of Entrance Source

The source of visitor entrance impacts the CPC also. Let’s assume that you have a good user view from the USA but all are your repetitive/returning visitors, though they are from USA (which gives higher CPC), they will be rarely click the ads. It affects CTR and page RPM. The point I want to make it get new visitors via search engines regularly to increase the Adsense CPC.

Proper SEO and keyword research with excellently researched articles bring quality readers to your blog.  Quality users via search engines from certain geophysical

3) Enable Image and Text Ads.

Some people do not like image, Rich media ads in their blog posts because they expect Adsense ads to show like a link (text link). In my experience, image and multimedia ads work well in all the places. If you have Text only ads, make them to image and text. You can see the difference in the next two weeks. I experimented several times and several places then confirmed image and text ads work well. Google highly recommends Image and Text ads.

Here are the few reasons,

  • Image ads are likely to be clicked (High CTR)
  • All famous advertisers and product owners like to show their brands and products as an image or rich media, so this might bring quality ads and good CPC.
  • Only one image ad can be shown at a time instead of showing 3 to 4 text ads together. That could be a good CPC ad.
  • More advertisers will target your ad slots directly if you allow image and text ads though Adwords or Google Ad Planner.

4) Too many Ads – Less CPC

Are you using all the three AdSense ad blocks? if yes, is it balancing is your articles well? I recommend using all three ad blocks if your blog posts are long enough to accommodate these slots with valuable keywords to feed Google Adsense robots.

If your articles are too short and not having rich keywords, then Google will struggle to show relevant, high paying, and interested ads for the visitors. In the end, you get clicks but no earnings because of low paying, non-relevant and some times public ads too. Try to keep the number of ads low if the article length is short.

You can experiment with the final Adsense earnings and CPC by reducing the number of ads on your website for the next 2 weeks. Who knows? May be 2 ad slots will work better than 3 or more ads.

5) Monitor your Higher CTR Ad with Custom Channels

Channels are very important here. This gives the clear idea of which Ad slot is performing well and giving good CPC, CPM and CTR. Create custom channels for each ad slot in your blog and monitor the performance for two weeks.

How this helps in increasing Adsense CPC?

  • Remove the low performing Ad slot from your blog (Decide by CTR and final earnings) for testing purpose. Now, Google may serve better ads to other two ad slots which are performing well, so your earnings will increase.
  • Go to Next point.

6) First Ad unit in HTML Code Serves better ads

You may have one ad in the header and another one inside post content, which ad will load first in your blog page? Obviously, the ad in the header, because that is at the first place in HTML code. Normally Google servers quality and high paying ads to first ad slot in a webpage, so in this example, it will be the header ad.

So, the next question is, is your header ad getting good clicks? here is the clash. When your ad slot inside content is getting good clicks (higher CTR) than header ad, Google serves good ads in the header. So you are wasting some of the possible clicks here.

To fix this issue, Google suggests to ad your important ad slot inside div tag, which is explained clearly in Google help page here. Adsense robots will serve high-quality ads to the block with div tag no matter where it is located in HTML code. Use div tag to the good performing block which you decided by custom channels in early step.

There are a few more techniques available to increase Adsense CPC, I think it will be useful once your blog started generating good traffic.

Believe me, a blog or website needs time to generate reasonable income from Adsense. It’s not easy, but very much possible. One of the readers who contacted me is having one month old with good traffic and by average he get 4 clicks per day which are very impressive. But it will take some time to earn a stable income with Adsense.

Here is the real example, when I look back the year 2010, my monthly earning was 33.59$.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

Here is the current earning exactly after one year, around 550$ monthly with same single Blog.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

How did I do that?

  • Keep producing content
  • Write for you and your readers
  • Generate good traffic from search engines
  • Don’t put all ads in one place
  • Don’t try all money making methods at a time
  • Experiment the ad positions and colours but don’t overdo it again and again
  • Finally, don’t motivate your self in blogging only for money.

Be a good blogger for your readers, other bloggers and yourself – you can be a successful blogger in a short time. I hope the above-mentioned points and examples will be useful to increase Google Adsense CPC and ultimately your Adsense earnings.

Feel free to drop comments and keep visiting DailyBlogMoney for more information. Good luck guys.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

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