[Must Read] How to Increase Adsense CPC – Simple Tips

Recently one of my reader asked a question about the CPC he receives for each click from adsense. He is getting around 0.01$ per click (yes, its very low). He asked me to check his blog for some suggestions. I found out the possible reasons for low CPC. In this post, let me explain simple tips on how to increase Adsense CPC.

Increase Adsense CPC


What is Adsense CPC?

CPC is ‘Cost Per Click’ in average. Let’s say, you get 0.02$ for one click and 1$ for another click, so your average CPC is (0.02$ + 1$ )/2 =  0.51$. CPC is a another factor in Adsense to decide the performance along with eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mile) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

You must try the possible methods to increase the CPC in Adsense to maximize the revenue. Increasing the CTR also will help, but when CPC is low with high CTR, still there will be less earnings.

For example, instead of getting 10 clicks at 0.02$ CPC ( 10 x 0.02$ = 0.2$), try to get 2 clicks at 0.50$ CPC which is 2 x 0.50$ = 1$, much better isn’t it?. So, your CTR is less ( 10 to 2), but final earning is much better ( 0.2$ to 1$) because of good CPC ( 0.02$ to 0.5$). I hope you got my point.


Let’s See How to Increase Adsense CPC


1) Concentrate on Keywords, niche and topic

Not all types on content shows the same types of ads. Advertisers pay(bid) more money on particular keywords which will pay good CPC. You must find out the high paying keywords for your blog topic and write about or include them in your blog posts. Google Adsense robots scan your content before display ads, if they find the valuable keywords and useful content, then Google will serve high quality ads.

See Also,

How to find high paying keywords for Google Adsense

This doesn’t mean, you have to write only about high paying keywords. Getting search engine traffic to high paying keywords is very difficult since it will have more competition.

You write what you know and like to write, but keep in mind about high paying keywords and include them in few places.

Also, you have think about the potential advertisers and competition of the topic you write. Let’s say you are writing about free stuff, then you may possibly get less CPC, because none of the advertisers will pay high payout for free stuff which they can’t sell. Keep in mind!, each advertiser who is advertising though Google (Adwords) which display as Adsense ads in our blogs, need our visitors to their product page and convert them to sale, registration, or any action.


2) Enable Image and Text Ads.

Some people do not like image, Rich media ads in their blog posts, because they expect adsense ads to show like a link (text link). In my experience, image and multi media  ads works well in all the places. If you have Text only ads, make them to image and text. You can see the different in next two weeks. I experimented several times and several places, then decided image and text ads works well. Google highly recommends Image and Text ads.

Here are the few reasons,

  • Image ads are likely to be clicked (High CTR)
  • All famous advertisers and product owners like to show their brands and products as an image or rich media, so this might bring quality ads and good CPC.
  • Only one image ad can be shown at a time instead of showing 3 to 4 text ads. This may possibly a good CPC ad.
  • More advertisers will target your ad slots directly if you allow image and text ads though Adwords or Google Ad Planner.


3) Too many Ads – Less CPC

Are you using all three adsense ad blocks? if yes,is it balancing your each post content?. I recommend to use all three ad blocks if your blog posts are long enough to accommodate these slots and with valuable keywords available to feed Google adsense robots.

If your articles are too short and not having rich keywords, then Google will struggle to show relevant, high paying, and interested ads for the visitors. At the end, you get clicks but no earnings because of low paying, non relevant and some times public ads too.


4) Monitor your Higher CTR Ad with Custom Channels

Channels are very important here. This gives the clear idea of which Ad slot is performing well, measure CPC, eCPM , CTR and earnings of particular ad block. Create custom channels for each ad slot in your blog and monitor the performance for  two weeks.

How this helps in increasing Adsense CPC?

  • Remove the low performing Ad slot from your blog ( Decide by CTR and final earnings) for testing purpose. Now, Google may serve better ads to other two ad slots which is performing well, so your earnings will increase.
  • Go to Next point.

5) First Ad unit in HTML Code Serves better ads

You may have one ad in header and other one inside post content, which ad will load first in your blog page? Obviously  the ad in header, because that is at the first place in HTML code. Normally Google servers quality and high paying ads to first ad slot in a webpage, so in this example, it will be the header ad.

So, the next question is, is your header ad getting good CTR? here is the clash. When your ad block inside content is getting good clicks (higher CTR) than header ad, but still Google will server good ads in header. So you are wasting some of the possible clicks here.

To fix this issues, Google suggests to ad your important ad slot inside div tag, which is explained clearly in Google help page here. Adsense robots will serve highly quality ads to the block with div tag no matter where it is located in HTML code. Use div tag to the good performing block which you decided by custom channels in early step.


6) Reduce Accident, Fraud and Useless Clicks

Don’t think you can make good money by clicking your ads from different IPs, ask your friends to click and anything like it. Google is very smart to find out these types of clicks and they will ban your account. Also, just clicking ads and closing the advertisers’ page immediately will be notified to Google. Google is much concern about their advertisers also, if your all clicks work like that without any benefits to advertisers what they expect, then Google might put your website in lower place where low quality ads will be served.

In long term plan, make sure Adsense ads are look like advertisements in your website and your visitors are interested and clicking ads to visit advertisers page purposely. Do not blend too much with your theme and expect some accident clicks. You can’t survive with accident, fraud and quick browser closing clicks in long term with Google adsense. This definitely effects the CPC, when your blog visitors converted well by advertisers with quality clicks, then you may get quality high paying ads.


There are few more techniques available to increase Adsense CPC, I think it will be useful once your blog started generating good traffic. I will publish them later in this blog. Stay tuned.

Believe me, a blog or website need time to generate reasonable income from Adsense. It’s not easy, but very much possible. The reader on mine, who contacted me, is having one month old with good traffic and by average he get 4 clicks per day which is very impressive. But it will take some time to earn stable income with Adsense.

Here is the real example, when I look back one year ago exactly on March 2010, my monthly earning was 33.59$.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

Here is the current earning exactly after one year, around 550$ monthly with same single Blog.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

How I Did?

  • Keep producing content
  • Write for you and your readers
  • Generate good traffic from search engines
  • Don’t’ put all ads in one place
  • Don’t try all money making methods at a time
  • Experiment the ad positions and colors but don’t over do it again and again
  • Finally don’t motivate your self in blogging only for money.

Be a good bloggers to your readers, other bloggers and yourself – you can be a successful blogger in short time.

Feel free to drop comments and keep visiting DailyBlogMoney for more information.

Good luck guys.

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  1. wow! Thankyou sir for this great article for which i was searching from past 3 months, i read many ebooks , articles but i never got this simple logic about adsense cpc .. Now my doubt is clear about this .

    And thankyou sir for including my previous doubt in your article… Coz many other newbies face this problem like this..

    And sir my last woe . My site (newtricks.in) is very new and exporting fresh and unique articles . But i donot know how it came in affect of google sandbox … I think coz of blackhat seo methods which i used in the form of keyword stuffing and backlinking. Waiting for any suggesting if u have coz this is another prob young newbies are facing.. Thankyou ..

    • Google’s sandbox effects most of the new websites, even I think my this DailyBlogMoney blog is still in sandbox, but I don’t worry. I keep on writing and I never worry about sandbox.
      Yes, initially it will be tough to blog without Google traffic or losing search engine traffic.
      But one day your site will be out of it, that time your earlier content will drive good traffic.
      Good luck.

  2. sir! Today i got the view for the experiments which i done as u explained in the post . And as usual i m getting 4 clicks per day on ads . And recently my site banned for google search as sandbox. Though i m getting 200 refers to my baned site. I literaly lost hope for my banned site and today when i check my adsense earnings as usual i was shocked to see that i got 4 $ for 4 clicks, previously i was getting overal 0.4 dol. Thankyou sir for this great help .. Waiting for ur well wishes

    • Glad to see the real working example.
      Ups and downs will be there in the earning always.
      Do not publicly tell your earnings with clicks which is against Google Adsense TOS.

      Good luck, happy blogging.

  3. Very nice information mate! I have just bookmarked it for the …. future! Currently, I concentrate on of my energy to produce nice content!

  4. I think that in order to increase AdSense earnings it is necessary to make an online resource highly popular. A rule is simple, the more targeted traffic – the more earnings. Also, make different experiments with placement of AdSense block. I know one case, when a blog owner has increased his earnings in several times only by changing the place of AdSense block.

  5. Hi Dinesh,
    Very informative. After reading this post, I went ahead and removed one adblock. More than earnings, it looks neat now.

    Let me see , if earnings improve.


  6. HI Dinesh,

    I am very upset because of i am getting very low cpc (0.4 cent per click). My avearge clicks per day is around 150. I am using 3 ads on my page, is it correct ? My blog is realeted to music.

    I want to increase cpc . Pls give me some solutions so can make changes accordingly.

    • Sanjay,
      If you are getting 0.4$ CPC then I would say its a good CPC ( you must earn 150×0.4=60$ daily)
      If you tried to mean 0.04$ CPC, then yes, its very low CPC in adsense.

      According to my knowledge music, movies, songs and anything related to free and entertainment topic is having less payout (CPC) in adsense. Either you need to get thousands of visitors to earn more or slightly change the topic to get high CPC.
      Also, you can remove one ad slot for testing purpose. It may increase the CPC but make sure your final earning is more by this.

      Happy experimenting and blogging.

  7. HI Dinesh,

    I am very upset because of i am getting very low cpc (0.04 cent per click). My avearge clicks per day is around 150. I am using 3 ads on my page, is it correct ? My blog is realeted to music.

    I want to increase cpc . Pls give me some solutions so can make changes accordingly.

  8. Thanks for the tips, Dinesh. Lots of good tips in that article.

    You mentioned in the end of the article that you were going to post tips for blogs that are getting good traffic but low CPC (so low earnings). I was wondering if that article is up/could you post a link to it.

    I’m in the same boat as many of these other people, I get 2000+ unique hits/day and ~100 clicks/day, but my CPC on average is around $0.08, so we’re talking $8 a day. I know the potential is there because the traffic is there (and that’s usually the hard part), and is steadily growing as my site continues to spread and gain content. Do you think you could take a quick look and let me know what you think regarding how I could increase my CPC?

    It’s a music site, and I saw you mentioned changing the content slightly, so I was hoping you had specific tips in mind regarding that.

    Feel free to email or reply to this comment, I’ve bookmarked this page. Thanks again, Dinesh

    • Andrew,
      Your CTR is great and CPC is less. Mostly entertainment topic is having low paying keywords and advertisers bid for low amount.
      I suggest two things here,
      1) Check this guide https://dailyblogmoney.com/how-to-find-high-paying-keyword-for-adsense and find out the high paying keyword in music. Target these keywords, or insert them in to your famous posts. This will fetch some good ads.

      2) Obviously, increase the traffic.

      Somehow, daily $8 with 2000 unique hits is successful according to me because of good CTR.
      Traffic country source also mainly affects the CPC, you must target USA and Europe countries.

      I suggest to add one more 336×260 ad unit (image and Text) at sidebar top. Larger ads always serves quality ads. I’m sure it will improve the earnings.

      Good luck

      • It seems as if music production is a high paying topic, so maybe I’ll try and throw that into my reviews. Might also expand into dubstep production articles, etc.

        I added the 336 block ad to the top of the sidebar, so we’ll see how that performs. Sadly it makes the site look pretty cluttered though. Not sure if that will cause negative feedback, but I’ll give it a shot.

        Thanks for the tips.

  9. Very good article.
    I do all the thinks which are mentioned in your blog Dinesh and i get 47 Page impression and 11 clicks. My cpc jumps to 105.76$ and I get 4.96 $ from google.
    Thanks Dinesh .

  10. Hi Dinesh,

    Can you please personally visit my website and do your adsense analysis for me. I am getting 500 unique visitors, 5000 page views and 2500 unique page views but my earning is still very low 1 or 2 (if i am lucky) dollars per day.

    Just FYI I got adsense approval just before 2 months. and my website is 2 years old

    • Thanks for requesting my help.
      Here are the suggestion from ( I checked in Chrome browser)
      1) Your header ad is somehow not in central of web page.
      2) Are you monitoring the performance of ad unit above the header ad? Somehow, the earnings will be lessor than ad blocks. You may your readers by giving two options by showing ad block and ad unit next to next.
      3) Make your main ad block (inside content) 300×250 and display it left side. Move your movie picture to right side.
      4) Make sure Text and image ads are enabled.
      5) You can show your third ad under the songs.
      6) I have seen hostgator ad several times when checked your blog. I suggest to block this ad since its not relevant to music users.

      Music niche is in slightly lower CPC side, but CTR should be good. Try to use this CTR and increase your traffic to earn more.
      Good luck mate.

  11. Hi, Could you please explain your complete infrastructure for managing all the ad networks ? How do you use all of them together ? Is this via openx or google ad manager or similar ?

    • I do not use any ad managers. You need these products only when you have more direct advertisers/banner ads and need to monitor the performance. Since my all ad networks like adsense, contextweb, technorati..etc have good service with reporting, I decided to not to go for ad mangers.
      I tried Google ad manager for sometimes to filter adsense ads, but stopped later.

  12. Great tips! I don’t know how you do it… I cant seem to get above $0.30 CPC(I am aiming for $1.00. Can you help me identify how I can improve my website please? 😀

    • Andro,
      Its mostly connected to the niche you write. I doubt your topic on Android will show high paying ads since its like a free or open source stuff.
      The traffic source country also important because advertisers will pay more money to show their ads in specific countries mostly USA, Europe….
      Few suggestions if you don’t mind.
      1) somehow your floating ad doesn’t look good. Instead, you could add 336 ad in right side bar. Is floating adsense ad is OK with Google?
      2) Your animated header is excellent, but are you happy with running texts on your posts? I think it may impact the CTR of your above the fold adsense ad.
      3) find out high paying keywords related to your topic and write.

      and as usual ‘Increase your traffic with new visitors’. Also, you can block some advertisers who are showing non related ads and more than one ad in your blog pages.

      Hope these help you.

  13. Awsome post man, im new to the whole blogging scene, and i just got apporved by google adsense a week ago, now in testing phase of good ad spots on the web page. I have to say i read lots of tutorials and tips and by far this is the simplist most understandable post i’ve found so far. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Glad you like my blog.
      That is the main purpose of this blog to explain things in simple and understandable way, because I have come through the same situation.

      Keep visiting. 🙂

  14. I have been do it, but i am stay Vietnam and every click by viet nam country it very small income. If clicked by USA can help me income $1 – $1.4 /1clicked…
    So, what can I do to have more click by US Country ? Because i am a poor students in Vietnam country… I have to try design a website to earning income to learning..
    My site: http://www.cuibap.org Ads for Domain: http://www.ittravinh.info

    • Are you running the blog in Vietnam language? then it will be a tough job keny.
      Though Google is not having much problems in non English language blogs, but you can’t expect USA or Europe people to visit and click the ads your blog which is running in Vietnam language.

      You have to do something extra to cover everyone internationally including USA, Europe and your country also- in one common language. Till that, the CPC will be very less, because most of the advertisers like English content and ads.

      Good luck

  15. You really provided the content that I would say I personally feel the ‘Best’. The language and examples given are so simple and explanatory that beginners (and off-course experts too) can really take advantage of it. I wish I could also provide the same value to my audience one day.

    I am feeling little shy to request you to visit my site personally ( if you really have the time otherwise no need) and give your valuable comments. Please also have a donation box to your website so that the people who have benefited by your blog can also support you to keep you up for the good work. I would also like to donate and come here again and comment if my earnings also increased.

  16. I agree with you especially with this point “Do not try all money making methods at a time” means we must focus on one method to get maximum results unless you are experienced and have a lot of time or at least you have a lot of money to outsource (article, link building, etc)

  17. Dinesh – I have read through your article and it has inspired me to swap around some things. I appreciate your hard work and wanted to see if it will benefit my site.

    Right now – the niche that I am in is creating free Chrome apps for people to download. I have ads in the sidebar and on the content pages. Could you take a look and tell me what you think?

    http://www.chrome-apps.info <– That's the general site home page. Some of the apps pages are with banners and probably not optimized properly. The link below is one that I am moving towards after reading your article here.

    http://www.chrome-apps.info/unofficial-chrome-apps-downloads/foursquarechromeapp <– New layout I am testing on this page after reading some of your tips and tricks.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to review. (If you do)

  18. Hi, your article is very informative. I tried each and every step given in your article but unfortunately my CPC did not increase. I don’t know what I have done wrong? Currently I get around 800 visitors daily on my website and around 20-25 clicks a day. This is high CTR isn’t it? But my average CPC comes around 0.9-0.10 and on a lucky day I get even around 0.16 CPC. My website is basically a job site and the audience is India. Is anybody facing the similar issue on similar kind of website? Am I earning good?

    Now I have again changed my adsense placements and have increased ad units on per page. Now I get around 34-38 clicks with almost same CPC and total earnings.

    Dinesh, any remedy for me? I seriously need your help as the results are frustrating. Can you please help me?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Pragati,
      I saw your site. You said you get 34-38 clicks for 800 visitors which means your ads get a CTR of around 4%. That’s a poor CTR. You have probably made a mistake in typing your CPC. 0.9-0.1 should have been 0.09-0.1 right? Clicks that come from Indian visitors pay you less than that of USA and Canadian visitors. But as your site is an Indian job site, you have got nothing to do with. Or may be your account has been smart priced. What is the major source of your traffic? Try to do SEO and elevate the ranking of your site in Google SERP. And I recommend a complete change of lay out of your site and Adsense placement as well. Right at the moment what you can do is remove the link unit and place real menu there. Remove sky scraper from left and don’t use it at all. use a large rectangle just below post title, don’t mix it up with content. use another large rectangle below post instead of 468×60. let us know the result.

    • @Pragati,
      My personal opinion is, your CTR is great because of the theme and adsense color. You blended ads nicely in your blog pages. But, as Chandan said your blog is about ‘Indian jobs’, so you can’t expect higher CPC. Also, make sure ‘Click fraud’ is not happening in your blog. If you or your friends keep on clicking the ads, it will increase the CTR but not the final earnings or CPC.

      You can change the topic slightly which will target global traffic. This is the first step you have to take to get good CPC and increase the earnings.

      Good luck, feel free to visit this blog in future.

  19. Hello Dinesh,
    i need your help, i have 100 above post in my blog and i think, i select many wrong keywords so how i correct these keywords and now how much time it takes to popularizes the blog i use the wordpress for my blog. please help

    • @bg,
      I checked your blog, you may be getting good traffic by covering Indian movies topic, but you can’t expect good advertisers for this topic in Google adsense. That’s the main reason why your CPC is very low. Your blog niche, topic and keywords are not suitable for high paying google adsense ads.

      I guess this is the reason. Just think about it and work for better. Good luck.

  20. What I have is a website (http://tahoestyle.wordpress.com) with about 5 years worth of content going on 6! It is scattered, I mean really scattered. There is no rhythm to my site and it began with just random thoughts being posted. Eventually I started giving away coke rewards codes, mcdonald monopoly codes, and traffic began to surge.
    I continued posting free codes, random thoughts, and whatever I felt was on my mind and my blog content grew and grew. It generated a decent amount of traffic due to the continued free codes I was giving away since the MCR program started. Well a few years later (2009-2010) – WordPress locked my wp.com site for 1 year due to “high traffic” from what I remember. Now that I have it back I want to use it as backlink to my new site http://whatyagive.com (adsense) – Is this a good idea – my adsense cpc is low for whatyagive.com , any suggestions

    Thank you!

      • Let’s see what happens! I have used your great advice in improving my ad size/placement for my new blog (whatyagive.com) as for my old wordpress site I have moved over to (tahoestyle.net)
        I have been reading your articles and I must say I am learning more from your articles than other sites I have been visiting the past 6 months learning about adsense! I will be working on high value keywords next! Any more help is very appreciative!

  21. Hello Mr. Dinesh. I too have a blog. Every thing is going fine there. I have a good CTR(7-8%) with 1000 page impressions on an average. But the problem here is low CPC. I receive about 60 – 70 clicks per day but only 0.3 $ CPC. Which is making me loose my interest.
    Please suggest some thing for my blog. I do not use much ad units. Even though I follow most of the steps you told above, but still.
    Do you have any idea. I ahve submitted my blog url to this form.

    • It’s no less, If you are getting $0.3 average CPC. You can increase the no of ad units. We AdSense publishers should listen to what Google has to say regarding increasing AdSense revenue. Follow AdSense newsletters from AdSense blog. Hope you will get to know techniques which you have not implemented till date. Thanks.

    • @Ankit,
      0.30$ is not a bad CPC and you should not lose the interest. By mistake if you meant to say 0.03$ CPC, then yes, its very less, still you should not lose the interest. I checked your blog, its mainly related to something inside India and definitely your blog will be getting Indian visitors.
      Do not mistake me to say, in this category you can’t make much with adsense. Also, you need to target global users especially USA, Europe, Australia…etc. Advertisers will be bidding higher on these areas to show their ads, so CPC will be more.
      Think about this. Good luck.

  22. Thanks for the useful tips and for being honest with your earnings.

    Can you please give me an advice in my particular case? I have a blog about house music which has around 150 unique visitors / day (250 pageviews / day), a Google Page Rank of 3 and my Google Ads get around 8-12 clicks / day. I think that is ok, but unfortunately my CPC is very low…I usually get just 0.03 $ per click. Btw…I have 2 ad units on the blog – a “4 links unit” on the header and an image ad after each article.

    So can you please give me some advises on increasing my CPC? Is there anything I can do?…or the keywords that i have are just too low paid and I have to find a different topic? Thanks!

  23. @praveen,
    First of all, do not say your adsense stats like this publicly, I’m guessing these figures are not exact original figures.
    Three things very important,
    1) Traffic location – you must get most of the traffic from USA, Europe and Australia ..etc
    2) The keyword you have selected – There should be competition between advertisers on the products you write on your blog.
    3) Traffic type – Get more and more new visitors via search engines.

    Consider these main points in mind.

  24. thanks for the informative post dinesh.I am trying different ad positions since two weeks and tracking clicks using custom channel.Still i need to figure out the best place for adsense ads.

  25. Hi, i have read ur blog.. its really very informative.. u have took time to explain, each and every terms and issues with adsense.. Thank you so much.. i have started blogging from last month.. i have got some inputs for ur site and on internet,, if u find time, u just visit my blog and tell some sugession,, i waiting for your suggesion..

    Thank u,

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Looked at your blog.
      You need to write some long articles. Make sure to write brand new articles in your niche as first one on internet. OR you have to find ‘missed topics’ on your niche and write about it.
      Get more and more new visitors via search engines.
      Once you started to get good traffic, you can insert the main adsense unit inside your post (below H1), which will increase the CTR.

      Good luck.

  26. Dinesh sir[please help me] , my website one year old an i have approved adsense account from 7 months
    but my daily income is arround only 1-2$ , i have around 100 clicks+6% CTR daily but my cpc is 0.1$ can you personly review my website and suggest me to increase my cpc and in turn increase my earning…i really need your help sir…please help me

    my website is related to movies and url is: http://www.enggipoint.com 😀

  27. Hey dinesh!
    Nice article, I wanted to inquire if CPC doesnt show at all for a few days then what does it mean, I mean its been like 3 days my CPC of ads isnt showing.

  28. awesome content I ever found thanks dinesh for your kind experience with us!! you know dinesh I usually do not read full article on any blog but you writing taste was fabulous and I love it very much will wait for your next update !!!

    Best Regards!!

  29. Ok I just started my blog about two weeks ago, I have a lot of views so far and my CTR at 12.62% and my CPC is 1.03….I guess I’m doing pretty well according to what I’ve read but not really sure since I just started and don’t know anything to compare to. Also the other day I was checking everything out and saw I earned about 14$ that day and had 0 views..idk if that’s a mistake or not???

    Everything you posted was very helpful though, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  30. After reading your post I opted to remove 2 of my 5 ads in my blog . When will I probably see the results ?
    Dinesh what is the average cpc of an academic website?

    • @Jay,
      May be wait to for two to four weeks and analyze the difference.
      I’m not sure about exact CPC of academic, but I’m sure it will be in higher side as academic is having higher competition.
      ‘Google keyword tool’ is very helpful to find out the average CPC of a keyword.

  31. Thanks for the great info, that was a very interesting read. I’ve been having issues with the CPC on my main site recently. My CTR is good, but the clicks just don’t pay like they used to. My ranking in Google searches has also dropped a lot in the last few months. I used to be the #1 result for several long tail keywords and near the top of page 2 for a popular short keyword. Then out of the blue Google dropped me way down. I still get traffic thanks to Bing and Yahoo (who still love me) but I’m wondering if Google just hates me now and they are only putting low CPC ads on my site. Seems like that would be losing money for them too, so I guess I’m just being paranoid.
    Anyways, great post! I’m deeply envious of your adsense earnings and I’ll try to put some of your tips to use.

  32. Thanks for the tips on how to increase Adsense CPC.

    I myself have been experimenting for quite a while by varying between 2 and 3 ad slots. And I found even though the CTR was higher with 3 Ad Blocks the CPC was much much lower for all Ad Blocks.

    For the time being I will test with 2 Ad Blocks some more if it helps in the long run and will definitely report back!

  33. Hello sir, Can you tell me from visiting my above blog, what should be the ad placement that generate more adsense clicks and traffic? Does template of blog has something to do with it? Please give me some useful tips. I am waiting for your reply.

  34. Hello Dear Experts,

    My blog is Useful Info Sharing – shareinfoblog.blogspot.com and for some strange reason I have only 0.4 CPC and 0.35 CTR.

    Please check my blog and tell me if something is wrong. When searching on Google I am at the first place after typing useful or even useful info.

    Will appreciate any help.

    • @Steve,
      You may need to think of reducing the header size and place an adsense ad at above the fold. Longer articles with higher CPC keywords will help to get good CPC ads.

  35. I’m running a hindu devotional blog with tourism and festival importance articles in it.
    Please tell me my ads placement and size of the ads are right.
    I’m not at all earning not more than $ 1 through my blog.
    but working very hard to improve but no change…

    Can you tell me from visiting my above blog,
    what should be the ad placement that generate more adsense clicks and traffic?
    Does template of blog has something to do with it?
    Please give me some useful tips. I am waiting for your reply.

  36. Hello Sir,

    Really well written and must read article for every blogger who is struggling to get income through Adsense. 5 months back i was getting near about 5$ to 6$ per month from my adsense account and now i am getting it near about $20 a month. i tried many things like setting up custom channels and other things buts certainly not working it for me.

    i request you to visit my blog and please provide me some valuable tips so i can at least increase my adsense income up to some level and i will be very thankful if you do so. it’s an request 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Play with ad positions and colours. You should earn more because your blog seems to be a popular one. Consider replacing 468×60 with a large rectangle below post title.

  37. CPC for my site is still low and i will try to use all those tips you said here . Thanks for these tips.

    one hing I can’t find any adsense ad on this post !! Any reason for that ?

  38. Very nice tips for beginners! Now I just need to incorporate all this into my blog and see how it goes. I may have to come back and read this again.

  39. Really, those tips seems worthy but I’ve a little doubt about no of ad units? does reducing ad units improves CPC? I found that most of the bloggers gets decent amounts of clicks but the CPC is really low.

    What’s your view?

  40. Hi Dinesh,
    Very good article and well written. I already did most of the thing described in this post. But still my cpc is very low at the dead end. Could you please make a visit on my blog http://www.fermicg.com (it is about animation visual effects tutorial) and give your valuable suggestions to improve my cpc.
    I am getting 300+ visits, 1000+ page views and 100+ clicks. but still nothing in adsense revenue. Please help.

  41. What about banning low paying advertisers? Apparently there are adword advertisers that is bidding for very low keywords and if you can prevent them from showing on your site then you’ll get better paying ads. The problem is keeping track of those low paying advertisers.

  42. Hello Dinesh,

    Your blog really very nicely writen.I think that is also makes CPC strong .
    I have one question about my site- SAP Business Objects

    How important is to have a comment section on a website?

    since i am using google sites for blogging i dont have option for that.

  43. Dinesh,
    I read all your comments feedback but for myself sometimes cpc rate is $0.12 and sometimes it is $0.3…Not sure why it is navigating like this ?..Also in adsense custom channel option we have an option called “Ad appear on” so can we mention “forex” like that which are off topic to increase cpc ?

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  45. Hey Dinesh,
    I need your help in my blog,my blog is here,
    This is all about entertaining or poetry kind of stuff,
    I just need your help in like how could i increase my traffic and money,
    I got your idea and read all of this,and i am going to apply what you suggest but
    still i need your help,see my blog and tell me what i can do well to increase everything,
    Thanks in advance.

  46. i get visitors from

    Country: Philippines,
    Page views :20,282,
    Clicks: 553,
    Page CTR: 2.73%,
    CPC: $0.04,
    Page RPM : $1.09,
    Estimated earnings: $22.13


    Country: United States,
    Page views :25,644,
    Clicks: 423,
    Page CTR: 1.65%,
    CPC: $0.31,
    Page RPM : $5.20,
    Estimated earnings: $133.24

    why this difference, is it possible to block Country: Philippines,

  47. It seems to me that the more traffic you get then then lower the CPC beomes. Also, I think that if the majority of your traffic comes from Social Media Sites, then you recieve a lower CPC too, but I’m not sure why that is. Maynbe the freshness of your content is a factor too What do you think, would a small site with old content still get the same CPC as a big site with content added daily?

  48. I am glad to know about these tips and felling well after reading your article , em having good traffic but don’t know why not getting too much earning i think due to short life of my site . Hoping for bright future of my site

  49. Man you are a life saver, i almost ordered a ebook about this on Fiverr but decided to do a search. I’ve been posting nothing but qualitty content and CPC hasn’t been bad but i’m definitely going to do a better job researching higher paying keywords. Once again, really informative post.

  50. Very good information and tips. I’m still learning and trying to make some money from adsense. I’ve set up 3 websites about 1 month ago and the avearge earning per site is less than $0.20 a day. I hope I could make more as time go.

  51. sir good day. i have my website and adsense for about 3 months and a couple of days old. i already targeted all the keywords, and use the Adwords for my keywords. The ads appearing on my site is also targeted. Yet my CPC is only about .04 to .05 , is this normal? I am getting high traffics and my website is always at the 1st page of google seach. Sir what could be my problem(s) here? I already included my website on the above field. I hope you can give me an advice to where did i went wrong about my website. I am really frustrated because the traffic i get is useless since i always get less than 30 clicks per day but my CPC is only .05 .

    Hope you could help, help me. I really need this one so badly.
    Major, major thanks sir!

  52. I think what the majority of posts these days are saying points to the same direction; average out your time looking at other aspects which affect your ranking like brand authority, social, content, rather than concentrate on the ‘traditional’ ranking factors.

  53. HI.

    I want to ask about CPC and CPM.
    Example today at my site:
    From my neighbour country PV 2939 , Clicks 57 and Earn $2.42
    From so far country PV 736 . Clicks 36 and Earn $10.73
    So how can I increase for near country Earning?

    Sorry for my bad English, THANKS

  54. Dinesh, thanks alot for your honest advice.( i beg you to check my site and advice the problem). Its been running for 3 years now, and i get just about 0.03$ daily, with 150 page views daily minimum..and 1 click.

    Is there something missing.? My site is http://www.lovepot.com , a social network dating site.
    Another problem is traffic, am unable to get traffic..i write articles and still dont see much difference.

    Plis help..or tell me how u can help.

  55. Can you help me plzz….
    There are lots of issues going in my mind with my site…
    I am blogging from past 1& 1/2 year with 2500+ post. i used to receive around 2500+ page views with around 70 clicks daily my page CTR is around 2.75 & CPC around 0.03-0.04. Can you check my site & help me how to increase CTR & CPC. I don’t know want to do.

    Secondly i don’t know earlier i used to post only results of various institutes but now i used to post news, live streaming & anything i like. Is this good for my blog or should i post according to the domain name/

    Please help me as soon as possible & give me remedies….I will be really helpful to you….

  56. Nice to see your adsense earning. Google has a hot spot diagram for ads placement on a website depends on the chance to get more out of Adsense ads. According to that ads shown on first half top has highest potential and ads shown in lower sides have low CPC.

  57. Hi
    Thanks for this post. I found it useful
    I have a home improvement site and the CPC was about 0.5 This was when I had very low traffic.
    Now (6 months later) I have a bit more traffic, but CPC is 0.16.
    So at the end the of the day the actual earning has not increased. So frustrating…

  58. Sir,
    i have getting 10 to 20 clicks daily & 1500 impressions. but earning is not grown. on my blog all indian users are coming.
    my CPC is very low . i have insert only 3 adunit on blog. kindly examine it and tell me what i can do for earn more. i have not earn up to 1$ with 10 clicks average. Sorry for poor english. kindly help me.
    This is my blog

  59. i must say am overwhelmed with the screenshot on your blog taking about your earnings one year later, my blog is 2 years old now and i havent made half of your monthly eanings in one month, my cpc sucks sucks 🙁

  60. Hey Dinesh,
    It is really a mind blowing article i truly become a fan of you. i was in trouble with my cpc and i can’t able to understand what to do but not i will surly try your tips hope it will help to increase my cpc. once again thanks buddy 🙂

  61. It’s very difficult to me to increase the CTR and CPC values, even I’m reading all those staff about adsense, I’m trying to configure everything properly but CTR is less ten 0,5% or even 0,3%

  62. Hello sir, i read through your article, well written one. And me too a victim of low cpc, even ma blog getting around 10000 daily pageviews ma blog is making around 5 USD / Day. if you dont mind, will you please visit and check my ads position. am too worried about these things. My blog is Facebook Cover Photos , thank you so much

  63. Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for the sharing of how to to increase Adsense earnings CPC…which I think is very good for most of us recently applying into Adsense and looking a way out.

    Great tips, showing my gratitude here.


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    I will use this for my new website for Travel agency

  65. I am a new blogger. My site is just 2 months old. Adsense has recently been approved on my site. This Blog has really helped in understanding all about Adsense Terminology. Nicely presented with artifacts.

  66. Two weeks ago my CPC drop down to $0.03 because I blocked irrelevant ads. Since I unlocked them my CPC rose to $0.06. That’s how I learned to let Adsense take its own course.

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