Simple But Effective Way to Find the High Paying Niches,Topics, Keywords

Simple But Effective Way to Find the High Paying Niches,Topics, Keywords

We all want to target high paying niches or topics on our next articles to increase the income. It is always beneficial if you use Google Adsense or CPM networks, because high paying keywords, topics, and search terms perform well in most of the ad networks. But how to find them?. Let me share a simple but effective way to find the higher paying CPC keywords for Google Adsense. It is highly recommended to consider this point when you write your next article if you are using Adsense. There is no point in getting more and more traffic but your blog’s earnings remain low or not increasing as expected.

I have earlier published a guide about how to increase the CPC (Cost Per Click) in Google Adsense. You may need to use some keyword research tools to find the higher paying keyword in the topic you are going to write. Even Google Adwords (and keyword planner) works very well to identify the good CPC keywords. But these tools including Google keyword Planner may confuse most of the new bloggers and look like a long procedure.

What’s The Simple Way to Find the High Paying Keywords?

It’s by Google search, yes, that’s right.

Doing a simple Google search can indicate the strength (in temrs of CPC cost and advertisers demand) of the particular keyword. Okay, this is not like other tools to show the estimated CPC value in dollars or other currency, but you can get an idea whether the keyword you searched is having potentiality to make money with more advertisers.

How This Helps?

This method will show you whether the particular keyword or search term is having more advertisers, more advertisers means more CPC, that means more money. I have already discussed the way how Google Adsense works and if more advertisers are targeting a particular keyword, then they will bid more and more to get the ad spot.

Here is the Way?

As said, its simple. Go to Google and search for the keyword you are thinking to target. Make sure you are not using any ad blockers in the browser. If you use ad blockers, it will block the Adsense ads on the search result.

Let us take this example, I’m thinking to write about “free mp3 download”. Simply search this keyword and see what’s coming up. Here is the search result of first page form the country I did the search.

no ads on less cpc keywordsNo Ads – means no advertisers, that means no money in this topic.

If Google is not showing any ads (or showing very less ads) on their first search result page, it is the clear indication that this topic/niche is may not profitable. Even if you write about this topic and get thousands of visitors monthly, the Adsense ad quality on these posts will be very less and cheap. Ultimately the CPC from these posts will be very less and your blog will not make considerable amount of income from Adsense.

How About Other Test?

Here is another example, I’m hoping it will be so different than the first example. Let’s think about ‘Windows hosting providers’ as our keyword for research.

more ads in higher cpc

I’m sure you can guess how its working now. The particular keyword shows more (I think the maximum ads on the first page) on Google search first page. More ads means more advertisers are bidding for particular keyword or topic. More advertisers means, definitely it will be higher CPC. If your content/post can show these type of ads, possibly you will be getting good CPC than our earlier example ‘free mp3 download’.

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What’s Important Here

1) We discussed about higher CPC only, but we are still not aware of how much is the estimated CPC of particular keyword. To find that out, you need to use other keyword research tools like Google Adwords or LongTailPro

2) We identified the potential higher CPC keywords only, but the competition would be higher to target these keywords and get in to Google’s first search result page. To find out the competition strength, you can follow this simple post here.


Final Words

In short, this method would give the initial idea whether you should dig deeper of particular keyword or topic for your next post. The ‘Free mp3 download’ topic can be safely ignored since it doesn’t have enough (or any) advertisers. So, I do not want to waste time on finding more information about this topic, like the estimated CPC, analyzing competition, finding long tail keywords…etc. At the same time, the ‘Windows hosting providers’ keyword had thrown some lights as a potential keyword for my next article. Now I can dig deeper by doing other researches such as the estimated higher CPC, analyzing the competition and finding the long tail keywords. Basically, this method would be the first step you should follow to find your keyword before doing any other researches.

Hope this guide would be helpful, as usual I expect your comments and valuable thoughts.


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