How to Find High Paying Keyword for Adsense

If you are using Google adsense in your blog as a monetizing method, then you must be aware of high paying keywords. Every keyword is not paying the same amount for each clicks. Therefor, it’s advisable to find and insert high paying keywords in your blog or posts. Let me show in this post how to find high paying keywords for adsense.

The simple and free tool we can use for this purpose is , Google keyword tool. It’s a free product for adsense users. Google keyword tool is not designed for publishers like us, it’s designed for advertisers who are looking to advertise through Google adwords. But, as publishers and bloggers we can utilize this product to find the high paying keyword for adsense.

Ok, lets go with an example.

If you are planning to write a post about “Webhosting”, go to Google keyword tools and enter the keyword phrase.

Find High Paying Keyword for Adsense

Some filter options are available under Advanced options.

Once you press the Search button, it will list out  the keywords related to search term. The fields are easy to understand.

If you still can’t find the very suitable keyword for ‘Webhosting’, this can be filtered by Match Types in left side.

Find High Paying Keyword for Adsense

Remove the ‘Board’ type and select either Exact or Phrase.

‘Exact’ will bring the more relevant keyword for your search term.

“Phrase” will bring the same search term text in keywords.

But, we are here to get the high paying keyword related to ‘Webhosting’, so first do not not change any filter types under Match Types.

The first result screen in Google keyword tool doesn’t show the Estimated Avg CPC ( which decides the value of keyword), we have to enable this column by doing following steps.

Click on columns in right side of menu bar and select the Estimated Avg CPC.


What is Estimated Avg CPC?

As I said earlier, this tool is for advertisers. If I’m a advertiser and want to advertise my product or service through Google adwords, then I have to select some keyword for each ad slots.

For example if my main keyword for this ad campaign is ‘webhosting’, then I  have to bid (pay) more than Estimated Avg CPC for ‘webhosting’ keyword for a click to beat the competitors.  So, my ads will be displayed in Google’s first search result (Search results related to webhosting), top blogs and blog posts related to ‘webhosting’.

So, obviously high Estimated Avg CPC means, high pay out for publishers also if we get the correct ads.

Now click on Estimated Avg CPC column to sort the filed.

final result

Here you have to understand something clearly and select the correct keyword.


Again this is not for us, this means the competition between advertisers, there are more advertisers bidding and advertising on this keyword.

If you want to find the competition for specific keyword as a blogger, then just simply type this keyword in Google and see the number of search results found.

The arrow mark I showed next to Competition column will give more ideas on this keyword about trend and history from Google Insights. It’s another handy tool for bloggers to find out the good keyword and niche for a blog or post.

Global and Local Searches

This should be considered too. If you target only high paying keyword but no one is searching that, then its pointless and you can’t make any money from adsense.

You should be very smart to select the correct high paying keyword. If you select the high searched keyword, then it will have more competition. Getting in to Google’s first page for this keyword is not at all an easy task.

In this example, I would prefer to write about ‘ Top web hosting’. Its having high paying keyword with good search history.

But unfortunately, its having more competition with 140,000,000 results (as of today). so I don’t think I can beat them.

search result

In this case, I follow my own way to utilize this high paying keyword to monetize my blog posts with adsense.

I will write that technique in coming days.

Feel free to drop your comments and suggestion about these steps.

Are you using Google keyword tool for your daily blogging activity? and how much do you trust this free service?

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  1. really very useful info,
    one doubt, How this works If I copy all keywords ( realated to a search term say ‘wordpress’ ) and put for an post which write on wordpress.

    • Yes, you can do that also. But, by inserting too many keywords will end up as ‘keyword stuffing’ penalty.
      Always its recommended to target one or two keywords in a post.

      Google is smart enough to find out whether you are writing articles for human or robots

  2. This is a great blog. Thank you for your insight on keywords. I see the competition is among advertisers. How do you determine if there are too many bloggers on one keyword?

  3. Hi Dinesh,

    Excellent Post. From this article, I understood that a good combination of Low competition+High CPC+High number of Global Monthly Search should be there.

    Can you please focus explain this in detail and how do you make your own strategy based on this?

    • Looking for that too.

      Post says: “In this case, I follow my own way to utilize this high paying keyword to monetize my blog posts with adsense.I will write that technique in coming days.”

      I could not find a related post for this.

  4. Expect to get paid for each click on any one of these high paying keywords, anywhere from $2 up to $100. yes $100 us dollars for a click. if you can incorporate these high paying keywords into your content, where it will be relevant and meaningful, you can expect to make a lot of money from even just one blog with a couple of pages filled with quality and informative content which have some of these high paying keywords incorporated into them.

  5. Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for sharing this post. And is it true that cpc it also depend on which country that click our ads? and which is better contextual ads or placement ads? I am newbie and i enoy learnig adsense from your blog. Does keyword metatag have any influnec to google adsense ads? waiting for your reply Thanks.

    • Auren,

      Yes, Traffic country influences CPC of ad. Competition is more among advertisers to bid more in specific countries. You could simply guess that an US based company will be targeting US or surrounded based country people only (most of the time, but not always) than south Asian people. This doesn’t mean you can’t make money with non US traffic, but CPC will be high if you have US, Europe, Canada traffic.

      Always, image and text ad (rectangle) above the fold works better. I’m not sure how keyword meta tag influences the adsense ads, but I always insert some high paying keywords in keywords meta tag and article also. Google adsense robots scan your content and display ads according to it , but I’m not sure where to where in content IF you do not set ‘Google ad target section’.

      Hope I answered your questions 🙂

  6. Hi Dinesh,

    I have tried your suggestion to take out the sidebar ads and minimize the number of ads and it turn out my ctr is decreasing even though i know that the side bar ads did not get good click that is why I take it out. How come it influence my ctr? Could take look my blog and give suggestion please I really appreciate it. Thanks

    • @Auren,
      I don’t know how long you monitored this and come to the conclusion. Better, leave it for some more time (for two or three months) and decide. If you think CTR and final earnings decreased because of it, then add the ad slot again and see the result for another 2 or 3 months.
      By the way, is your final earning and RPM increased?
      Good to see the increase in CPC.

      Good luck, keep trying and testing.

  7. some pls help me .this is my site daily i have min 20 to 50 pageviews but nobody click the ad and any suggestion pls give me

    • 20 to 50 pageviews is not enough to have clicks. Are you getting traffic from search engines? are your visitors spending time on your pages?

      Its simple you need to increase the traffic.
      Good luck friend.

  8. Hello ,
    nice article. i am aware of high bidding keywords will improve adsense revenue.but i dont have idea how to find it and adding it to blog posts and all.I have a recipe website and it has 500 visitrs per day but the adsense i am getting is around 1$ per week . I will implement this to my blog thanks for sharing. You said that “I will write that technique in coming days.” Please post that for us.

    Thanks a lot

  9. hi admin,

    if all are using adwords tool then competition is more and more,because all will know what keywords is good,then how i succed..?

  10. hi Dinesh ,

    My blog is related to Jobs and exam result ,i am using 3 adsense unit and all are text ad as high CTR rate but getting .02 -.03 $ CPC ,please tell me how i can increase it ?
    should i go for 2 adsense unit and text and image both ads .

    • @Arun rana,
      I just checked your blog, please understand that your blog should cover global users.
      When advertisers have competition on specific product and country, then you will get good CPC. Your ad placement is fine, even 3 ad blocks are not bad. Make sure image and text ads are enabled on all slots.
      Try to cover some global and high paying topics to get good CPC.
      Good luck.

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  12. Pretty good post, I’ve just broken into SEO, but I am having difficulty right now, I’m sure there’s more for me to learn regarding the keyword research aspect

  13. This is valuable information for new bloggers like me. But i also feel that apart from the tips mentioned here, you should be comfortable with the niche or keyword you select. After all content is king and you should be able to put up enough good quality content on your blog.

  14. hi our website ranks around 1,39,000 in alexa, our site s tech based site we have tried to improve the CPC but it doesnt raise more thane 0.08$ can u pl suggest how to improve our sites traffic and also hw improve the CPC so tat it will be helpful for us….

  15. Hello Dinesh, I am getting daily 200 visits for my blog –
    I want to improve it further. Is there any tips you want to share with me? Please let me know about that. Please give me tips related to blogging and adsense related tips. I will be waiting for your kind reply. Please suggest few of your article that help me.

  16. I always use free keyword tools from google, like you said “how much do you trust this free service?” that is a mystery, anyway thank you for sharing.. keep posting

  17. Hello, thanks for this Blog posts *Bookmarking it*
    The Link you posted for the Adwords Keyword Tool has been changeds – Please make connections
    It’s now KeywordTool – NO longer KeywordExternalTool

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