PayPal Support to Receive and Withdraw Money in Oman - Good News For Me :)

PayPal Support to Receive and Withdraw Money in Oman – Good News For Me :)

I’m not sure how this message is excited for my readers if you are not living in Oman,but it’s really a fantastic news for me. Now, PayPal support to receive and withdraw money in Oman, so now you can use PayPal in Oman to receive money from around the world and withdraw to  your Visa debit or credit card issued by Oman banks.

I have lost so many opportunities such as direct advertisers, PayPal donations, sponsored posts, money making programs and some money too without PayPal support in Oman. The new change is really a great news for me and I’m sure for most of the people in Oman who are having blogs,websites and online business.

I highly advice you to provide valid details (Name, address, bank details) while creating a account with PayPal. They may ask you some paper documents to proof your identity, address and bank details later. Make sure everything is correct and matching, otherwise you will be in trouble.


Yes, PayPal Support Receive & Withdraw Money in Oman

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) was the closest country that PayPal was supporting this feature already. Now, Oman has joined in same category to receive and withdraw money to Oman banks.

Oman is having award winning local and international banks which support Visa credit and debit cards with internet banking, so I’m sure all users will go through smooth transaction by this change.

I’m hoping to use this opportunity to boost my online income with easy transactions. Because of PayPal support was not available earlier here, I had to use paper check as my payment option. My bank charge me around $13 (5 Omani Rials) for each check deposit and takes 3 to 4 weeks to cash them. It was a big drawback for me, if I get a check for $50, then I have to pay $13 which is a huge percentage of income.

I will be sharing my experience with PayPal in Oman and new money making programs I join. This may affect my monthly income in coming months.

Stay tuned with this blog for more updates.


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