PayPal Support to Receive and Withdraw Money in Oman

Even if you are having a working Paypal account (to deposit and pay online) anywhere in the world, not all countries are supported to withdraw money from Paypal to your Visa card or bank account. Oman also was in the list a few years ago. Now, PayPal support to receive and withdraw money in Oman, so now we can use PayPal in Oman to receive money from around the world and withdraw to our Visa debit or credit card issued by Oman banks.

I have lost many opportunities such as direct advertisers, PayPal donations, sponsored posts and earnings from money making programs without having the ability to withdraw PayPal support in Oman. The new change is really a piece of great news for me and I’m sure for most of the bloggers and entrepreneurs in Oman who are having blogs, websites and online business.

I highly advise you to provide valid details (Name, work address, house address, and bank details) while creating the account with PayPal. They may ask you some paper documents to prove your identity, address and bank details later. Make sure everything is correct and matching, otherwise you will be in trouble.

Yes, PayPal Support Receive & Withdraw Money in Oman

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) was the closest country that PayPal was supporting this feature already. Now, Oman has joined in the same category to receive and withdraw money to Oman banks.

Oman is having award-winning local and international banks which support Visa credit and debit cards with internet banking facility, so I’m sure all users will go through the smooth transaction by this change.

How it Worked for Me so far?

At the moment, It is working smoothly with my Oman HSBC bank account. You should attach and verify your visa debit or credit card. While verifying, Paypal will charge around $1 with a code. This code can be viewed in your bank statement or online banking transaction history. Once you have entered the code and verified the visa card, Paypal will refund the $1.

These verified cards can be used to withdraw money from Paypal to your account. This method worked in HSBC, Standard Charted Bank, and Bank Sohar prepaid debit cards in Oman. I tried with NBO earlier but failed. Some of the local banks are still strict in attaching and using bank cards on the Internet. You may need to check with the bank before attaching the bank to Paypal.

    • Prem,
      I was thinking you guys are luck and using PayPal well in India. I know the recent restrictions for India users, but still its a good option for you guys.

      Can you just share what are the issues you face?

      • Often visit your blog, I thought you are from india. Congrats mate! Paypal is the best online money transfer tool. Nearly am using more than 6 years. Never got any issues with PayPal and all my money will receive the next day (within 24hrs into my bank account).

    • Digital Bunch,
      I can understand the interest you have in PayPal because I was like you earlier.
      I have not done anything from my side to make this possible.

      I’m not sure how this works, whether country should allow or PayPal should take the first step. I have not heard any news from this country, I came to know this support from PayPal email only.

      I will update here if I hear anything on this.

        • Hay Digital Bunch,
          I can help you to cash your Emoney from PayPal to your bank account. Let me know if i can help you. Get me admin(at)webdesignate(dot)com

          Kind Regards !

  • Congratulations…..For getting the paypal withdrow
    I’m from Srilanka i want to receved money paypal for my business.Can you Guide me for this..

    • Hi Amila,
      Glad to meet one more Sri Lankan here. 🙂
      Since I’m a Sri Lankan, but luckily living in different country, I managed to work with PayPal. I tried most of the methods to overcome the restrictions earlier, but nothing worked.

      Its tough when PayPal doesn’t support, you can’t open an account as living in different country- they will catch you.

      Only one way is possible, which is ask your close friends or relatives who live in ‘PayPal supported countries’ to operate for you.
      Or you have to look for some PayPal alternatives.

      Let me know if you need more suggestions.

  • hello,

    thank God, thts a great news.

    I am new to paypal, i am not quite sure how can i receive money and withdraw them in cash here in oman?

    My parents live in u.s, they want to send me money which i want to withdraw here.. I ll be using paypal.. Plese yelp me.

    Which card will work with my paypal? I heard only credit cards work and not debit cards?
    If yes so, do i need to add my normal credit card, visa card or master card?

    Wht abt elecgron visa credit card?

    And yes, any specific bank in oman that supports and knows paypal? Or all of them will allow me to withdraw money?

    Please let me know soon.


  • Hi,
    can any1 tell me how can i receive money through paypal. i have been trying to link my visa debit card to receive funds but it does not work in the UAE.


    • @Ziad Tariq,
      What is not working? can’t you link the card or after that nothing is working? Here in Oman, they clearly said VISA Credit cards only. So, that could be an issue. Your local bank also should support automated transfers.

  • Hello,
    I live in Oman. Please if any one can answer my query, how to receive money through Paypal. please explain in detail.


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