The Real Issue in Making Money with Google Adsense, Why you are Struggling?

No doubt, Google AdSense is one of the famous money making program used by most of the bloggers. It is my main income source and working fine too. Daily I get few emails asking, or rather complaining about low earnings from Google Adsense. Sometimes, I really surprise to see their traffic and AdSense earnings because they are in lower side. The common issue I’m seeing on most of these blogs is ‘lack of understanding about adsense’. Here are few my suggestions to correct these mistakes and make good money from Adsense.

I already covered several Google adsense tips and suggestions here at this page. Because of your blog is making less earning, you can’t complain Google or their product. Until you change something on your blog and understand clearly about entire process of how Google adsense is working, I doubt you can make good money from it.


The Facts You are Struggling to Make Good Money from Google Adsense.

1) Lets forget ad color, placement, size, even traffic. Before these all, just ask an important question to your self, ‘Am I writing something on my blog which is profitable or having higher CPC or more advertisers are promoting their products on it?’.

AdSense is not only about you and me (bloggers), it is mainly for advertisers and companies who are selling and promoting their products. Understand it first!.

I highly recommend to read earlier post how Adsense works and infographic in it.

Come on guys!, if you are writing about Indian college result announcement blog, how you can expect good income from Adsense?, Sorry, I’m not blaming India or Indian colleges, but please understand how many companies will be promoting their product on the topic you write ‘Indian college result’?…

The main reason why your blog is not making money from adsense even though you have good traffic, is  ‘topic’.

Always keep in mind, your topic should be profitable and have more advertisers who are selling their products or services. May be your topic can drive good traffic, but if it is not profitable, then no point in having more traffic.

For example, if you take my tech blog I mainly write about ‘virtualization’ and other aspects in technology. I know it is difficult to get more traffic since it is already having more competition and not famous ( I meant not everyone know it) like smart phones or Operating Systems. But I’m splitting the main ‘virtualization’ topic in to sub categories and writing about it. The main reason I selected ‘Virtualization’, its having higher CPC in Google adsense that’s because of more competition among advertisers on this topic.

Hope this makes sense.


2) Traffic

I’m not talking about number of traffic here, it’s about traffic type and location. To make good money from Adsense you must have daily new traffic (visitors) and the traffic should come from USA, Europe, Australia etc wherever advertisers target their products.

You must have daily new visitors, preferably by search engines. Also, they should come from country territories I mentioned above. In my opinion regular repeating and social networking site visitors do not work well for Adsense. Your blog is not going to show same ads everywhere in the world. For Indian users it will be different than USA victors.

For example, an USA company which is delivering goods locally will not show their (or target) ads in Sri Lanka, its simply waste for them. Like that there are plenty of adsense (adwords) business targeting these countries than whole global.

Look below screenshot I have taken from my October adsense earning.

adsense contry location

It was ordered by country earning. Even though my blog received 2nd highest page views from India (as per adsense report) but earning is very less and it was at 6th place. The RPM is very less compared to other above countries.

You know why?, the reasons I said above.

(Again, do not mistake my Indian friends, its nothing to do with your country)


These are the very basic facts you must follow to get good Google adsense income. Once you fix these issues and build content considering these points, then concentrate on ad size, colors placement and other tweaks.

Let me know if this post is useful or you are already doing above mistakes and how you are going to correct them now.

Good luck friends.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Hello Sir.
    First of all Thanks to ur Website Content which was really very influential on me in Believing in adsense . Earlier Many ppl have told me that applying and getting adsense never serve any purpose ,and we can never make money out of it…ie the first 100 dollars Cheque…
    At the begining i had earned 7.88 $ in one week …i felt very happy…Later the clicks begun to increase Yet no increase in the revenue…i wondered y and y and Y..??
    That was Because my cpc began decreasing ….Referring ur articles and implementing Them..My cpc begun to increse now…
    Alot Much Thank you….:)

  • This is a great article. It helps me a lot to understand many things. But it would be great if you write about how to get USA visitor to my site. Thank you very much for this article.

  • Thanks Dinesh for sharing this tip. It is really hard to make a blog about a niche topic that visitor will come from USA,Canada or Europe. Maybe because of our nationality and because we use to think on what is around us. Thanks also for mentioning microniche finder.I might have good use of it.

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