Daily Blogging Work Plan for a Blogger – From My Experience for Success in Blogging

Recently one of my reader asked a question about a daily work plan for blogging activities to organize things properly. That was a good question and in this post I share my experience and learning about it. I used to have these kind of daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly blogging work plan. Since my day to day life become more tight in terms of timing, now I have only weekly and monthly blogging work plan.

When I seriously started concentrating on blogging couple of years ago, I religiously follow and do some tasks on daily basis. But later found out that I’m wasting time on something which is really not required or can be replaced. The below list is from combination of my personal experience and knowledge I gained from others blogs and bloggers.


Here is My Daily Blogging Work Plan I Recommend

Let’s start from the time you can access your PC or tablet.

1) Check your blog and make sure it is up and healthy

I’m not sure how many of you against this first point, but this is the first thing I do. Just to make sure your blog is up and running fine, no one has stolen or hacked it last night, or it was crashed or stopped working due to some hosting company issues. I know there are some online automated tools to notify when a blog is down, but still I prefer to do my eyes.

Open your blog in 2 to 3 web browsers, especially check the top blog post which is receiving high traffic because that is important!.

2) Check  blog earnings and traffic stats.

Normally I check my most of the top money making programs and see the earnings, Google adsense is special.

Checking traffic stat will idea about what’s happening on your blog, drop or increase.

3) Reply emails ( personal  and blogging, but not for comments now)

No need to explain anything here, email communication is important for any blogger ( Sorry if I have not answered your emails earlier).

4) Go though your RSS reader ( Read other related blogs)

My favorite one is Google reader. I already subscribed to relevant,top and news agency blogs in my niche. This helps to know what is happening or new or trending topics in my blog category.

Instead of opening every websites in internet browser, using RSS readers will save huge amount of time for a blogger.

I suggest to take note of interesting, latest hot release,trending topics about your blog topic while going through other blogs. It will give content idea to write your next post.

5) Reply comments and spend time on social networking sites (Facebook page, Google+, twitter)

While replying to comments take a note of interesting comments, questions, corrections and suggestions from your readers about a particular blog post. This is another way of getting content idea for your next article.

Be active on social networking sites to respond to your followers, make some new friends and create network.

6) Publish today’s post

I always prefer and recommend to keep ready today’s post on previous day. It is always good to proof read again with fresh and different mind than yesterday, that will help you to find out new mistakes and remove unwanted stuff from the post.

7) Do promotion for your blog and new post

This is another important task everyone should do daily.

Here are the methods I follow to promote a new post,

a) Social networking sites, tweet and share on Facebook.

b) Search for similar type post in Google and comment on those blogs and forums by leaving the link to your new post.

c) If the new post is so great and can be shared with your blog’s newsletter email subscribers, then send it to them.

Blog Promotion

a) Leave valuable comments on your favorite and same type of blogs

b) Social networking activities

c) Prepare guest post

d) Make at least one genuine relevant backlink daily.

8.) Prepare a post for tomorrow

By the time now after doing every above 7 steps, you could have decided the topic to write and publish tomorrow. Get an idea, check the competition on Google, do a thorough technical research ( look for proofs), if you have tech blog, then you may need to demonstrate it, find a valuable keywords for it and start writing. Once you completed writing, take a break and proof read it once or twice. Save and keep it as draft which should require only proof read again tomorrow.

9) Do Extra Research

Still have time? try to find out some new topics you can cover, new ways to promote and get more traffic, new monetizing methods and look for new online opportunities.

10) Any Blog Maintenance

Do some blog (WordPress, cPanel, Database, blogger, theme) maintenance, or something like that to improve your blog’s appearance, speed and security.

Before go to bed, I normally check my blog’s earning again and visit my site to make sure everything is up and working fine Smile


These are my simple day to day tasks I used to follow earlier. Is Dinesh doing these all now?, not now. That is why you could see the drop in my blogging activities, I have many reasons for it.

If you are serious about blogging or in initial stage, I highly recommend to follow this daily blogging work plan. You may add or remove several things from this list depending on your time constrain or learning or if you are a full time blogger ( because still I’m a part time blogger).

I like to hear more ideas about new things to be added or if you are thinking it is waste to do on daily basis, please share your thoughts.

To make your life easy, I have prepared a PDF document with working plan. Below is the screen shot of it.

Download here Daily Blogging Work Plan – DailyBlogMoney


A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Thank you again for a great educational post. This is very timely for me as I’m just getting a new blog started. Thank you so much for all your wisdom.

  • super tips for a new blogger thank you so much this would indeed help new comers to make there way through.

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