Why I Stopped Writing Here? Should I Write in Future?

First of all, thanks for reading this post, I’m sure you would be a regular or subscribed visitor of DBM. I apologize for not updating anything new here. It’s been around four months since I have published new articles here, there are several reasons for that. Sometimes personal and blogging life do not go as we liked or expected. Things change the way or put you down or even shift the interest.

I’m not sure what you will be learning from this post, but this is mainly a personal message to my readers, of course, you can take away some practical blog management tips. Even though I’m going to share the reasons why I stopped writing here at DailyBlogMoney blog, but my second question is still unanswered, why should I write in future?. You have to tell me why I should write and update this blog  in future?

Why I stopped Writing?

1) Nothing new and excited. I’m out of useful content ideas.

To be honest, I didn’t have anything new or useful to write here. I stared this blog to share my blogging experience and lessons, so basically I have not experienced anything valuable to share during past four months. I was not completely out of blogging last four months, but that period was very dull. If you see my main tech blog’s content archive, I rarely published more than 5 articles per month which was very bad for any type of blogger.

So it was a dull blogging period with no exciting or new blogging news.


2) Changes in full time job

As you are aware still I’m a part time blogger and need to concentrate on my full time job, the recent changes in my full time job made blogging tough. Recently I got a ‘reasonable’ increment and promotion at my current job which made me to concentrate more on full time job. Earlier I used to blog from office, but now I have to do my office work at home and during weekends too. So, you can guess how much it affected my blogging activities.


3) Enough of Money? (no answer yet), No more new targets?

I started blogging to make extra money apart from my full time job because of the financial issues I had in my life. But, the current financial life is OK for me and my family. After getting the increment at my full time job and the current stable blogging income, I think my mind settled with the total money I earn. I’m not that type of person who wants to make more and more money always, I think having more money also headache, do you agree?

So, I’m asking my self, is it enough? really I don’t know. Last few months I did not set any income targets to earn, whatever comes that is enough for me. I could not work harder to increase the income like how I worked one or two years ago, may be because of settled income?


4) I became father of second child Smile

Yes, I’m blessed with a baby boy and he completed two months now. This sweet (pre/post) moment made me stay out of blogging for few months.

At the same time, this is an extra financial responsibility for me. So, I need to work harder to make more money online, correct?

Here is my boy, taken next day of birth ( I’m happy to share with you guys)

2012-06-16 00.30.10


5) No money from this blog.

Even with the above reasons I used to publish few articles on my tech blog because it is making money for me,but this blog is not like that. DBM is not making considerable amount of money, so I didn’t want to spend my time on this blog.

The only encouragement or return I get from this blog are your comments and my self satisfaction that I helped someone on blogging, so I thought this blog can wait for updates ( sorry for it)



This is a real life example how your blogging activities can get affected by exterior factors. I’m not going to promise that I will be updating this blog on daily basis from today, really I can’t do that. But, I will try my best to update this very frequently. I need your support to make this blog active, in a way by asking some interesting, useful and not answered blogging questions to me. That will give some ideas to write my next post. Recently I got an interesting question from a reader via email and that will be answered in coming days.

Also, I’m very much interested to listen your progress in terms of blog traffic and income growth in last four months. We can discuss about it in comments area.

I wish you all the best. Stay tuned!

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • This is the best blog on making money blogging I’ve ever seen. I’ve learned a lot here and I hope you continue writing. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. My first boy is 10 months old now, and I’m just starting to get my sleep back.

    • Thanks Matthew for the nice comment. Yes, I will be continue writing but I’m not sure about frequency. Please stay tuned with this blog.
      Proper night sleep is really miracle for me now 😉
      Anyhow, all enjoyable and unforgettable days.

  • It’s a shame that you won’t be blogging here you inspired me to start making money online and now make over $3000 a month with very little work, thank you for your efforts I do wish you the best.

    • @Chris, Yes, I know you well. I’m very happy to see your earnings and someone got inspired by me. May be I conveyed in wrong way in this post title, but I will be blogging here when ever I can pass some useful information to my readers.
      By the way, you have to tell me how you are making 3000$ monthly with less work, ebay?

  • Hi Dinesh,
    First of All Congratulations for being Father and blessed with baby boy and second for your Job. I am regular reader and I don’t know how many times I checked this blog for new post, even though I have subscribed the feed. Love to hear from you , what is going on blogging income, traffic etc. I have my blogs traffic static from more than 9 months now and I am running out of idea on How to boost traffic, may be you can help there.


    • @Javin, thanks for being the reader of this blog.
      SEO, social networking sites and writing well analyzed articles will help to boot the traffic. You do not need ideas to increase traffic, but you need ideas to write killer articles only, traffic will follow….

  • Congrats for being father again. Its sad that you are choosing to blog less b’cas of job and other time demanding activities. I thought you have started blogging to leave your job and make this a full time, i may be wrong, will wait for your next post.

    • Since I live temporally in other country, my full time job is important for me. I started blogging as backup and extra income only, not to quit full time job so quickly.
      Anyhow, you can expect some posts here. Keep visiting.

  • Dinesh,
    congrats for the baby boy.
    you inspired me to start blogging.
    my main goal is to collect potential customer leads via blog.
    so I wont bother on earning via blog ads.
    i just want the earning just enough to cover hosting fees.
    please keep writing .

        • UPDATED – by the way its working now!

          Matthew, I think hostgator is having some issues as they run a new campaing till 31st August. I checked several other blogs’s links, they are also down.
          Anyhow, if you get a time to use my link before 31st, try 40OFF as coupon. They give 40% off till 31st.
          Good luck for your new project.

          • Hi.

            It finally worked at hostgator.

            I just got started with my game guide. It’s just a start to get me used to blogging. I intend to start at least one other site with some high paying keywords. I also need to upgrade my non-profit site. I’ll use this site as a tutor. I went ahead and bought Genesis too clicking through your site.

  • So First of all congrats Dinesh for your baby Boy next for your promotion in job. Coming to your blogging part this blog has a decent page rank which many blogs dont have so why don’t you start offering guest bloggers to write, so that it might help them for some back links, and same time you can have your blog active and running. Just a suggestion 🙂

  • Nice to see you again Dinesh and congrats for your new baby boy. I just wanted to mention the last four months I visited here expecting something new and going back empty handed.

  • congrats for the baby boy dude … you have inspired me a lot .. thanks .. thanks .. thanks a lot !!!

    waiting for the next post 🙂

  • Hi Dinesh, nice to see you writing this post. I know how hard is it to manage blogging when you are doing a full time job. Being a full time student, I also do face this issue but I have now started hiring writers for my blogs which makes my work much easier. I think you should do that too. BTW, congrats for your new child, he looks quite cute :).

  • Congrats on your baby boy, DInesh.
    It’s been a long time I see new posts here. I myself post just 1 article per month on my blog as I’m too busy with studying. We should prioritize what is more important, right?

  • First off Dinesh, congrats on your baby boy.it’s a real blessing in life.

    Now, i can understand if you didn’t continue blogging as much as you did in the beginning because honestly you’re already making all the residuals for this site since people will never stop coming here due to the keywords you used and whichever SEO methods you followed through, completely understandable. Since you probably still get brand new visitors everyday and the internet is on for as long as we are, you can just sit back a while. I hope to be as successfull as you have been with your experience and thank you once again for your share of knowledge!

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