March 2012 Blog Income Report, It is Special for Me

I decided to share the figures of March 2012 blog income even though I decided to not to publish earlier. There is a special reason for it, and if you are following me and my blog for some times, I apologize for one month gap without publishing new posts or replying your comments.

You know what is special on March month?, I’m completing two years of (serious) blogging, I mean, back in 2010 March I started blogging seriously to make money. I was on desperate need of additional money and I know making money from internet is possible, but I was not serious or concentrated on it. So, I stared blogging on March 2010 with so many plans and blog posts and my first month earning was 33.59$ by adsense only (See below screenshot).


Therefore I have decided to publish my income figures exactly after two years to compare the growth and you to realize the possibilities on internet. Remember! I’m still a part time blogger. If you see how my earning is increased in last two years by hardworking,planning, consistent and confident, I’m sure you can take few messages from this post to motivate your self in blogging.

OK, lets come to the point, I have made $ 1979.75 on March 2012. I have mix feelings about this income compared to December 2011 and February 2012 (I have not published). Of course the income is increased than previous month February 2012, but dropped from December 2011. The main worry for me is, it hangs around $1800 for last six months.

When I completed one year on last March 2011, my income was $1002, which came from $34 to $1002 in on year, that was great. I set target to triple my income ($3000) by March 2012, but I failed and managed to make it double only.

No matter what happens, I’m happy with the way the two years have passed. Most of the bloggers and blogs had tough time with so many algorithm changes. Though, my several articles got affected but not the entire blog. The money $1979.75 is big value for me and my life.


Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense –  968.95

Contextweb CPM – 240.00

Amazon Associate – 209.77

Vibrant Media –     344.64

BuySellAds –            111.75

Uniblue Affiliate –   92.14

Google Affiliate –    12.50

Total –                1979.75


vibrant media

Things I Wanted to Say

March was the end of Q1 of 2012 which affected the earnings in good way. I could see the good improvement in Contextweb CPM and Vibrant media ad networks.

Amazon associate also worked well this time by a large amount of sale.


Uniblue Affiliate

I joined this program recently. They make Windows OS cleaning and registry fixing utilities. I can’t comment more about them because I have not completed even full one month with them. Still its a cool program to increase the income. Lets see how it works in April.



These all happened within two years only, I’m a part time blogger (who is having busy full time job) and a family man. If you are a bachelor and not having full time job, but trying to make money from online, then you can make more money than me in two years. All you have to do is blog properly, write valuable and unique articles, do proper SEO (do not try short-cuts), treat your blog like a real world business, plan properly and be patient.

I hope this report would give some boost on your blogging activities and future.

Drop some comments 🙂

43 thoughts on “March 2012 Blog Income Report, It is Special for Me”

    • Thanks for the comment and reading my blog. I think I have already mentioned about vibrantmedia, they require blog with 500,000PV monthly. Good luck and keep blogging.

  1. Great work Dinesh…

    One question I asked myself recently was “how much is enough?”… to which I still don’t have an answer to.

    Like yourself, I got ‘serious’ about blogging just recently (5 months+?) after casually blogging for about 2 years with nothing to show.

    When 2012 came, the hard work started to reward me with 4-figure earnings and while I’m still doing this part-time, I do spend close to full-time effort dealing with online business properties.

    I seem to conclude that after a while the goal seems to be not to just increase revenue, but have many different channels of revenue in case one channel fails.

    Right now, my main income comes from Adsense and Amazon, which are both 3rd-party income providers, if, for any unexplained reasons that my account got nuked, I’m pretty much screwed and back to square one, hence I’m working hard to learn more ways to monetize and increase the final amount, not to accumulate, but to just balance things out.

    I’m glad I found your blog as some of the companies you work with for advertisement income I have never heard of.

    Cheers and more power
    Dave Tong

    • @Dave Tong,
      Thanks for the comment and I agree with you 100%. Even now I’m trying to stabilize the income and do not want to depend on one program for more than 50% of income, so if anything happens to my main money making program, I should be able to get half of the income after that, I think I’m quite happy with it now.

      You should be more careful on adsense than Amazon and definitely you must have more income channels as backup.

      Good luck, keep visiting 🙂

  2. Glad to see your income report once again. I was eagerly waiting for your next post on this blog, but couldn’t find any in the past month. That’s a good income you have made with your blog.

    I’m on the way to become a blogger like you 🙂

  3. Superb,
    You have done a great work in two years. It’s not a simple task to make this much huge money by just working part time. Best of luck in future.

  4. Indeed its long time to see his post. Last month I have almost checked your blog 30 times for new post even though I have subscribed your feed. Good to see you back.

    • I just inserted two or three links to the related product to Amazon site. The good thing about Amazon is, even if the user buys anything after clicking my links (for example I linked Snow Leopard DVD, but last month someone bought 3 LCD TVs), so, I got commission for that purchase. cool 🙂

  5. First of all, i wanna congrats you dinesh. March is a special month even to me, cause of on March 2010, i was started my first website. Although i have not worked hard, consistent. But since 2012 i works hard and seeing real growth on revenue and blog.
    Thanks Dinesh!

  6. Very inspiring Dinesh, you’ve showed me that it’s possible to get paid doing what you like. It’s all a matter of effort and time and such dedication.

  7. Dinesh,

    Very happy to see your growth, all the best for your future. I am really happy by reading your blog. It is really inspiring others… Thanks for motivating

  8. hi sir …
    i have starated my blog last year december in 4 months my alex rank is 90,000 daily 10,000 visitors and minmum 30,000 page views per using clicksor,infinity ads,bidvertiser,adfly and chitika but am not earing more than 150 $ for month pls suggest me which ads are better to my blog i need best cpm ad sites pls inform me and check my blog (

    pls provide information sir am failed to turn my traffic to money pls help me and guide me sir


    • Sorry for late response. You could enter your country ID number on tax number field. Or,if you have any doubt better check with their live chat support. They will help you out.

  10. Hi Dinesh i think this is the 6th time am reading this post, you really inspire me. am currently making $5 a day but hoping to reach where you have. thanks man.

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