Why to Stay and Continue on Blogging? Find Out the Real Painful Reason

Why do you want to start a blog? or why you are blogging now?, the answer from most of us will be ‘Money’ first and others next. Everyone needs money but not that everyone makes money from blogging. Why is that?. Let me share my personal experience and reasons why I’m being a blogger how I managed to make stable decent income.

Ask these questions to yourself, ‘Why I need to start a blog?’  ‘Why should I stay or continue on blogging even after several failures?’ . If you find the reasonable and real answers for these questions from bottom of your heart, then definitely you will be a successful blogger or online entrepreneur.

I get few emails daily and asking how to make money from internet like me, to be honest, I do not like to reply these emails. Because it’s clearly said on all over the internet including my blog. There is nothing new or secret on making money online, but the strength and belief should come from your self.

no money

I said that our main aim from blogging is making money, but for what?. Requirement of money is vary for each one. For example, I need money to eat daily and run my life, but you need money to buy a new car. We both are in completely different direction even though we both need money, because I’m in the real need of money, but the car is an optional for you. So, in this case, when you face a failure or started to realize that it is not working as expected, you may quit blogging very soon, because you are not in the real need of money. But, not me. Because I will try again and again to make my blog success to make some money, because I need to eat. This is just an example, now think, are you in real need of money to make online?

The frustration, sadness, pain and anything like this can trigger the real need of blogging in your life.


My Story and Reason

I tried to make money online back in 2007. Created a website, put up some adsense ads and waited for money. It did not work, also I did not bother too much because I did not have the real painful reason to stay on blogging.  Anyhow, I tried again after few months and failed. Again not bothered much, because my life was cool with full time job salary and other incomes. I left my blogging ideas without trying harder after seeing several flops.

Due to some financial issues (lost in my business), I had to get a job and move to Oman (middle east country) where I’m living now. The salary is OK if I compared with home country currency. But the cost of living is very expensive here as I’m a family man with one kid.

I started to struggle financially very much. I had few shameful and painful days here without money which almost made me to cry especially when my family depended on me. I did not have more people to borrow money because I already did from them. These all made me strong and consistent on blogging. It was my painful reason why I’m here and how I’m making money from blogs. During these each sad moments, I decided and made up my mind to continue blogging no matter how many times I fail. Also, I planed for long term, I know blogging will not change my financial issues in over night, but I did not want to live the same life exactly next year.

I can’t change my full time job or go for second job here in this country due to several reasons. So, the only way (which I believed) to make extra money is blogging. I believed in blogging and my self. The painful and saddest days motivated me on blogging. I set time lines and targets to make specific amount online and I did it successfully.

My life is really smooth now but still I did not forget those days. Whenever I’m down or bored on blogging, I remember those days and never want to go back again.

I shared this my personal true experience to find out your painful reasons to start or continue the blogging. Making money in this world is not easy, which applies in online too. As long as you do not have strong reasons to blog, I doubt you can stay for long time.


More Reasons

Here are the few strong reasons I can give as example,

1) You are fired from work place for no reasons or by politics. No way to get a new job under current circumstances. Now, you want to work from home and earn more money than your full time job and show your family and ex-office workers that you are doing good.

2) Your girl/boy friend left you because of less earnings, now this is your revenge time to make money online and show how rich you are.

3) Waiting for your first job for long time, but nothing worked out. Your parents, family and even you disappointed by how things are going on. So, you decided to change the way within six months by online earning by blogging.


The reasons can be anything like that with definite need. Because blogging is not like gabling to try your chance or luck, it needs your full energy, mind focus and time.

I hope this personal experience post would have given some kind of motivation or pushed you to find out the strong reason which will never let you down in blogging.

I like to hear your personal experience or reasons why you are still blogging? or why you are thinking to quit blogging?

Happy blogging.

42 thoughts on “Why to Stay and Continue on Blogging? Find Out the Real Painful Reason”

  1. Its painful and motivating!

    One more reason I could see is

    We, all bloggers, spend countless hours designing, re-designing theme, creating content, setting up advertisements and many more things. The day we quit blogging, all that TIME is a real waste.

    I won’t let that happen!


    • This is exactly true and is a real painful moment for bloggers but mostly happen for newcomers who don’t have the patience, really good content to provide and dream to earn like others within nights.

      The autobiography Dinesh has written here is sad but it is also true that behind every successful person you will hear a story something like this. I am happy for Dinesh now that he is established in the blogging world.

      While I was reading the sad story “sadly” I was reading the “more reasons” Laughing Out Loud 🙂

      • @Pragati,
        Thanks for the comment.
        Yes, the more reasons you did laugh at (me too later), can be painful for the people who experienced. 🙂
        Good luck in blogging.

  2. Great motivating post Dinesh. i really appreciate your patience & determination.

    I have also same kind of experience in terms of buying website & put adsense. But that not worked. I was stuck on 44USD only. Then I quit. But after visiting your blog & posts, I was motivated & finally I also just started blogging.

    I don’t will it work or not this time. I also don’t know are my post are crap or good. I don’t know ad placing are right or not. I don’t know will I succeed or not.

    But I have determined that I’ll go for long run. I’ll try different techniques to improve myself in blogging.


      Thanks for the comment.
      Ad placement is not a rocket science secret. Its very simple and you can see from other blogs which making good money from adsense. But, I think you have to change your ad placement as I’m seeing your all ads in above the fold- which is not good.

      Traffic is very important. Try to get daily new visitors via social networking sites and Google. That will make you success.

      • Thanks for your response & suggestion. I’ll remove some ads from above the fold. My site was just on testing. The the testing of the theme is almost done. I will use facebook, twitter & other social media to increase visitor. Already created some social account like diff, reddit etc. Also try to use forum post in digital forum, warrior forum etc.

        Now its time to start serious writing 2-3 article per week. Lets see the result. i’ll inform you definitely.

        Thanks again.

  3. Dinesh,It’s Really great motivating post.sometimes I am also think about whether quit blogging or continue.As you said publishing informative great content helps for blogging success.

    • Yes, blogging is not so easy until you find some holes.
      Keep writing useful contents, one day you will find the correct topic which is getting more traffic, then go with it.

  4. Dinesh, the first reason I’m blogging is for “Money” and only after that the second reason comes. As, we know blogging can’t bring money in a over night but it will sure help in our near future. You always motivated us withe your post keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your blogging journey with us.

  5. What I like in this post is the picture ( a well dressed guy with empty pocket). The picture depicts the real scenario of blogs. What ever design, colors, style you do on the blog, money earned is worth of pea-nuts.

  6. The reason i blog is because I’m dedicated to help others and have high interest in writing. Sometimes i often believe: As long as i am able to help others, i wouldn’t mind not getting anything in return. But i can surely related my blogging journey to number 2. Not for a girlfriend, but because of the fact that all my friends are all born wealthy makes me very motivated to stay with them if not ahead.

    • @Yuri,
      Thanks for the response. Its really good to read your reason. Yes, helping others via our blogs and getting some good comments or emails from them, definitely motivate any bloggers (including me)
      Good luck friend.

  7. Hey have you written any article about advertisespace.com…I’m sorry i couldn’t find it..i found many of your articles useful..That is why i would like to know..
    And don’t you think it will be better if you can add a search box in your site,so we readers can search articles in your site??..

    • @Sonu K,
      No, I haven’t written about Advertisespace, though I tried with them before.
      Search box is a good idea, thanks for that. Earlier I thought my blog is not having plenty of articles to search, but I think the time has come to add a search box.
      Keep visiting.

        • If I understood your question correctly….
          The ad will not show up automatically on Advertisespace ad unit until someone buys the slot. It depends on the price of your ad slot, blog category and availability of potential advertisers in advertisespace market place.

  8. It is all worth it as long as you stick with it. Blogging is a lot of work and energy. When you put your heart and soul into something you just can’t give up on it. I just started blogging and my main reason for doing it was because I wanted to write about anything I wanted. And I miss ehow! I was part of demand studios but they never had any articles available. If I could make money doing this that would be awesome!

  9. Honestly Dinesh, now I’m like how you was been before sincerely start blogging… still frustrations only around me and my life. which the bit of reason i find out from my self is boredom, laziness on blogging.

    will you please give any essential tips to keep our self active on blogging and how to over come the laziness?

    • @Prabhakaran,
      Setting (reasonable) targets will help you to be active on blogging no matter how boring or laziness.
      For example, set few tasks for April month, like earning 200$ monthly, publishing 20 articles, getting 200,000 pageviews….etc. When you have goals, definitely you will work towards it.
      Also, it depends how strong and patience you are.

      Good luck friend. Be steady and consistence on blogging, definitely you will over come your current issues. Believe in your self and blogging.

      • Dinesh,

        I Really want to thank you so much for your friendly advice. and I’m going to trigger my blogging and blogs with having quite strong goals ahead. Thanks again mate.

  10. Inspiring post, indeed! Sometimes I feel the pain. Like you said, one has to be clear and honest about why they blog. Of course, money comes into play. My adsense account was banned for no apparent reason (well, maybe they have) and my affiliate income isn’t doing great. Sometimes I feel like giving up totally but then I realise that writing is my passion.

    Thanx for the motivation.

  11. Start …… Blog……… Research…….New Post……..Wait for Visitor…….. Track Analatics….. .. Very less Visitors…….. Depressed……… Down………… Temporarily Stop…. RESTART
    Start …… Blog……… Research…….New Post……..Wait for Visitor…….. Track Analatics….. .. Very less Visitors…….. Depressed……… Down………… Finding l no time……… Temporarily Stop…. RESTART

    The mantra is very clear by Dinesh. The above case is a commin case , I too am into the same run… But will ensure that these post will lit up the path to go ahead and rock… Thanks Dinesh for this article…


  12. Financial independence and self respect. Those are the only two reasons to continue blogging. Whenever I feel lazy, I open this blog and read, then I look at my bank account and laugh at myself… motivation enough

  13. Thanks Dinesh for narrating your painful experience; am a newbie in the world of blogging and i have been struggling writing articles – it’s agony! I was almost giving up when i came across your article; a feel motivated and will start pronto and work hard. It seems nothing in life is easy, even blogging. Cheers great Blogger, and keek it up.

  14. dinesh,
    I like your posting. particularly the “more reason” part.
    Bcos it exactly reflects my situation.
    why there is no new posting in this blog .

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