How to Get Stunning Blog Name Ideas Easily for Your New Blog

Blog (or website) name is something very important you need to finalize before registering the new domain. Having an eye catching but still meaningful blog name is always a great start for a new online business. Let me give few ideas and resources you can use to get blog name ideas easily. There are people running successful online business/blog  with different domain name and blog name (like a brand). That is not an bad idea and it can work well too, but in my opinion having the same blog and domain is always good.  Practically it will be difficult to match the both names and register the domain name what we want.

Let’s look at one of the famous blog, I’m a great fan of Amit and his blog. The blog name is ‘Digital Inspiration’  but the domain name is Though I do not know the meaning of labnol (domain name), but his blog name Digital Inspiration’  makes sense.  So this could be an excellent example that you can run a popular blog/website in different domain and blog name.

But here we will be trying to match the domain and blog name same, and find out how to get stunning blog name ideas.

Simple Tips for Blog Name Ideas

You have two options here.

1) Include a word which is related to the topic/niche

2) Start a blog in common name (which doesn’t give any idea of the topic) – I’m not going to show anything about this model. Because common name is something you can set easily. Even your name, city, village name or even will work.

Blog Name Ideas With Related Words

Do pick a word which can give the meaning of your blog content by just seeing the domain name. If you are going to write about ‘cars’, make sure to include ‘car’, ‘cars’ or something related to it, like ‘vehicle’, or ‘road’.  That would make sense. Obviously you can’t write about cars in a ‘Windows OS’ blog or domain name, right?

I’m not going to confuse you with so many options and methods to get blog name ideas, so let’s start.

First thing you have do is, obviously get the topic you are going to write on your blog. Let’s say, it’s is about ‘money’.


Write down 3 words which suite your main topic, it can be the sub categorized topics too. In this example, I can write ‘Finance’. ‘Savings’, ‘Spend’ which related to ‘Money’. If you are happy with these words, you can go to next step. But if you need more similar or you could not get any similar words, then the Thesaurus (Click to open) is a great place to get more similar words.

Entering the ‘money’ returned following keywords.

Get blog name ideas

Do the same step for your other words, like ‘Finance’. ‘Savings’, ‘Spend’.

Write down the all words you like and more relevant from the list, you could almost find the first part of the blog name from this list.

The 2nd Part

If you are happy with the first blog name part which we found by brainstorming and using, you can start the blog/website with that too. I’m sure it will look short, handy and cute.  For example, is a great domain and blog name, but unfortunately you will not find these single words as available domain name to register. These single word domains mostly would have been registered already. That is the reason we will be needing the second word for our blog name.

It is your choice to add the second name. You can think the relevant word or the purpose of your blog to add the second word. As we are assuming ‘money’ is our primary content, but what will be the type of content?, are you going to give tips, advice, making methods, saving ideas or even stealing money…etc? then add these words with the first name, for example,,

The below image can give some more nice ideas to get the second word for your blog name ideas. Go thorough each scenario and see whether you are getting a great blog name.

blog name  ideas for second word

Image credit and source

I would suggest you to write down 3 blog names for your next new blog, because we need to check the availability of the domain name on these names.


Check the Blog Name Availability and Purchase It Now!

Basically domain name availability can be checked from any name registers and hosting companies for free. They will not charge for checking the availability of particular domain name. But if you are serious about starting a new blog, it is better to register immediately before someone register the same domain name. Therefore I’m referring to the best and cheapest hosting company which can host your new blog with the lowest price and good support and up time.

Click here to visit and check the blog name availability.

Select signup and search for the domain name you need to check and register.

search for blog name

iPage provide domain name registration for FREE for one year (that will save you around 10$ at initial purchase). And their monthly hosting cost is also very cheap. Ultimately you will get your domain name for free and hosting package for the cheapest cost.

register your new domain name

By the time now, you would be having a great blog name and registered domain on your name. Now your job would be to publish great articles and get genuine backlinks to start making money from internet.

Have any doubts? feel free to contact me by emailing to dineshjkr at

I hope this post would be helpful to get blog name ideas for your new blog.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

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