How to Select The Best Domain Name for A New Blog

Selecting a domain name is completely depended on you if the name is available at register. You can run a technology blog in your wife’s name, no one can say anything. When I registered my first domain back in 2007, I had no idea about selecting the best and suitable domain name. Later, I realized my mistake in selecting the domain name whereas we can’t change the name that easily. Let me tell you what are the mistakes you should avoid while selecting a domain name for your new blog.

Here are some tips on selecting a domain name which will help you later. Because once registration is completed, there is no way to go backward.

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Domain Name Selection Mistakes

Tips to Select the Best Domain Name

1) Don’t go for sub domain names

If you are confident and serious in blogging then go for individual domain name and purchase it. Don’t register for free domain names which sill look like sub domain. Your domain will be like a sub domain or It is not recommended you need to create your own branding on the internet.

2) Register your domain in .com

No matter what topic you are going to write , make your domain ending at ‘.com’ like Don’t register as ‘.net’, ‘.org’, ‘.edu’ etc….if you need them specifically.  Saying a domain name with ‘.com’ is easy to remember and its good for commercial purpose blogs.

Don’t include your country domains such as ‘.uk’, ‘.om’, ‘.in’. This will be suitable if you are targeting only specific country and territory. If you want to target global users from all countries, better go with common name.

3) Make it Short and Simple.

When your friend asks about your blog name over the phone, better be able to answer clearly and shortly. Don’t say, make sense? Not only saying, during the promotion of your blog you may face issues by longer domain names. So make it small and simple. Let your visitors to remember it.

These are the advantages of buying old and expired domain names if you are interested and having enough money for the investment.

4) Don’t make it too short.

Because of the earlier point, don’t make it too short also. Don’t take your first letter of each word and make a name.  In this example, like or anything like it. Make a domain name understandable and let others to understand your blog’s nature by domain name.

5) Keyword should be in domain name.

There are mixed reactions in having the keyword in domain name, but still it is a best practice to have the keyword in domain name. Later on you will understand the importance of having at least a word from your main keyword in your domain name. If you are going to start a blog about Windows 7 wallpapers downloading, make sure your blog name has any of the keywords, such as,

Having a keyword in domain name will help to dominate in search results. It will be an added advantage for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of whole blog.

6) Don’t add dash (-) or under score (_) in domain name

Technically, having these characters in your domain name will not affect anything like SEO, back links and posts. But, to make it simple better avoid these characters. Don’t say ‘my blog name is dash 7 dash ( It may lead your users to type it wrongly too.

7) Don’t add numbers if it’s not required.

Avoid numbers in the domain name as much as possible . It’s not advisable to have it in domain name if it’s really not required. I can’t avoid 7 in But, some people add their date of birth, room number, and street numbers in their blog names.

I hope these above points would be useful in selecting the best and suitable domain name for your new blog.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

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