5 Things to Do with Your New Blog, Try Them to Make Money Online

Recently one of my friend started a blog after seeing my progress in making money online. He is totally new to blogging and online money making methods. The main goal of his blog is making money as most of us do. In this post, I’m going to discuss and advice 5 basic things you need to do with your new blog which generally created to make money online.

Let me tell you something straight, ‘making money online is still possible’ but there is no shortcuts for that. You have to follow certain rules, wait patiently, observe SEO changes, see what Google is doing and mainly all about learning and reading about blogging and SEO.

When someone starts a new blog to make money, this is what normally happens,

1) Work hard and publish 5 or 10 posts in 2 days on their new blog.

2) They expect those posts to show up in Google search results in 2 days.

3) They want these posts to make some money in another 2 days.

Sorry guys, that will not work. Making money from blogging is not that so simple.

From my experience I’m listing our below points which should be done on your new blog.

5 Things You Must Do on Your New Blog

1) Setup the blog properly with SEO

Once you have installed the WordPress, first thing you have to do is, disable Search engine robots. So, robots will not access your new website (which is not ready) and crawl pages.

disable robots


You will be doing some tests, publish few demo posts and pages then delete them etc… It’s not recommended to allow Google or Yahoo, Bing robots to access these type of changes specially when your blog is new, that will hurt your new blog. So allow these robots once you have set up your new blog properly with SEO ( permalinks, post titles, meta description, home page SEO settings..etc) and published few useful posts and required pages. I assume you know bit about these SEO terms.


2) Write some (Minimum 5) pillar articles

This is the initial stage in the blogging, like a foundation for a building. You must write some pillar articles before releasing your new blog to search engine robots. Pillar articles means, more than 1000 words, unique and useful articles by keeping users in mind. These articles need to be done with proper research. Add useful images, link to outside websites which are related to your blog and post topic.


When the search engines robots  or new visitors visit your new blog first time, they should think ‘wow, this new website looks great with useful and unique content for users’, so they will treat your blog well in future. But if you publish some ordinary and crap posts with less words, or copied from other sites or duplicate/similar content to other blogs, then they will treat your new blog in lower level or treat as spam site. Then you may need to work extra to bring your blog back to normal level.

So, initial stage is very important and make sure you catch the attention of search engine robots.

Important Note: Do not think just publishing 5 pillar articles at initial stage would be enough for life long. I would suggest you to mix up the content type, for example, if you have decided to go-live with 7 articles on your new blog, publish 4 pillar articles and 3 normal articles.

You can find more information about pillar articles here,




3) Go Live now

You must be wondering that I have skipped some points or things to do stuff here before go live. In my opinion, if you have done basic theme design, published 5 to 7 articles and completed/setup home page and posts SEO, you are ready to go live.

I do not recommend to spend time on designing the theme, logo, social networking promotions at this initial stage.


These things can be done later. Our first intention is to get attention from search engines, so they will do the indexing and valuing our site. During this time we can concentrate on other things on the site.

Enable the search engine robots access in WordPress settings which was disabled in step1, submit your site with Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools.


4) Create Some Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for any websites, especially new websites desperately wanted this. Backlinks means, other websites/blogs point their links to your new website.

backlinks pattern

How to do that?

  • Visit famous bogs related to your new bog’s topic and leave few comments with your new blog name (as signature).
  • Create some web2.0 properties (Click here to learn more) and link back to your new blog. These sites are free to create, publish some posts on these sites and leave backlinks to your new blog.
  • Even creating a new Youtube channel and leave your new blog’s URL in about area of YouTube channel will be helpful.
  • Guest blogging also good idea to create backlinks.
  • If you are the owner of other blogs, time to create few backlinks from your existing websites.

5) Forget Money Now, Repeat Some of the above steps again and again

Even after you have done above 4 steps, Google will not show your blog posts on top in search results or money will not be generated that quickly. You must repeat some of the above steps again and again may be for next 3 to 6 months.

These are the important points you must follow continuously in blogging.

a) Stay with SEO.

People start and implement SEO at initial stage, but forget it later and they do not follow them. That will hurt your blog in future. So properly follow SEO rules (like Proper titles, meta description, H1, image alt text, number of words in articles, interlinking, external linking, modifying old/outdated posts..etc)

b) Never copy from other websites and no duplicate content even inside your blog

As this describes, make sure your every article is unique and original. Do not copy paste or re-blog others’ content on your blog, Google is smart enough to hunt down these type of blogs. Also, make sure there is no content conflict by duplication inside your blog itself. Do not write similar topic more than once in your blog, that would be treated as duplicate content. If you wish to write a new blog post about same topic which is already published on your blog, better modify and update the same old post with new content, that will be treated well.

c) Continuously generate pillar articles

As we published 5 pillar arties at initial stage, at least publish similar pillar articles once in a week.

d) Continuously generate backlinks ( but do not spam)

Bad backlinks (from irrelevant websites) will spoil your SEO reputation one day, so do not create bad backlinks in hurry. Properly generate good backlinks from good reputed websites. At least one good backlink per day will be very useful.


I’m sure above these 5 things to do with your new blog would be more beneficial if you do theme religiously for next 3 to 6 months (assuming that you have selected your blog’s topic and keywords nicely). Your new blog will gain traffic and that will be translated as online income.

Feel free to share your comments and questions.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Great post Dinesh one ore think I would like to add is that you domain name must have your main keyword in it which makes it easier for rankings as compared to branded domain names, I think many will disagree with this but I think that keyword rich domain names can get good rankings provided you have good quality content which justifies your domain and niche

    Cheers and keep posting such great posts for beginners
    Rohit Singh

    • 50 50
      It used to work well earlier, but now Google is targeting keyword rich domain names ( with exact match), mostly the niche domain got affected and ranking went down.
      But as you said, if you produce useful content in several areas/categories of your keyword, even the keyword rich domains will work well.

      In my opinion, domain name should tell the type/content of the blog mainly. Keyword is second part (or not necessary) in domain name nowadays.

      Thanks for your comment and opinion.

  • Super dinesh,

    Its really moral for those who are expecting huge traffic in a week or two. Its slow process, it takes time. One day you will see results.

    Thank you

  • These 5 things are really good for any new blog. Your strategy is really amazing and more importantly its Whitehat SEO. Thanks Dinesh as you looked it up and shared with all of us .

  • Hi
    I am really enjoying this post and last 3 days I have reding the blog. I already finished you 80% posts from the blog. I am new to blogging sanctions before I was working on freelancer.com more the 6 years. Now I am doing blogging and I have 3 blogs. My fist blog I was started on 2013 but till now I have earn only 40$ from the 3 blogs.
    So I think, I need to conversation with you about my blogs. If you give me some time then maybe I will be helpful from you and I can earn some extra money from my blogs.
    My contact mail ! [email protected]
    Plz if you reply me I will so helpful.
    Thanks a lot of
    Noyon Sazu

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