Alexa vs Traffic – I Entered Into 100,000 Alexa Rank, But What I Learned?

I think this new year seems good for me, except January earnings which I will share later. My Tech blog ( Google PR increased from PR 1 to PR2 and Alexa rank came less than 100,000. Personally I don’t think these all are big achievements, since I don’t concentrate on these factors much. Here are the few points I wanted to share with you if you are very much interested in Alexa Rank.

Alexa vs Traffic

If you consider Alexa vs traffic of a blog/website, its not connected at all. High traffic sites do not have good  Alexa rank, at the same time good  Alexa rank sites not having higher traffic. Totally, you can’t decide a site’s traffic strength by it’s Alexa rank.

Lets have a look deeply.

The below image shows the details of Alexa rank for my two years old sysprobs blog.


and this is for 4 months old DailyBlogMoney blog.

Alexa vs Traffic

I’m shocked to see DailyBlogMoney is having better Alexa rank in India than Global Alexa rank is just about 3 times more than sysprobs and its reducing very fast. I’m sure DailyBlogMoney will overtake Sysprobs very soon.

Now lets have a look at traffic of both blogs.

The following traffic data for last six months of Sysprobs.


This is for DailyBlogMoney


You can guess what I’m trying to say now. Both sites’ traffic can’t be compared with the ratio of Alexa Rank. Its completely wrong to decide a traffic strength by Alexa Rank.

Then, How Alexa Rank Works?

Its working by the data collected by their tool bar for each user visit.  If you recollect your each steps involved in setting up your website or blog, you would have never inserted any Alexa codes on the blog, correct?. So, its from visitors side only.

If Alexa gets the traffic details from Google Analytics which is used on most of the blogs/website to monitor the traffic, then their ranking system valid and acceptable.

But they collect traffic data from their own product ‘Alexa Toolbar’ which is installed in users’ side, not in our sever side. So, when ever a visitor visits your blog with Alexa tool bar installed web browser, it notifies and passes the information to Alexa. They rank your blog according to it.

Not all internet users have this tool bar installed browsers, most of them do not have any idea about it.

Why New Blog Got Good Alexa Rank?

There is a reason. DailyBlogMoney is all about blogging and blogs. Most of the readers are real webmasters and bloggers who installed Alexa tool bar on their browsers. Even though number of visits very less compare to Sysprobs, but they had tool bar installed browser which collected details.

Why India Alexa Rank is High?

Again its simple theory. My blog got most of the human readers from India, in fact they are bloggers who left some useful comments on my blog. I’m sure they would have Alexa tool bar.

Why Sysprobs Alexa Rank is not Well?

It’s a completely technology blog, mainly targeting on virtualization, Windows 7 and hackintosh products. The users coming via search engines or referrals in this category do not know anything about Alexa or its tool bar.

Why India Alexa Rank is Higher?

The bloggers commented on my blog and where ever I left comments, all in Indian territory. So with few visits from India with Alexa tool bar,my DailyBlogMoney India rank is higher than Sysprobs.

What is the Conclusion?

Increasing the Alexa rank for a blog or website which is not covering any part of blogging or not getting any bloggers to your site, is a tough job.  It will take some time to get in to 100,000 rank.

At the same time when you have a bog which is getting few bloggers and web masters visit, will be having good Alexa rank than other category sites.

Alexa and Traffic are not having any connection. Its all about the data collected via Alexa tool bar from your readers.

Do you want to get good Alexa Rank? Stay tuned, I will cover them later.

Share your experience and what you have seen on Alexa vs Traffic on your or others’ blog.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Great post, Dinesh. I especially liked the comparison of google analytics data for both of your blogs.
    My blog is almost 4 months old, and it has Alexa ranking of 1,139,564 worldwide and 261,065 in US.
    LOL, these numbers are far far away from your 4 month old blog!
    My users are mostly stay at home moms, 35-75 years old, and 99% of them are not tech savvy. So I assume none of them have Alexa toolbar..
    Can’t wait for your January income report.

    • Paulina,
      Glad you got my point in this post.
      Unfortunately, most of the advertisers check Alexa rank of a website/blog before place ads. If you need some direct ads, then concentrate on this too.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Hey man I was wondering about the CTR (don’t need exact details but pleas read though the question) on the The reason i ask this is simple. Some says that sites with tech stuff usually have a lower CTR since the visitors usually have an idea what an adsense add, etc… so in your experience is this true?.


    • Gayan, Thanks for visiting my blog.

      There is 50% 50% chance for your statement. Not all tech people know about adsense. Here is the real world example,
      When I show my blog to my tech colleagues in work office, they said “I’m having some useful links in my blog” which they meant adsense text links. 😉

      Anyhow, I don’t know which CTR range you are expecting, but as you said, its slightly lessor for Tech blog.

      Its more less to websites covering blogging topics.

      I think other blogs which not covering blogging and tech topics will have higher CTR, but not all niches will bring good eCPM.

      Did I answer your question?

      • Hi Dinesh,

        “I think other blogs which not covering blogging and tech topics will have higher CTR, but not all niches will bring good eCPM.”

        Agreed! :D…. I mean the niche that you’re covering with that oh man 😉 (good for your brother… mean it lol) …

        If your CTR is lower then get more traffic right ? …



  • I have seen Dailyblogmoney run fast, but I wonder what motivation let you build this blog? I think, you should concentrate on writing new article on your popular blog and make more money. BTW, your income in the first month of 2011 is really impressive!

    • Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for the comment. Just I built this blog to share how and what I’m doing in web. Sharing my experience and other user interaction motivate me build and write here. May be later, I will try to monetize this blog, but not now.

      My main blog is doing good, I’m looking guest writers for sysprobs, will you? 🙂

    • Yes, even I heard that, I think that can also works because each impression with Alexa button can notify the Alexa.
      But I’m not sure how they can collect the data by this Alexa button. Anyhow, adding button can improve the rank slightly.

  • alexa is a joke 😆 its ranking me higher (both in local and global) than sites which are long established and are better than mine lol although its 2.5 since i started my blog 😆

  • Interesting article. 4 months to Alexa Rank 100,000. Even though you may not think so, I think that is quite an achievement. 🙂 I have recently found how effective commenting on other blogs can be. It’s quite amazing. I dropped my score almost 6M in about 3 days just by blogging!

  • Great article. There was one time i had about 22k visitors to my blog within a few weeks, little do i know, my alexa rank went from 5 million to 2million. After that, the traffic went back to normal because it was social media like dig, reddit, and etc… that got me that much amount of traffic. After those traffic spike were gone, i was getting ranked very low once again. However, after i installed alexa toolbar, i saw my ranking getting high again. Ironic right?

  • hi Dinesh
    First i want to say you thank you to to give a very informative information
    i need you help……
    my web site is when i check my alexa rank last Saturday Global alexa rank was 163,498, and india rank was 12,937, today i check again now my global alexa rank is 153,545 and india rank is 16,123. i want to decrease my india rank so please suggest me, how can i decrease my india alexa rank

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