How Long Takes to Come Out from Google Sandbox? I’m Out Of It

Google sandbox affects most of the new blogs and websites initially. I’m not sure whether anyone can escape from this if they have good content and quality back links while launching the new blog, but most of us should come through this. I don’t remember my tech blog Sysprobs experienced the Google Sandbox effect  because I did not worry about traffic that time, but this DailyBlogMoney suffered by it. Anyhow, I’m out of it now and let me share my experience how long it takes to come out from Google Sandbox.


What is Google Sandbox and how it effects a new blog?

In simple words, its just a method Google uses to show the search results of a new websites in ‘no human landing pages’, which means your blog results will be in somewhere after 10 or 20 pages in search results.

This is just to make sure new spam sites are not listed top in Google results.

The funny part is, when you register your new domain and publish the first post, it may appear in top or appropriate result place for some days and your new blog will be getting few small traffic from Google, but after few days it will disappear from search result top pages. This is by Google sandbox effect.

Remember; This doesn’t mean Google stopped indexing your pages, It still indexes and you can find your post URL (by searching URL) in Google search results.It’s  the good news, but Sandbox effect will keep your site very down in the search results.

Google sandbox effect will be there from 1 to 6 months for a new website. My this blog clearly started getting good traffic from Google after six months from the day I published my first post. As I said earlier, I was getting reasonable traffic from Google earlier but suddenly it dropped to zero.

Google sandbox effect out

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Note– I don’t target search engines for this blog or write keyword rich posts. I publish articles completely for human and community around this blog, that is you!


How to Avoid or Get Out Quickly from Google Sandbox Effect?

1) Don’t bother too much initially.

Yes, just forget it and publish the unique articles in regular basis. Make sure Google spider is indexing your each page after publishing.

2) Create Quality back links.

All about the back links you get to a new website. The unique and frequent content update is not enough for Google to identify your fresh website. It needs some quality back links from related websites to recognize your website well. Every day create some good back links, it can be from other blogs, guest posting, comments, social media, forums… Increase the value of your new website by incoming back links.

3) Don’t Spam

The main idea of Google sandbox is to avoid spam websites in search results, so don’t do something wrong or over do ‘good things’ in short time. Google may treat your blog as a spam or something automated.

4) No duplicate content in both ways

Do not duplicate others’ content or write the same in slightly different way. At the same time, make sure others are not stealing your content.

I suspect this could be the reason for Sandbox effect for my blog. One of the RSS aggregator website was pulling my same original content and publishing in it. Sadly, Google was showing the particular blog top in search results than mine.  I tried few steps against this blog and luckily now the particular website is down.

5) Make your Blog clean

Again, do not make it too junk with lots of categories, tags clouds, lots of ads, spam comments, non relevant external links, keyword stuffing, HTML errors and duplicate Title/descriptions. Allow Google bots to crawl your blog easily without any issues.

6) Be Patient.

As I said, I don’t think all new websites will be caught by sandbox, but if your website is under Google Sandbox, do not worry. Be patient, if you follow the above steps, then I’m sure within maximum 6 months you will be out of Google sandbox effect.

Take this 6 months as a probation period of your blog and work hard to prove your self to your readers and Google. Remember, once you are out of it, you will see the sudden hike in search engine traffic, so your blog should be ready to receive these readers properly and convert them in what ever way you wanted.

So, take this time to produce more unique content, design your blog nicely, improve the speed, start monetizing with proper ways, make network with other bloggers and readers, get some subscribers and create a community around you.


That’s it guys, I hope this post will give some ideas on Google Sandbox effect for new websites and how to recover very soon.

Share your experience:  Did you realize any sandbox effect period for your blog? have you recovered from it?

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  1. Thanks Dinesh… ahh Adsense on dailyblogmoney… finally :D. BTW… which OS does sysprobs gets most of its traffic from??.

      • Dinesh,

        Um well it’s not bad :/… I mean the traffic keep flowing in (averaging about 1400-1700 uniques daily) but the adsense CTR is still feel like pretty low. the 336 add unit that I float to the left (as with sysprobs) has a CTR around 0.5% which is pretty low or is it decent in your experience with tech sites??.

        Earnings are also not bad but fluctuate… CPM goes up and down (had days where a single click brought about $4-7, usually way below)…. what do you think ?

        • Gayan, I think the CTR rate you mentioned is normal for tech sites.
          Because the users to tech sites (specially which covers how-to guides) need only information or what they searched in Google. They just see and leave. Only few of them spend more time and click our ads. Recently, I integrated adsense with Google analytics, the result I’m seeing is interesting. I will share my experience later in this blog.

          Try to research some keywords and write good articles to attract more users. That’s what we can do now as running a tech blog 🙂

  2. Thanks, Dinesh, you are one of my teacher, he … 3x.
    I’m following in your way of blogging and blog moniteze. I already have a blog (not, I had been taking top-level domain dot com, but I still use as hosting. I put adsense and some sites CPM. My Adsense can generate an average of $ 30 per day, or $ 900 per month. The plan I will multiply site CPM to 50 CPM ads that will I put it in the bottom of the blog, maybe full blog page loading slow but the main content at the top is loading first and can open & read in quickly, so that visitors are not escape. If daily 1 CPM ads can be $ 1, then a month can get $ 1x50x30 = $ 1500. One of my CPM ads can earn $ 7 per day. Now, i just have six CPM ad, need 44 CPM ads again.
    I have a question related to the trick here =

    On my blog, the highest CTR ad unit is My Top Ads Unit but have low CPC.
    And the highest CPC ad unit is My bottom Ads Unit but have low CTR.

    Can i use this code =

    My bottom Ads Unit Code

    And =

    My middle Ads Unit Code

    And =

    My Top Ads Unit Code

    So, i hope my Ads unit On Top can have higher CTR & CPC. Is this can work ?

  3. I have a new blog at but it hasn’t experienced the Google Sandbox effect although it is just 4 months old. It is getting quite a good traffic now. Do you know what reasons that could lead to the Sandbox effect?

    • Tuan,
      You are already an experienced blogger. You know what are the things should be done in order to get your blog famous. Like, continues posting, building back links, commenting on other blogs,creating a good discussion around your blog, some SEO tips, submitting to webmaster tools…etc.
      As I said, not all blogs put under this box.

      Some people target high paying keywords, start a blog with 3 articles and forget it. Google will definitely put these type of blogs in sandbox. I’m sure you never did this in your new blog.
      By the way, your new blog looks good, hope you are becoming a successfully blogger in no time. Good luck.

  4. Dinesh, I have the perfect solution for this. First start blogging on blogger but blogspot domain for atleast one month and the go for Custom domain and then go for WordPress hosting if you want.

    I hope all go through this effect if the site tries to rank the Higher Keywords ,

    I experienced this and I’m still in the effect.

    Please do reply about this new idea.

    • Krishna,
      That could be a good idea, but I’m not sure how much that could be successful.
      Because I think, Google sandbox works based on domain age also. so, after one month when you register your own custom domain name then Google is going to treat you as a new domain. But the advantage is, you will have more content ( one month) which will help you to escape from Google sandbox effect.

      You must do proper redirection for incoming links to after moved to new domain.
      In my opinion, if you are serious about blogging, then start a blog in own domain name, do not worry about sandbox or just for this do not start with blogspot and move late. It could be headech for me 🙁

      Thanks for your comment and idea.

    • Hi,
      I suggest to find out the duplicate content in your own site and other websites also. Try to remove them. Check the webmaster tools for suggestions.
      I’m sure you can come out quickly.

      Good luck. 6 months is very short period when you compare your blogging career in long term. Do not worry. 🙂

  5. hi dinesh,

    your blog is really nice. technical terms are explained in simple ways..keep up the good work.
    am also a guy who got trapped in the ADSENSE mania!! anyway its a long not dropping it here.
    i think to get an adsense check mnthly, a min. 3000-5000 pageviews and CPM- 1.5-2.5 is needed daily
    Thanks a lot. lets be friends? are you in facebook?

    • Thanks for the nice comment krishna.
      I’m happy to be a friend with you, I think already we did.

      Keep visiting this blog and share your experience.

  6. I’m totally new to blogging and I only have a website for my non-profit corporation, but I’m thinking of writing an entertainment and travel blog. Your results are encouraging. I really want to learn more. Thank you for your clear teaching on this subject.

  7. I am too experiencing the Google Sandbox effect for my site. And it is due to my testing site. My testing site contents are still in google index. I have tried 301 redirect. But still after 2 months, test site urls are in google index. Just taking your words, and waiting for 6 months. to get back my traffic.

  8. thanks for the info and cheer up. I also didn’t mind my first website that’s why I didn’t encounter the sandbox

    But right now I’m making new websites with low competition and still my sites are not showing in the results even its indexed. I’m just being in a hurry..

  9. I have 4 new sites, all set up (first page published) exactly 5 months ago today.. most of the keywords im targeting im between position 4-7 on google at the min, but i know for a fact i should be #1 for each, so im hoping that after another month il finally jump that last bit i need.. it’s definately the sandbox effect anyway, but i’ve just bookmarked this page and il pop back again in a month.. hopefully with good news 🙂

  10. Am also experiencing the google sandbox with my forum which is 4 months and some days old. I hope to get out by the end of the sixth month as you predicted and doing everything in my power to put good original content and building quality backlinks so as not to delay my stay there. Can’t wait to get out.

  11. This is exactly same for my blog… exactly after 6 months i saw increase in traffic… before i was getting 80 UV per day and then my traffic increased to 107, yesterday it was 123 and today i am expecting 140…

  12. I started 5 blogs in July 2010, posted some content on all of them, and then was not real active for a while. Lately I have been posting more content and creating inbound links. I used a Google Sandbox checker that I found online and it confirmed that they are all in the sandbox. Does anyone know if it will take 6 months from the time I start being more active to get out of the sandbox?

    • I shared my experience. My tech blog never caught under Sandbox. I think its all about inbound links from authoritative sites, frequent update and unique content. If you are following these rules on your blogs now, wait for some more time. Your blogs will be out of sandbox effect very soon.
      Good luck.

  13. Hello, i have a comment a few comments above where i said id check back and let you know how i was getting on… well it’s now 2 and half months later and i’m glad to report i’ve a bit of success in terms of the sandbox / domain age effect. I say domain age because while i wasn’t exactly sandboxed from when my domains were about 3 – 4 months old, i was stuck in position 7 mainly, even though i have a pr 5 and a ton more quality links than my competitors. Anyway, unlike your case you mention where you started getting a large increase in traffic after 6 months, mine was more staggered. Of the 4 websites i have (each of which are 7 and half months old now), one reached #1 at 5 months old, one reached #2 at 5 months old, one was stuck in #7 until last week now it’s #3, i saw this with the others too so i expect it to be #1 in couple of weeks, and last one is still feeling the effects of being a new domain and stuck in #6.

    By doing a search on google for the title of my site like this “How Long Takes to Come Out from Google Sandbox? I’m Out Of It” … e.g by including the punctuation marks, i see that only one of my sites is truly out of the sandbox, since by searching for that string it’s now showing, while the others, even though they 2 others were created etc on the same day, aren’t….

    So conclusion?! Well in my case anyway, being stuck in #7, or #10, or even #4.. while it’s defo not as bad as being completely sandboxed, it’s still not much better. I’d recommend for anyone starting out in internet marketing to buy an aged domain for your first one or 2 sites and have more maturing while you’re working on them 🙂

    Anyway, just remembered there that i said id drop back and let ya know how it was going 🙂

  14. Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thanks a ton!

  15. Hi Dinesh,
    I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and I find this article extremley useful, I suffered the same issues when my site first launched and I had no idea why it had dropped so quickly in google search. My experience was about the same as yours, Roughly 6 months to get out of the “sandbox” and start ranking in google again.

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