How Long Takes to Come Out from Google Sandbox? I’m Out Of It

Google sandbox affects most of the new blogs and websites initially. I’m not sure whether anyone can escape from this if they have good content and quality back links while launching the new blog, but most of us should come through this. I don’t remember my tech blog Sysprobs experienced the Google Sandbox effect  because I did not worry about traffic that time, but this DailyBlogMoney suffered by it. Anyhow, I’m out of it now and let me share my experience how long it takes to come out from Google Sandbox.


What is Google Sandbox and how it effects a new blog?

In simple words, its just a method Google uses to show the search results of a new websites in ‘no human landing pages’, which means your blog results will be in somewhere after 10 or 20 pages in search results.

This is just to make sure new spam sites are not listed top in Google results.

The funny part is, when you register your new domain and publish the first post, it may appear in top or appropriate result place for some days and your new blog will be getting few small traffic from Google, but after few days it will disappear from search result top pages. This is by Google sandbox effect.

Remember; This doesn’t mean Google stopped indexing your pages, It still indexes and you can find your post URL (by searching URL) in Google search results.It’s  the good news, but Sandbox effect will keep your site very down in the search results.

Google sandbox effect will be there from 1 to 6 months for a new website. My this blog clearly started getting good traffic from Google after six months from the day I published my first post. As I said earlier, I was getting reasonable traffic from Google earlier but suddenly it dropped to zero.

Google sandbox effect out

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Note– I don’t target search engines for this blog or write keyword rich posts. I publish articles completely for human and community around this blog, that is you!


How to Avoid or Get Out Quickly from Google Sandbox Effect?

1) Don’t bother too much initially.

Yes, just forget it and publish the unique articles in regular basis. Make sure Google spider is indexing your each page after publishing.

2) Create Quality back links.

All about the back links you get to a new website. The unique and frequent content update is not enough for Google to identify your fresh website. It needs some quality back links from related websites to recognize your website well. Every day create some good back links, it can be from other blogs, guest posting, comments, social media, forums… Increase the value of your new website by incoming back links.

3) Don’t Spam

The main idea of Google sandbox is to avoid spam websites in search results, so don’t do something wrong or over do ‘good things’ in short time. Google may treat your blog as a spam or something automated.

4) No duplicate content in both ways

Do not duplicate others’ content or write the same in slightly different way. At the same time, make sure others are not stealing your content.

I suspect this could be the reason for Sandbox effect for my blog. One of the RSS aggregator website was pulling my same original content and publishing in it. Sadly, Google was showing the particular blog top in search results than mine.  I tried few steps against this blog and luckily now the particular website is down.

5) Make your Blog clean

Again, do not make it too junk with lots of categories, tags clouds, lots of ads, spam comments, non relevant external links, keyword stuffing, HTML errors and duplicate Title/descriptions. Allow Google bots to crawl your blog easily without any issues.

6) Be Patient.

As I said, I don’t think all new websites will be caught by sandbox, but if your website is under Google Sandbox, do not worry. Be patient, if you follow the above steps, then I’m sure within maximum 6 months you will be out of Google sandbox effect.

Take this 6 months as a probation period of your blog and work hard to prove your self to your readers and Google. Remember, once you are out of it, you will see the sudden hike in search engine traffic, so your blog should be ready to receive these readers properly and convert them in what ever way you wanted.

So, take this time to produce more unique content, design your blog nicely, improve the speed, start monetizing with proper ways, make network with other bloggers and readers, get some subscribers and create a community around you.


That’s it guys, I hope this post will give some ideas on Google Sandbox effect for new websites and how to recover very soon.

Share your experience:  Did you realize any sandbox effect period for your blog? have you recovered from it?

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  • Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thanks a ton!

  • Hi Dinesh,
    I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and I find this article extremley useful, I suffered the same issues when my site first launched and I had no idea why it had dropped so quickly in google search. My experience was about the same as yours, Roughly 6 months to get out of the “sandbox” and start ranking in google again.

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