How to Target Search Engines in Your New Blog Post

Everyone knows search engines (especially Google) are very important to run a blog, but we struggle to find out how to attract these search engines. In my experience, if you are stepping in to blogging as a newbie then Google is your friend. You have to heavily depend on Google to get traffic to your new blog. I’m going to discuss a basic idea on how to target search engines in your new blog post.

Ultimately, we target visitors through search engines, so we have to think in visitors’ point of view. Now, just think how your users will reach your next post through Google.  Though I’m a blogger, but I use Google very much in my day to day life. My most of the searches on ‘how to fix things’ or ‘how to do something’. Most of the time I will have my answer with in the first or second page. I rarely go to third or fourth pages of search results.

Target Search Engines for your Next New Post

So here is the thing, your next post should be something really worth people are looking for and can be positioned in first or second page in search result.



According to my knowledge, I can categorize two types of search a user can do,

1) Question type ( Looking for some methods or solutions on particular issue, task or process..something like this)

2) Product type ( Looking for information about a product, name, brand or..anything to particular word)


Let me explain this with real word example ( I hope my wife will not read this 😉 ).  My wife’s most of the searches on internet is about cooking (because she wants to make something new and test on me …ha ha). So, lets say today she wants to make ‘beef sizzler’ and decided to use Google as helper.

Now, can you guess how she will type her question to Google where she expects proper and clear how-to guide?. it can be “how to make beef sizzler” or “beef sizzler recipe”. I think most of the time she will be using “how to” word.  This type of search is falling in my first category ‘Question type’.

Now she got a nice guide on making beef sizzler, but she saw a new product called ‘Mamacita soy sauce’ which is new to her. So, her next search is to know about new sauce. She will be typing only ‘Mamacita soy sauce’ and expecting the product information about it. This search type is the second type I mentioned ‘Product type’.

Above is the simple scenario of most of searches around the world, now ask your self  how you are going to target search engines for next post? how your blog post is going to respond to visitors’ search query and in which category?


Where Most of Us Fail?

Recently one of my reader asked to check his blog and the latest post in his blog is ‘Wordpress 3.1.4 released’ (this was before 3.2 release). Sadly most of his blog posts are very similar like this informing some news. But, I did not understand the purpose of these type of posts.

Do you think,

1) This will receive any search queries about ‘Wordpress 3.1.4’?. I don’t think so, because there are top blogs to cover this topic including official wordpress blog. More than these all, no one will be searching this particular word. So, according to me, it’s a useless post which will make negative impact on your blog from Google’s point of view.

2) Is it a big news for regular or subscribed users?. It could be a big news if you have more than thousands of direct, daily and subscribed visitors. But, I didn’t see that much activity around that blog. Also, this news is only for bloggers and webmasters, not to your normal visitors. Bloggers will get this update notification once they log in to wordpress dashboard. So, its not very excited news.

3) Will this at least attract search engines robots? I don’t think so. Either you should have published this post as first one in internet and notified Google or simply should have avoided this post. Google is going to treat this post as ‘duplicating’ or ‘not value’ content because the topic would have been covered in most of the blogs/websites already.

So, what this blogger could have done in smart way?. Write a post about ‘how to upgrade wordpress 3.1.4 in Hostgator shared hosting’, or ‘How to backup a blog before update to WordPress 3.1.4’. This could be a better post to drive traffic to the blog with latest release of WordPress 3.1.4.


Please do not write news or re-publish any others’ posts in your blog.…..


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Suggestion from Google can be a good source to target search engines in your next post. For example if you like to write about wordpress 3.2, then check the Google suggestion, it shows as below in my current country.

google suggestion

You can take any of the above word combination as your main keyword and write a post. Do not take the main product word as a keyword since it will have tough competition.


I’m sure this post would have given some ideas to select the topic for next blog post which can drive some traffic to your blog. Blogging and making money from blog is very easy, but that can be done in hard way. Do not write what you wanted or know to write, rather write what people are searching now or will be searching in future. To be successful in blogging, you need to learn so many things extra, but do not worry, just do it. It will pay you back nicely.

The content I have written in my tech blog is not exactly 100% related to my working environment or life style, but I downloaded so many products, tested at home and wrote the solutions as articles to get more visitors. It worked very well and still driving good traffic, that’s the key in blogging.

Good luck guys, any comments and questions?

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • HI Dinesh

    Please tell me whether paypal & alertpay are paying to indian ? If yes please explain in a bit detail how to get payment from these two(both) in india( like how to validate these accounts with bank account ) ?
    Can i get payment from any nationalised bank in india ( I have a account in SBI bank) ?

    With regards

    • Hi Sunil,
      Sorry, I can’t give the exact answer to you since I’m not an Indian.

      But, here is the news. Yes, You can receive money to your bank account from Paypal.
      Check this link and look for India country.

      Nationalized bank also should support this feature, but I suggest to check up with your bank or other Indian bloggers before you confirm SBI account with PayPal.
      Because of PayPal supports in India, I suggest to go with it instead on Alertpay.

      Alertpay is a good alternative for Paypal but I don’t have any experience with them. They work well in most of the countries where PayPal do not support.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, Dinesh.
    I rarely do research keywords carefully, I just think about what people will type in Google search bar and then set those phrases as the title. How to posts are really a great way to draw traffic to our blogs.

  • Hey Dinesh sorry if you have already answered this question but i’m wondering how yahoo and google rank pages differently. For one of my websites im receiving around 2.5k visitors a day but it seems about 90 % of them are from google while the other 10% are from other search engines. How can i start earning visitors from other search engines?

    • Every search engine is working differently and their requirement is different. For example when Google expects particular percentage of keyword density, Bing expects differently, so your single post can’t satisfy all search engines. More over the search market is not equally shared, Google is leading the market and we can expect more incoming traffic from them.

      Recently I have heard that yahoo site explorer will be closed down very soon, so make sure you have submitted your blog sitemap to Bing and Google webmaster tools.
      Just make sure your blog is accessible by Google and Bing robots, write useful content without keyword stuffing with basic SEO, then I’m sure you will have reasonable traffic from all search engines.

      Good luck friend.

  • Thanks for the share Dinesh …. Keyword research plays a key role in drawing organic traffic to blog !! The first thing I do is opt for keywords with high search volume and low competition before writing a post

    • Salman,
      You are doing the exactly write thing. Also, write about new products and issues too (where Google will not have much information about this, like search volume or suggestions), but it will drive traffic later.

  • Good informative posts dinesh. I have a blog in which i write only “how to” things. I have started the blog just a week back and should wait on how will it go on.

    • In this blog? its around 50. I do not get much traffic to this blog, because I do not target search engines much in this blog. I mostly write for my regular and subscribed users only (like you 🙂 ).

      • Sorry for not being clear. I was asking about sysprobs website. Also can you share how many hits do you get on your best article on sysprobs 🙂

        I am a stats/probability guy. I have 13 articles in my blog and get about 25 hits a day. Not too good is it ? (Don’t know if its any sandbox effect)

        Thanks for helping !

        • I have around 250 posts, but not all posts get hits which is normal for any blog.
          My best article gets around 1000 page views daily.

          25 hits for 13 article is quite low. It depends on the quality and uniqueness of articles which are very important for new blog.
          Good luck, keep writing.

          • So I guess my strategy is not right ? 🙂 My blog is 4 months old.

            For example – I decided to write and article on on openx and for that I checked that “Openx Review” was comping up in google drop box but there was no way to know if it was highly competitive term (or is it ?). How do yo know that and how do you decide if its highly competitive ? . Google trends do not show any results for this term so cant say if many people are searching for it ?
            Still if you now type “openx review” term in google search I am on first page for this article I am guessing that it is not good enough ? What else should I look at to find out if the term is good enough ?

            Thanks for your insights…

          • Hi,
            Use Google keyword tool to find out the search numbers.
            Check this guide for some more details,

            “Openx Review” is only having 390 monthly searches as per Google. This is very low and you cant select these type of keywords as your main niche. I suggest to target for 10,000 searches first, then 20k later 30k…etc.
            It will help you to learn about SEO and target high search keywords which will get more traffic from Google.
            Good luck mate.

  • Hi Dinesh,
    This was very nice post , specially i liked the “Where Most of Us Fail?”
    If one can spend some quality time in thinking what to write, this small time can make a difference.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    This is my first comment here.

    First of all thank you for writing excellent articles in simple and easy to understand language.

    Particularly about this topic, I use Google keyword tool to select a topic in my area, finance career and the advice that you gave through this article was value addition.

    Question and Products, yes, I will focus on that henceforth.


  • Hi,Dinesh
    I am regular visitor of your blog, but now I have become fan of your’s. Please share your Facebook account, I want to be your friend. I don’t have any thing to write on your this post, because it is complete in all the way.

    Thanks .. a lot !!

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