Simple and Free Ways to Increase New Blog Traffic–I Increased 8 Times more in 6 Months

All new bloggers look for free and simple ways to increase blog. There are hundreds of ways available for that and no one is using all methods. Each bloggers have their selected methods. In this post let me show how I increased my blog’s traffic 8 times more in just 6 moths by simple and free ways.

Simple Free Ways to Increase New Blog Traffic

Above screenshot shows 1190 PV (Page View) on April first and 9543 PV at October end 2010.

I’m not a full time blogger, so I couldn’t spend lots of time on other traffic generation methods, I spent most of the time for preparing and writing articles only. Before show how I did, let me tell that I have not used below methods to increase my new blog’s traffic.

1. Social networking. ( I do not have active Facebook and twitter profiles. I have not added all social networking icons on my blog)

2. Guest Blogging. I never did this to promote except one article in ezinearticles.

3. Keep commenting on other blogs.

OK, now lets go to the methods which helped to achieve this. The steps may repeat what you read on other blogs, but this is something special when explained with real example.

1) Write articles what users want, NOT you want.

This will take some time to read your visitors’ mind, what they want. Existing posts demand and user comments will help to identify users’ requirements.
Once you get it, experiment and write for them. For me, one post started getting more hits on April, then I found what readers are searching in my niche type.

2) Guess and Write about forthcoming products

Simple, when others write about Windows 7, you write about Windows 8. It may come or not, but users will be searching for it. Be first one to write these type of things related to your blog.

When I faced a network slowness in Windows Vista ( that time Windows 7 beta was out), I figured out how to fix it and wrote the same method for Windows 7. No body read that till Windows 7 officially released and people started using.

Now search for “Windows 7 network slow” in Google, you will see. I’m getting good traffic for that page.

3) Target Search Engines.

When you get an idea to write something, first go and search it on Google. Open some results and see how and what they are saying.

From the first search results (with bold text) you can identify the word combination. Decide the keyword based on it for your new post. Then use your SEO knowledge.

4) Leave Comments on Same type of blogs.

This doesn’t mean you have to comment on each blogs, or each posts on selected blog. Give valuable comments which will solve the issues on related post. I left few useful comments on Microsoft, VMware and VirtualBox forums with some of my blog posts. It brought me more traffic.

Other idea is, after publishing a post; find out the tops blog posts talking about same. Visit them and leave comments, like “I found the way how to fix this problem. It’s related to keyboard and you have to change one key. More information about how to do is available here at my blog”, just for an example. Don’t forget to visit them again and see the reaction. Keep a good two way communication.

5) Reply for your visitors’ comments and emails.

Each visitor is like a customer for our business, one day we will be benefited by them. So make them happy and excited by replying to their comments and emails. If they ask questions which you don’t know then check and find out for them (for tech blogs). This will not only make the particular visitor happy but new visitors too. Allow subscribing comments to notify automatically.

6) Use Images

Images brought me some useful traffic from Google and yahoo. There are many people use image search with specify keyword. Try to cover them and enjoy the traffic.

7) Related Posts and Interlinking

Use related posts plugin and connect three to four old posts on your new post content. Are you using SEO Smart Links plug in? It is a nice tool to connect old posts with same name,categories and tags.

8.) Modify Old Posts

Have you noticed your posts get hits by different keyword than what you targeted? Use Google analytics to find out incoming keywords traffic and modify post according it to utilize all search impressions.

OR One more method.

Under search queries in Google webmaster tools, you will get an idea about keyword impressions and CTR. Do a search with same keyword and see how your blog posts appear on search results. Will you click it if you were a user doing the search? Think and modify.

9) Follow up with Back Links

This is one more useful idea I found. When some bloggers added your post link in their post or some users submitted your link in any forum, then better go and see what they are talking. It will give some idea and you can also comment to increase the traffic.

I don’t know Russian, but someone added my blog post on large Russian community which brought me huge traffic. I used Google translator to understand it and left some comments there. Still it’s driving me enough good traffic.

10) Do not Write News, please

You are not running top news blog, so do not try  to write any news like ‘ Windows 8 released’ or ‘ WordPress 4 is out, download here’ and wait for traffic. It will not work. High PR and famous websites will take care of them and you cant compete with them now when your blog is new.

You can write these type of news when you have good number of feed subscribers or direct visitors.

11) Write and Write, One day will come for you

You must understand what I mean. If you are completely new for blogging, then allocate at least 6 months to get reasonable traffic. Keep writing.

12) Publishing Posts daily is not worth

I’m not discouraging this habit, but if you don’t have something worth and unique to write, then better leave it. Do not just write useless, old and most covered topics on your blog because you wanted to publish daily. When it comes Quality vs Quantity in blogging, always quality wins.

Above methods defiantly can help you to increase visits and page views to a blog. More importantly, be patient.

Do share your comments and thoughts about these points.

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  • This is certainly a good post and genuine information, as most of such posts are only trying to sell one or the other product which is just a masked version of freely available tools. Common sense combined with hard work and bit of ingenuity are sufficient to rise over time, patience being the buzzword

  • great tips dinesh..:) initially for my science blog i got about only 8 or 9 page views but after 5 months i am getting >60 pagviews per day. i am just a part time blogger. will follow ur tips for future posts

    thank u so much

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