How to Get BuySellAds Approval – Things to Check

One of my 2011 target is to get approval from and try their service. As I planned, I got that approval first thing in new year. This doesn’t mean I got it in first attempt, several times they rejected. I have good experience with this network. Here, I point out how to get buysellads approval. is the place where advertiser and publisher meet to buy and sell ads on websites.  BuySellAds keeps 25% to 30% of your price and pay the balance to you.

Here is the nice journey with them, when I applied for my sub domain in December 2009, they approved it straight away, I was so happy. Later I rejoined this sub domain with root domain, applied again for root domain. This time they rejected, I wondered. Not one time, three times I tried, all failed. In 2011, I re applied with new theme, got approved.

What BuySellAds Check in a Blog or Website?

Get BuySellAds Approval

The above information you get when trying to submit a website or blog.

But in my experience and what I have seen on internet, approval is completely depending on them and its different for each one.

Here is the example, when I applied first time in December 2009, my blog did not meet 100K impressions per month and it was my  first website so I didn’t have any good history, but it was approved. When I re applied after domains joined, it was rejected, but the traffic stats are well more than 100K.

If you check some other sites which got approval from Buysellads, they might have lesser than 100K.

With the last rejection from BSA( BuySellAds) , I requested for the reason. The reason they sent really surprised me.

How to Get BuySellAds Approval

My site was performing well more than 100K at this time and design was not that bad. The theme I was using is designed nicely to include 125×125 ads. I’m sure there are some poor designed sites approved by them. Anyhow, they have full rights on their decision.

Is Alexa and Google Page Rank really Considered here?

I don’t think this will be the main factor for approval from BSA. They do not mentioned it any where, and my site is with PR1 and Alexa rank still more than 100,000.

These factors may influence in getting advertisers to your ad slots.

What is Importance to Get BuySellAds Approval – Things to Check.

1) Make sure your blog is meeting their traffic requirements 100K ( or something around)  monthly impressions.

2) If you have ‘Advertise’ page, add the latest traffic (Google Analytics data) report on this page. BSA may check this.

3) Share your Google Analytics data with their email address.

4) Your site is up to date and completed.

5) Your content category is not falling in their ‘blocked content’.

6) Design the site appearance with standard elements neatly. (Nice header, sidebar, menus, sizing and correct spacing)

7) Remove some of the ads (if you are using more ads already), specially from main BSA locations. For example Sidebar top, header top.

8.) Write correct description and tags about your website.

9) Make sure to have decent Alexa rank and Google Page Rank. I’m sure, if you are meeting the traffic requirements then these ranks will be good.

After completing above check lists your site will be approved definitely.

One more note, you are free to ask the reason for the rejection and re apply again with BSA

Share your experience, thoughts and more points to help others to get approval from

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  • I also applied for BuySellAds, and the rejected, but they sent me a very nice email, when I told them how my pageviews were growing in the first 2 months of blog setup:

    “That’s promising, let’s make it this way – reach 25,000 and I can approve the site as we love the content.
    Thing is, we recommend 100,000 in order to have a good start but keep me updated on your status once you reach the mark above.”

    Now I am doing all I can to reach the 25k as soon as possible. I plan to get there at the end of May, hopefully (my blog was started this October).

    For now, I am thinking to try to sell ads directly to advertisers. I would offer them for 15$ each, and use AdSpeed ( to render them on my site. Maybe that will work out better, because I won’t need to give 25% cut to anybody.

    Dinesh, have you tried direct ad sales?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience.

      I think you have to pay AdSpeed to get their service. If you can find direct advertisers then better you can manage without any paid services in your blog. Some plugins will help, or even you can go to Google Doubleclick network.

      Yes, several companies and individuals reached me for for direct ads, some worked some did not.
      I contacted some of the companies in my same niches, but no use. You can find out these type of advertisers from your competitors sites and any adsene ads already running on your blog.
      Good luck.

    • Not so huge media, but they play good role in some famous sites.
      You don’t get ads from them, you just get ad slots. Then some of the advertisers have to buy these slots.

      I have put in It will take some time to get sold.
      Let me see.

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog.

  • Do you think going with BuySellAds versus running my own ad server on adspeed, will make a difference in terms of finding new advertisers?
    I am doing a lot of sales to find direct advertisers, and already found my first one for 15$. Do you think being on BuySellAds will help advertisers find me, or I will still have to continue doing sales?

    Because I was thinking, if I still have to work my butt off in finding advertisers, I am better off running my own ad server, and saving some money that way. Because ad server cost < buysellads 20% share.

    What do you think? I am approaching 10,000 pageviews a month now, things start looking promising, and now the closer I get to the 25k needed to join BuySellAds, the less I want to join them:)

    What would you do?

    • Paulina,
      15$ for 10,000 page views is really a great achievement.

      If you have good communication and sales skills then definitely you can run alone without any services to sell your ad slots. Make sure your niche is having enough of advertisers.

      BuySellads works well for specific niche sites only.

      Here is the example,
      My site ( is making 200,000 page views and I priced $25 for 125×125 ad slot. 15 days gone, but no one bought it. So, you must be lucky 😉

      At the same time, some sites sold their ad slots for same price (25$) with lesser than 75,000 page views.

      In my opinion, even you don’t need any third party ad servers or services, just find out the advertisers, upload the banner to your site then get the money. There are some plugins available to count the impressions and clicks.

      Hope I answered your question. Feel free to contact me.
      Be good enough to share this blog to your readers, if they are interested.

      • Thank you Dinesh, your advice is very valuable to me. The way I do my sales is I hired a virtual assistant from Philippines, and she emails advertisers a standard pitch, promising them a media kit if they reply. So far, 1 replied, LOL:)) But it’s only been 2 weeks that I am doing those email sales.

        I actually love adspeed now. I filled the other three empty 125×125 squares with my affiliate promotions, and put them on rotation. Adspeed tracks impressions, clicks, can add restrictions of all kinds (Like to what countries to show, etc), and also I can set the ‘weight’ for each ad, which one in the rotations will be displayed more. I think I will not apply for buysellads anymore.

        Your site is great! I check it every day, just to see if you wrote something new!

  • Hi
    There are companies that just start clicking so our site will have more traffic, How do they check the traffic? Is it going to work if we go for those companies and later get approved by BuySellAds ? 😀

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