Top 8 Tips to Increase Infolinks Earnings

Here is the post with top 8 tips to increase Infolinks earnings. I started with Kontera in-text ad network and disappointed with their payout amount. Switched to Infolinks later and making decent income from them with my current traffic.

Tips to Increase Infolinks Earnings

Since Infolinks ads are not like Google adsense ad blocks, it will be a good combination to use both products to monetize a blog. CTR is high, but eCPM is less compare to Google adsense.

Here are the Top 8 Tips to increase Infolinks earnings from my experience.

1. Dotted Line

I was using dotted line and pretty happy with the performance. Recently, Infolinks suggested for double line ads, so they can publish high paying ads. I’m not sure how much its true. I tried it for 10 days, unfortunately, it did not work for me.

Again I changed to dotted line, then my Infolinks earnings started to grow.

Tips to Increase Infolinks Earnings

The above real example is with same amount of traffic.

The key point is, dotted line increased the CTR rate which gave some income increase.

2. Two Colors will work better.

Ad color is very important to get good CTR. You can try two colors to test and settle with the best result color.

a) Blog links color

Change the ad color to your blog’s link color. Definitely this will confuse your readers, at the same time increase the CTR. So, you must decide which one is important and work according to it.

b) Blue ad color

If you are not happy with the first option, then change the ad color to blue. This will work with any blog theme. Blue is the common link color on internet and everyone used to that. You can get possible good number of clinks on blue color link ads, which will increase the CTR and Infolinks earnings.

3. Number of Ads

Do not set it either very less or high numbers. If you have long articles then less number of ads will not cover the whole post. On other hand small posts will irritate your readers with high number of ads.

Also, setting up maximum number of ads will reduce the eCPM by displaying low quality ads, where you will be wasting your CTR. If you like to set maximum number of ads, then write keyword rich long articles.

4. Proper Category

Select the proper category related to your blog content, this will help to display very related and interested ads for your readers. It helps to get high payout ads and increase the CTR.

Tips to Increase Infolinks Earnings

5. Write Keyword Rich Posts

When your posts are having rich keywords related to your blog category, then possibly you will get high paying ads. For example,

“ My OS XP crashed during the installation on my PC” can be written as,

“ My Operating System Windows XP crashed during the installation on my Intel Computer”

Some tech keywords in second sentence, like “Operating System”, ‘Windows XP” and “Intel” will display some worthy Infolinks ads.

6. Related Tags

This point must increase Infolinks earnings very well. Infolinks study says, 30% revenue improvement possible by related tags above the fold on each post.

I don’t use this on my blog, because I’m focusing on Google adsense above the fold, which is performing well. I do not want to add Infolinks related tags and confuse my readers or take away adsense clicks.

related tags

Increase Infolinks earnings with related tags

7. Do not display ads in Header, Sidebar and Footer

Since you don’t have control on ad locations, this feature helps to stop displaying ads on header, sidebar and footer texts. To get high CTR and increase Infolinks earnings, it’s always better to display ads in post content only. The users will be concentrating on this area initially.

Add the below codes at the top and bottom of each wordpress element.

Above code in wordpress theme file will display ads on specific area only.

8. Organic Traffic

This is not only for Infolinks, but for all ad networks.

Who clicks the ads on a website?, Mostly its a new visitor who comes via search engines. Concentrate on SEO, unique and new contents to attract more search engine traffic to increase Infolinks earnings.

In my experience Infolinks is the best in-text ad network. Good support and payments on time. Using Infolinks with Google adsense will return decent monthly blog income.

Do share your thoughts about these 8 tips to increase Infolinks earnings, if you have more tips I missed here, please share.

Happy Blogging.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Actually the support team of Infolinks said the contrary to what you said in your post.
    They told me to use the maximum number of ads (12) and to use double lined ads instead of dotted ads if I want to maximize my revenue.
    They said that dotted ads, pay less and the maximum number of ads help get higher CTR.

    Now the question is, who should I trust? Infolinks support team or you??

    • Bear,
      You can trust the official support team always, but you have to see the real world examples also.
      Their support team suggested the same and I have put here in this post what worked for me.
      You test with dotted line for two weeks and double line for another two weeks, then you can decide which works better for you. Its mostly related to your theme and link colors.

      Yes, maximum number of ads will increase the CTR, but if your posts are with average 300 to 400 words, then just imagine how your blog posts will appear with 12 ads and your existing blog links?. Thats why I suggested to set the number of ads depends on size of post.

      Also, if you have 6 ads now and after increasing to 12, it will not double your earnings, I’m sure. Again, it depends of your post content, quality of ads and traffic source.
      Hope you got my point and decide according to it.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, I will be happy to help you. Have a nice day.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera. While it’s possible to achieve some level of optimize your In-Text revenue through experimentation, I think by far the most important factors are the relevancy and quality of the ads your receiving.

    Here at Kontera, we easily have the most relevant In-Text ads, thanks to our Synapse Platform, an algorithm that rather than just scanning for keywords, reads your content for actual meaning. That extra level of contextual understanding is how we’re able to provide the most relevant ads for your content, leading to higher CTR and better CPC.

    It also means you don’t have to worry about steering your posts towards specific keywords. Because Kontera uses Topical Targeting, where which phrases are highlighted are based on the themes discussed in your post, our Platform frees you to shift your focus to writing quality content that attracts a quality audience.

    Kontera also features an exclusive ad inventory from some of the biggest brands in the world, including Nintendo, Pizza Hut, Samsung, L’Oreal, Blackberry, National Geographic, Ford, AT&T, and more. These premium, often Rich-Media ads are the most eye grabbing and creative, offer the best possible, and only can be found on the Kontera network.

    If you’re interested, please contact me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to see if you qualifies to receive these premium ads, and if your site would be a good match to rejoin the Kontera Network.


    – Jonathan Cohen
    Kontera Community Manager
    Monetize your site with Kontera In-Text ads

    • Jonathan Cohen, Thanks for dropping by and leaving valuable comment.

      I can see positive comments like this from your team and other bloggers on internet recently. I’m sure something changed at Kontera which is good for bloggers. I will consider your request.
      Thanks again for leaving valuable comment for my readers.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    I find it strange that you are promoting Infolinks but did not use them on this blog?

    I agree about the dotted links, it makes it easier to read compared to double underlined as what the Infolinks have suggested.

    Regarding Infolinks Category, if I were to choose games for my blog,
    could you advice on how to write keyword rich posts for that?


    • @ayumilove,
      You are correct, I published this post when I was using Infolinks. Now, I started using Vibrant media in-text ads. Still Infolinks is worth to try and make good money out of it.
      You list out the high paying keywords you like to target in your article and just include them (in first paragraph, h1, h2 and several places in article).

  • i think it is very nice information to increase our infolinks revenue. but i also add to give recommendation to choose good keyword in our post….

  • Sorry, please ignore my previous comment.

    I have used Infolinks on my site around 1 month ago.
    Based on my experience so far, dotted style served better revenue for my site.
    And I set the maximum ads number to 12.

    Well, still trying and will give you update from time to time

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