My Ever Top Adsense Earning on August 2012, What is the Lesson?

My Ever Top Adsense Earning on August 2012, What is the Lesson?

Okay, this is an interesting post about blog earnings. I should have published this much earlier since this is related to August earning.  I have achieved my ever highest monthly Google AdSense earning on August 2012. I’m happy to share some of the facts about it with you. Google AdSense is still my main income source and I’m happy with the performance. The few changes I did on ad slots reflected in earning.

My Google AdSense earning of August 2012 was 1276.29$, approximately $41 daily earning. I’m not sure how you are treating $41 daily earning, but it is really a big money for me if I convert it to my country currency.

summary earning

If you could remember, I seriously concentrated in blogging from March 2010 and $33.59 was the AdSense income of March 2010. So, after around two and half years, the $33.59 went up to $1276.29. I’m not sure whether I can call this as an great increase, but I’m happy with the increase specially from single blog and I’m a part time blogger yet.


What is the Lesson?

Google AdSense is a great money making program for bloggers which is mainly connected to type of content and traffic (visitors). There are people make good money with affiliate business, but you need specific skills to write about products and get audience for it. But making money with AdSense is very easy, you just publish the content and get traffic. Google AdSense will convert the traffic as money.


1) Do you believe in higher Google AdSense CPC?

Will you believe me if I tell that one click brought me around 22$? Yes, that happened this time. I do not want to show the screen shot of the CPC and post URL because of Adsense TOS, but I’m sure you will believe me on this.

2) 72$ on a day

That is again a cool dashboard view to see.

daily earning


I have told above two points to make you believe in Google AdSense, because still I get emails complaining about low CPC and earnings. It is not AdSense fault, it is your blog’s fault.


3) Do not show two or all three ad slots on same screen

Try to show only one AdSense ad slot on same screen view. For example, show the first ad unit on initial view, then when the user scrolls down and the first unit disappears, shows the second slot. Do the same thing for 3rd slot. This is what I have learned recently. This gives more balance and options to readers.


4) Give importance to AdSense

If you have other types of banner ads or pay per click ads on your blog, give importance to AdSense ads only, if you want to make money from it. Which means, place it in main slots, do not mix it up with others and do not place next to next with other ads.

Do not give more choices to your readers. Do not expect readers to do ‘either one of it’, instead make them to do ‘one action only’.


5) Keywords (topic) and Source of traffic country is still very important

You can’t make more money from AdSense with any type of keywords. I already explained earlier how Google AdSense works and importance of keywords. Though, you can have a blog or blog posts without targeting specific keywords, but the topic/niche of your blog is very important and should have profitable keywords.

Not all traffic from all countries convert well in AdSense. Not all advertisers target audience globally, most of the advertisers target only specific territory or countries with higher CPC ads. So, when your visitors reach your blog from these countries, you have more chances to make more money with Google AdSense.


6) Seasonal earnings

Yes, may be because of we are nearing the end of year (Q4 is starting up) the earnings could be high. Advertisers are willing to pay more on their ads which converts well for bloggers. In a year, January and December do not make same amount of money from AdSense with same traffic, there is definite difference. That is the way AdSense works.


Do you use and depend more on Google AdSense? then I’m sure you could take few points from this post.

Have fun.

Note: I know what you are thinking, Sept 2012 adsense earning is already more the August earning, but I had to publish this post. 🙂



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