October 2014 Blog Income Report, Heating Up at End of the Year

October 2014 Blog Income Report, Heating Up at End of the Year

October, November and December are always a nice period for bloggers and online money makers since usually Q4 yields more income than other months in a year. I experienced the same hike during this time, it is not only due to Q4, but also by a sudden traffic increase on one of my blog.  Also another money making blog got hit by Panda 4.1 which lost some traffic and money. By the way, I will publish another guide explains how I have recovered (still recovering) the traffic of that particular blog which affected by Google Panda 4.1.  Anyhow in this post let me share my October 2014 Blog income report, it is collectively from my all blogs

The purpose of this post is very simple and straight forward, it is to motivate and inspire you in blogging and make you believe in your self. When you see someone is making money only by blogging (writing posts) as a part time job (in spare time only) who has limited time for blogging activities, then how about you? If you are a full time blogger and having plenty of time to learn and invest your time and knowledge in blogging, then you can do far better than me in short time.

My this year 2014 year target is to make 5000$ on December 2014. I’m trying my best to touch that mark. Still there are 2 more months in this year and I managed to make $ 3560 on October 2014. That’s not bad at all for a part time blogger, right?

I started expanding my blog network by acquiring old blogs and starting news blog with others. Though I have not seen any remarkable increase by this new expansion, I’m sure I will see the good results by next year 2015.

Break Down of October 2014 Blog Income Report

1) Google AdSense

My main and favorite hassle free money making program. Since they have started EFT payment to Sri Lankan AdSense publishers, receiving payment from Google has became so easy. I’m getting my money almost one month earlier than earlier traditional check payment method.

2712$ is from Google AdSense for October 2014, my ever top earning of a month in my 6 years blogging career.

October 2014 blog income

2) Vibrant Media

The earnings of this network fluctuates, but something reasonably I get every month and my 2nd top income source.

I have made 650$ from Vibrant media. It is a famous and high paying in-text ad network in the market (as per my knowledge)

3) Amazon and BuySellAds

Around 200$ from these two ad network.

Since couple of my niche based websites got affected by Panda 4.1, Amazon associate earnings have dropped considerably.

The Inspiration Point


Most of us blog for money (or course other factors too, like self satisfaction, knowledge sharing, helping others…etc), if you are a person started blogging to make money, my say is ‘it is possible’. You must blog and follow certain rules religiously without cheating others or just publishing crap on your blog. Give something really useful for readers/internet world.

Making money from Google AdSense also very much easy and possible. Day by day Google get more advertisers, so the CPC of particular topic increases, which will be more beneficial for bloggers like us.

For example, if one click used to bring 1$ in 2012, the same topic click can bring 3$ now in 2014, because the competition and bidding between advertisers have been increased, we can make use of it. Also, there are lot of other opportunities I haven’t tried, but you can try and it will work for you.

Blog hard (not smart now), find out others’ problems and fix it by your self, make your own solutions and give it to readers. After certain level, your blog will make money like an autopilot.

Share your experience and October blog income report here. Are you seeing any increase on Q4 period?


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