Why I Always Say To Write About Upcoming Products,Topics – Here is the Proof!

If you follow me and my blog for some time, you would have noticed I always suggest to write about upcoming products/topics/services/news. I say the same advice to the people who contact me to increase their blog traffic.  This method worked well for me since I stared blogging and I experienced the same traffic increase recently twice. In this post I’m sharing the experience as an example and how I achieved 500,000 monthly PVs by July 2011.

In July income report I conveyed that my blog’s monthly  page view increased to 500,000 from 385,000, this is due to the same fact.  I almost got 115,000 PVs increased in just a month. Its cool, isn’t?

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OK, here is the thing, when we want to get more traffic from search engines, we do keyword research, correct?. Any research with any tools you do, it all fetch the data from past search history, sometimes current trend also. But, we all forget the future search trend (What people will search after few days or months even years), of course, there are no tools available  to get these keywords. But, you have to work smartly to guess the upcoming products in your niche and guess the search terms as an ordinary visitor and write about it.

Sometimes, this method will work or fail but whatever you get it’s a bonus traffic for you.  In fact, you do not need to spend more  time to write these posts or analyze the competition. This is really one of easiest hidden technique to increase the traffic.

Lets look at an example.

This is a post I published on a upcoming product which is Lion OS X (Its already released now). It was getting around 700 PVs daily (It was quite OK that time itself) before the release.

normal traffic

Can you guess what would have happen after July 19th 2011?

technique to increase your blog traffic

On 21st July it reached maximum 3400 PVs. I know this will drop later because the trend would drop within few days. But, the same article is getting around 2000PVs daily now.

700 to 2000PVs after the product release is a great deal for me. I spent more time to prepare this guide as its having some complicated steps.  But look at the second example which consumed very less time, but the result is so great.


Here is the another example without working hard or spend time.

This article was getting around 65 PVs daily. I didn’t worry much on this, because this product was not released that time and I did not spend much time to prepare this post.

Windows 8 normal traffic

This is what happened after 13th of September 2011.

after release

I could not believe the traffic report on 14th September 18358 PVs in a day, luckily my site is running in VPS host which managed to receive this sudden traffic hike. It dropped as expected, but the same page is getting around 3000PVs daily now. 65 to 3000 PVs is one of the great hike and my particular post is listed in Google’s first page in top 3 articles. This is related to Windows 8, though it was released as developer preview now and final version yet to release for normal users. So, I can expect one more hike later. Smile


These are just examples to proof the performance of writing about forthcoming products, services and news.


How to Get Ideas?

This is the most common question, how to get ideas to write about future search terms.

1) Best thing is, subscribe to main top blogs and websites of main products in your niche. Here you will get news about their upcoming products.

2) Subscribe to famous forums in your niche.

3) Check some Chinese sites and hacking sites, these guys are famous in leaking the news.

4) No matter what topic you write, you should know the main players in your niche who release new products/services. Watch them daily for updates.

5) Its OK to write rumors. But tell your readers it’s a rumor or personal opinion. Because rumors can be written for upcoming products with out proof.  We do not need to proof, but we need traffic.

6) You can study the version changing number pattern and guess the next release. Though, you can’t see the real product but its acceptable to write your expectation or guessing.

7) Check the current hot search term for particular product version, now write the same matter with upcoming version.


My most of the tips may suite for tech products, but you should be smart enough to connect these points or get more points like this for your blog’s topic. If I miss something here, just share them in comments area.

Share your comments and how these tips can help you to increase the traffic.

Good luck friends.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    That’s a good news and thank you so much for sharing this idea with all of us.

    Most important, you gave us proof, what more we can ask for. I am not a tech blogger. I write on career, personal finance, life hacks and productivity things. I will surely follow your guidelines.


  • Correct Dinesh,

    When Windows 8 Developer Preview launched the same day I posted how to install Win8 DP on VirtualBox & my daily page views reaches to 50,000 marks continuously for three days.. from odd 3,000 to 4000 daily page views..

    Nice article!!!


  • man you guys are talking about real traffic boom 50K page views 🙂 , I must tell dinesh you are rocking man and thank s for sharing this tips , how about daily blog money , how much traffic it is generating, I think its also kind of very popular, all the best to you both .


  • Awesome tips dinesh. Its true that everyone uses keyword analysis and forget about future trend. I will surely use your tips. And you said that to read Chinese and hacking blog. Can you mention some of them or can you mail the URL’s? I want to have a look at them.

    Thank you!

  • Great techniques Dinesh, but a few days ago google penalize one of my blog and I lost for almost 90% visitors event though i don’t do any black hat seo techniques.

    Do you know how to get my traffic back?

  • Yeah. people have the tendency to look for the things which aren’t really ready enough to explore. Its a kind of human tendency, which keeps them against suspense. Hence, previews and future related articles, will really keep them interested. 🙂

  • @Dinesh: How do you have this system of gathering the latest post from the commentor’s respected websites? Does this come with the genesis framework?

  • Love this idea! I need traffic since I just started blogging. Do you recommend a place to find blogs in a specific niche to get product ideas?

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