Why Long Articles Important to increase Google Adsense Revenue?

Are you complaining about low adsense earning and CPC even when your blog is having good traffic?, read this small guide. Earlier I published an article on how to increase the adsense CPC, but here is one more important factor you must consider to increase the earning.

The post content size is very important to get relevant and high quality adsense ads. We must understand that our readers will click on ads which are related to the article and information they are looking for. For example if your article is discussing about ‘money management’, then your readers do not want to see ‘wordpress webhosting’ adsense ads inside the content. But, sometimes Google shows these types of ads too even though they are the best ad serving company. That is not the problem with Google, it can be an issue with your content.


Normally, when your post page loads with adsense ad codes, adsense robots scan the content (matching the keywords in their system) and show the relevant ads. Therefore, if your article is not having enough words (useful keywords) to feed the adsense robots, then surely its going to show some non relevant ads.

Few things can happen when Adsense robots struggle to find enough content.

1) Display non relevant ads.

2) Display public ads ( Any clicks on these ads will not generate income to you)

3) Sometimes blank space too.


OK, let me explain with a small example.

Lets assume you have inserted three adsense ad blocks with the size of 336×286 (with only text ads) in your each post/pages. Most of the time, each 336×286 ad will try to display 4 ads ( normally when text ads are enabled).

So, in this case 12 text ads should appear and you are hoping these ads should be relevant and high CPC!!.  Now, look at your article size, is that enough to feed adsense robots to fetch 12 relevant ads? Think about that.

Even writing 200 to 300 words article will not be enough in this example. Importantly, adsense is looking for keywords which advertisers are targeting not just any words.

For example,

“ I like to complete my college studies, so I can get a good job to earn money and study more’

The above sentence may not fetch quality ads, since it is not having high value keywords (where most of the advertisers will be competing).

Try this sentence,

“I like to complete my engineering college studies which I’m doing at one of the top college in London. So, I can get high salary engineering job and study advanced PhD in Air craft engineering.”

(This is just an example, do not find any mistakes Smile )


You can see the second sentence which says the same thing, but with different keywords. I have mentioned the keywords in bold letters and possibly advertisers will be advertising their products (college, courses..etc.) on them. The second sentence is slightly longer then first one and definitely it will get more quality Google adsense ads.

Check my earlier guide on how to find high paying keywords for adsense.

Remember, you DO NOT need to write your each sentence and paragraphs like this considering high paying keywords. Then it will end up as ‘Keyword stuffing’ and your normal readers will be irritated to read these type of sentences everywhere in the article. So, you have to balance everything, including,

1) Normal human readers.

2) The keyword you are targeting to get search engine traffic ( SEO keyword)

3) The keywords you are targeting to get high paying (CPC) adsense ads.


So, finally when you consider above there points in your article and balance each properly without alarming human readers, SEO robots and adsense robots, then definitely your article will be more than 500 to 600 words.


I hope this small article makes sense to get some ideas on getting relevant and high paying adsense ads to increase the revenue. I shared here what I follow most of the time and quite succeeded too.

After Google started to consider ‘best user experience’ in each blog pages, you have to make sure you are not over doing anything extra which will put you in trouble.

Balance everything and make good money!

Good luck.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Yet another great article. The article should have the targeted keywords and it should also well laid out so the readers don’t get irritated.

    Thanks for such a great tip !

  • Sure Dinesh, we have to agree with you!
    Lengthier the article, better the scope for us to express our knowledge. Explaining the topics in detail makes the blog reader friendly and especially so if the subject is new to the readers. The experts are impressed by the way the subject is presented. And ultimately the revenue from Google.
    Nice topic and well presented!

  • Hi Dinesh,

    I completely agree with this point of yours. The example that you gave of using keywords in your sentence is apt and I will keep this in mind. These are *top strategies* while writing blog to *increase google adsense income* 🙂

  • this long days i dont know about how the content help for adsense, After referring this i got a clear idea, So more content = more keywords, thanks for valuable post,

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