Alexa Vs Google Analytics Vs Earnings, What Do You Think?

I’m writing this post as a response to a strange comment received recently, but more than that, this can be an ‘eye opener’ post if you fall in same category. Do you believe in website stats and figures which are calculated by third party web companies? do you think it is accurate?. Here, I’m sharing the connectivity between Alexa Vs Google Analytics Vs Earnings of a website or blog.

OK, here is the comment I received recently for my previous post about adsense difference.

hey buddy ,

can you share your traffic analytics report(non-edited) ?

with the help of alexa rank anyone who have some mind can guess approximate adsense income.

so stop proclaiming these non-sense reports.
your is tech related site so very less chances to get click , because most of the visitors are tech savvy. cpm is not that much for tech sites, according to your site alexa rank your monthly pageviews is not over 500,000 permonth, and most visitors are from india and neighbour countries.

so, stop these fu****g reports.


Interesting comment, but I did not approve it.

Even though I get more good and positive comments, but few of these comments also come to my inbox. That was the main reason I shared my last moth earning report with screenshots of each programs.


My Question is

How others can guess and calculate my blog’s earning and actual traffic from Alexa?

I know most of the new bloggers waste time on third party website calculators and go after behind it, because I also did the same mistake. Alexa could be an important factor to consider, but that is not very accurate. Almost one year ago I shared my comparison with Alexa and exact traffic, you can check it here.

If you are addicted to check your and others’ blog traffic, rank or value on third party websites including Alexa, I suggest to STOP DOING IT. It will never give correct information on others’ websites.

I can explain further on these stats by comparing my both blogs with correct Google analytics and income reports.

Lets see the Alexa rank;


sysprobs alexa


dbm alexa

So, what you would guess immediately on actual earning and traffic by seeing above Alexa rank?

DailyBlogMoney is having better Alexa rank in India and Global rank is just 1.5 higher than Sysprobs.

So, can we finalize that DailyBlogMoney earning and traffic should be at least half of  Sysprobs?


Let’s look at the actual last three months traffic report of Sysprobs blog.

sysprobs traffic

and for DailyBlogMoney,

dbm traffic

DailyBlogMoney’s traffic is only about 1.3% of Sysprobs traffic (by comparing PV).

But, Alexa doesn’t reflect that much difference in the global rank, and surprisingly Indian Alexa rank in better for DailyBlogMoney than Syprobs.


Here is the another Alexa factor to decide traffic, which is ‘Reach’.

‘Reach’ means how many percentage of global internet users visited a particular web site in last 7 days, 1 and 3 months.

Alexa reports for Sysprobs as below,

reach sysprobs

and For DBM,

reach dbm

As per the above report, 0.00474% internet users visited Sysprobs in last three months whereas 0.00282% users visited DBM. Approximately DBM received half percentage of which Sysprobs got in last three months.

But, was it correct compared to actual Google analytics report? When Alexa ‘reach’ factor reports about 50% traffic, but the real traffic is only around 1.3%, which is a big difference.


What About Earning?

DailyBlogMoney did not earn considerable amount. Recently I removed the main adsense slot from DMB which struggled to make even 10$ per month. The adsense slot after each post is not doing anything and the same applies to other affiliate banners.

So, my blog income is mainly from Sysprobs. I can say that DBM contributed around 1% in my last three months earning. But still that doesn’t translate Global Alexa ranks difference.

The below example is even worse,

When I was new to blogging, I keep on checking website traffic and daily earning at

Here are the stats now,

For Sysprobs

sysprobs websiteoutlook

OK, this is quite reasonable.  The daily pageview and Revenue are slightly around what I get from Sysprobs.

Check the below stat for DailyBlogMoney from same websiteoutlook calculator.

dbm websiteoutlook

Am I making $44 daily from this blog? is monthly earning around ($44×30) $1320? my traffic is near to that?, Nothing is true or even around to actual.


Top Traffic Location

The strange commenter said that Sysprobs’s top traffic country is India. Is it true?, I can’t blame the commenter, because Alexa reports the same as below,

country location

So, he was correct that I can’t earn that much money if my site’s top traffic country is India and neighbor countries.

But, see the below screenshot taken from Google analytic for last three months.

google traffic location

It clearly says United States is getting almost 5 times more traffic than India whereas Alexa reported India as the top country.


Conclusion and What I’m Trying to Say?

  • I’m not selling (or compelling you to buy) any products by showing bogus or proclaiming earning reports, and you must be knowing that I have never contacted or used your emails to send any sales emails. So, I do not have any valid reasons to show modified or ‘proclaiming’ earning screenshots.
  • Do not believe others’ blog income and traffic stats by any third party website calculators or estimators. Those are not valid and true, my case would be an example.
  • Alexa rank, Google Page Ranks and other stats have no any direct connection with earning and traffic of website. The earning completely depends on traffic quantity, quality and how you are monetizing it.
  • If your blogging knowledge is limited or you already fed up with blogging, then do not leave these types of comments of others blogs.


There are more genuine and great bloggers around my blog, they leave useful and valuable comments, thanks to them.

This post would be an example of misleading website calculators and rank system. Do not limit your self by checking these ranks and stats for your website and others’ too. Instead, try to publish more and more quality articles, promote your blog and get more traffic.

Good luck guys and Season’s greetings.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • i don’t know who the guy doubt your site you are publishing you are statistics data I think he is kinda of a fool are a newbiee…
    anyway you are doing a great work for bloggers like me

  • I Personally agree to every point you mentioned above. Most of the sites which have good traffic and rank stats are taken as sites which earn huge amount of money daily. But, its not the actual criteria, and thats rightly proved in your above post.

    Good Work.

  • I would stick with the accuracy of google analytics before anything else. I have a small growing blog and use W3 and Analytics, and they both are consistent right now, but if I go anywhere else, I experience similar results to what you are mentioning here.

    • Yea. very true and i agree with your genuine reply … You have full support from New Bloggers who wants to become poor blogger to Pro blogger.. Some days I got 70-80 visitors/ day some days I get 200 visitors / day . on that time i really felt down and read your earning reports for motivate Myself this will comes true .. Keep Posting

      • Hi .. Sorry Abhishek

        the above said details conveyed to only . By mistakenly i select your reply ..
        I was also noticed the alexa rank for india and US … comparatively fine ..

  • In last income report, i told you that i can make tons of more money with same traffic amount. Actually these people’s don’t know you
    a) don’t need traffic to make money. You need targeted traffic for adsense / amazon.
    b) i have 10% conversion in amazon sales.

    I get 5,00,000 visitors from targeted traffic. I will make no less then $20k per month.

  • I always find it really amateurish when people try to guess a website income via tools like alexa and website outlook. More traffic does not always mean more income and vice versa. Good post.

  • Actually it’s very simple explanation to that amateur who commented on your earnings. Alexa can only track stats if their toolbar is installed on the browser of user. So of course it’s not 100% accurate. Not everyone in a particular country has the toolbar or plugin installed and those that do are mostly bloggers or seo professionals and most blogging tips website or seo websites tend to have a much higher alexa ranking than they should.

  • You are right instead of spending more time on finding others blog statistics bloggers can concentrate on good content and seo for their blog.

  • This post is really an eye opener for me. I used to check alexa and other sites often to see the rank. After reading this post, I understand, what I did was worthless.

  • Anybody who has used Alexa regularly or tried to understand how this data is collected would have never sent that foolish comment.

    Alexa stats are calculated from browsers which have the Alexa toolbar (or extension) installed. Alexa will hedge your stats based on data collected through these toolbar stats and “arrive” at a global level figure. (Can be verified from a simple Google search)

    You main blog which deals with tech issues would be used by technicians and laymen alike but the probability of them having the toolbar installed is very low (Home vs office, business use vs personal etc etc).

    However, a blog which is written for an audience who are interested in making money online (i.e. web based business) would have a higher probability of the toolbar installed. Since Alexa will only track a pageview and a hit if you have the toolbar installed, many website owners are more fascinated with Alexa ranks and will have a higher chance of installing the Alexa toolbar.

    This is the reason why your DBM has a higher Alexa ranking than your main blog.

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