June 2014 Blog Income Report, Where Am I Heading?

June 2014 Blog Income Report, Where Am I Heading?

I just decided to publish my June 2014 blog income report. It’s been a long time  since I published my blog income report. As I claimed earlier that I’m working towards an income goal for this year, I’m preparing the base for it and expanding my blog network. You will be seeing the frequent update of this progress. Here is my June 2014 Blog income report.

June is always an important month for any business including blogging. We can analyze the half year performance and work harder and smarter on rest of the 6 months to achieve our full year goal.

Last time I published my income report back in September 2012 which was $ 2113.26. It’s almost two years passed and the growth of the income is not that great. I wish it would have increased atleast double in two years, but that is not the story here. My total blog income of June 2014 is $ 2894.

There are so many reasons why the income is still floating around 2500$. Anyhow I’m making necessary steps to push it to 5000$ by end of this year.

Here is the Breakdown of June 2014 Blog Income Report

1) Google Adsense

It’s the leading income source for my blog network. It performed well in June 2014, no complaints. I managed to make $ 1774.99 from my 4 blogs.

Google income

2) Vibrant Media

It performed much better than expectation. Earlier vibrant media used show in-text ads mainly in US and Europe countries, but nowadays I could see their ads even in middle east countries that means they are targeting globally now. That is a great advantage for publishers since their CPC is much better than any other in-text ad providers.

$959.04 from an in-text ad network is really a great deal.

vibrant media incom

3) Other Networks

Other ad networks provided very small portion of income. Buysellads and Amazon associate contributed little and managed to give me 160$ in June 2014.

How about your blog income for June 2014? Feel free to share your comments.


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