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There are two types of people who do not see the success, the people who are lazy to try something new, and others are someone who wants to start something but delaying because of (again) laziness and too much worrying.


Most of us know that internet is having full of opportunities to make money online passively. But how many of us are really doing it? Or, at least starting something online to make money?. If you could remember, I conducted an event in my home town and showed them the ways to make money online. Everyone were so excited and pumped up by seeing the earnings of mine and other bloggers. But mostly no one has stared anything online (I guess), because nobody contacted me for further support and help despite of providing my phone number and email address for special support from me. It is normal and same case with most of the people nowadays because of fear of internet and lack of real success stories.

People have many reasons for everything. The person who forgets the reasons and change them as steps towards the success, finally sees the real success. Making money online or offline is not easy. Of course, nobody including multi-billion dollar company Google will come and give you $10 per day without your any action. You must do something to get benefit.

So, here is my simple question, what is still pulling you back from staring a blog/website and make money online?​

Based on my experience and what I got from others, let me guess your problems and give my solutions.​

Problem 1: Can I really make money online?

Can I get it to my local bank account? Do the companies really pay to bloggers?

It is You                 


Those are really good questions. Yes, you can really make money and that is what I’m doing for last 8 years. Not only me, there are plenty of people making money online.
As I know, most of the normal people think that internet is a place where we spend money. For example, we search for products and buy them online by paying through credit card or Paypal. We pay for some services, let’s say your dish TV renewal..etc. Altogether, you spend your money on internet. So, if I say that you can do it in reverse and get money from internet, Yes, I know, it will be difficult to understand and believe.

Google, Amazon, ebay and so many e-commerce and affiliate sites pay money to bloggers and webmasters who promote their products and services. These companies know that they can’t reach everyone on the planet, so they use blogging and other websites as medium to reach Mr.Mark who reads your blog. These companies pay particular amount as commissions to bloggers and webmasters. As long as your follow their rules, terms and conditions, they will pay you on time without any issues.

Yes, the money can come to your local bank. Most of the companies can send checks to your home address by post. If your country is supported in their direct bank transfer system, then the money will come to your bank account directly in 2 days.

95% of companies are legitimate and they work very well with bloggers and web masters. As a new bloggers, you better start with famous companies such as Google, Amazon and ebay to make money.

Problem 2: I don’t know when I will start making money?

How long should I wait? Am I going to waste time on building a blog?

It is You                  


To be honest, making money online takes time especially for beginners. To overcome this issue, the simple method is ‘do not blog only for money’. Yes, we need money from our blogs and websites, but if you decide your success and happiness by only getting money, then you may end up losing the interest in blogging or quit blogging soon. Blogging should be your passion, you should love writing, teaching someone, solving someone’s problems and helping your readers. By seeing someone’s 'Thank You' message or email, you should feel happy. If people started reading your blogs, you should be happy and keep your-self motivated even though you haven’t started making money yet. If you get this mindset and keep the ‘making money’ expectation somewhere behind in your head, then you can work towards building a successful blog which will get more readers and eventually make money by it.

Now coming to the point that how long it will take time to make money?.

I would say that it will take more than 6 months. If you are good enough and follow the rules very well, even you can make money in 3 months. But to keep your mind in realistic time line, just think your website will start making money after 6 months only. Your blog needs time to build trust from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and other money making programs, and from your readers. Once it gained the trust and started getting readers from around the world, your blog will have higher chances of making money.

Time waste of building blog?

To get something you need to spend something for it.

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It depends on you whether you want to be a successful blogger and make money online or just want to try for some time your luck. Building a blog and making money from is kind of learning process. For the next 6 months you are going to learn something very new. You will become an expert on the topic you write, let’s say, if your blog is about iPhone then you are going to learn lot about iPhone in the next 6 months because you have to write about it. You will become an expert about iPhone, blogging, website design, SEO and online money making methods. Assuming that you are not going to fail in blogging, it is definitely not a time waste in building a blog. It will be a great learning lesson in your life time. Even you can learn some personal qualities and develop them, such as;

  • Fighting spirit
  • Not giving up
  • Self-motivation
  • Being productive
  • Self-discipline

You can use this experience and lesson for your next new blog and replicate the same to create multiple blogs and income sources.

Problem 3: I do now know which topic to select?

What should I write on my blog to make money?

It is You                 


The topic is crucial. You can select the topic considering several factors. I would suggest you to take a paper and write down the topics/categories that you like to write on internet. Let’s say, you like to write about cricket, Windows 10, Android phone, your city, your daughter, how to make chicken fry, mountain climbing, or how to get girlfriend quickly etc. It can be anything you are interested and want to write for next 2 years.

Now ask below questions against each of your topic and see whether the particular topic is meeting all criteria?, IT SHOULD MEET ALL!

1)Do I really have ideas and content to write about it for next 2 years? (Because after few months you should not be in a state without having anything to write about it. For example, if it’s about making chicken fry, can you write about it for next 2 years? I don’t think so)

2) Will other readers around the global including USA, UK, Australia and Canada read my blog posts? Will they search something related to my topic on Google? (Because you should get readers from around the global, so your topic should attract them. For example, I’m sure nobody wants to read about your daughter except your relatives)

3) Do this topic have advertisers who sell some products online or offline and they advertise on Internet? (Because your topic should have more advertisers and buyers in the market. If your topic is about something free, for example 'free mp3 download' or 'Indian college results', then there won’t be any (or much)commercial products around this topic. You will be struggling to make money if you select these type of topics).

4) Is it having several sub topics in it? (Because you will run out of ideas if your topic is very small. For example, making chicken fry is almost a narrowed topic. You can't write about it for next 2 years)

Always select a topic which is broad. Do not narrow it well. For example, if you like to write about candy crush Android game, do not start a blog about candy crush game. Because you can’t write about it for next 2 years, but what you can do is, start a blog about Android games then include Candy crush and other Android games. So, you have a wide topics which has several sub-topics)

Over To You

If you are stuck with these types of questions and unable to start your new blog, I'm sure these points would have given some information. I hope this will be useful. If you have further queries related to this, feel free to contact me.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

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