$5000 in a Month, The Lessons from Monthly Income Report

It’s been a long time I updated my monthly income here. I’m excited to announce that I have made $5000 (in fact $5500) in August 2015, which is one of my goal/achievement. In fact, it came late, I targeted this amount for December 2014, but I managed to make it after 8 months. It’s okay for me, because still I’m a part time blogger and working alone on my blogs. In this post, let me summarize August 2015 monthly income report and share the learned lessons by achieving this goal. These points will be useful for you in your blogging life.

I’m not going post the break down of each program (or screenshots) which helped to earn this amount in this post, but I like to point out that BuySellAds influenced in this income considerably. It became the second money making program to contribute in my monthly income. I’m not sure whether BuySellAds will keep funding my income in coming months that can affect my income in future, but the things is, “I achieved $5000/month mark as a part time blogger”.

The Lessons – Must Read & Understand

1) Keep working on it

You have to keep working on your blogs to increase or even to maintain the same level of income. It’s not a type of system to set it up and forget so that will keep making money for you. With the frequent changes in SEO and search engines industry, the growing competition and ups/downs of the money making programs, you should be flexible to work hard and adopt the changes. Otherwise, you will end up as a loser in blogging world.

2) Keep trying new money making programs and opportunities

Do not stick with the same programs and same ad slots to make income. Try the different ways. It’s not harm to try new programs and methods on your blog as long as you do not conflict with them. For example, even though I was using BuySellAds (BSA) for long time, I have not done any changes until they contact me. They contacted me and asked if I can add one more ad slot on sidebar of the main blog. They said that they can try selling the slot since my blog topic has demand. I was little hesitated to implement the new ad slot because I was worried about my Adsense earnings. But decided to go with the change because I haven’t done any major changes in ads layout for long time. It worked and the income from BSA went from $150 to $1500.

bsa ad sale

3) It Takes Time!

Though I added the extra slot as requested by BSA, nothing happed overnight or even in first month. It took more than 3 months to see the affect. If I were in hurry and removed the slot in 2nd month because it didn’t work for last 2 months, I would not have seen the result in 3rd month which increased by 10x times. I’m seeing that nowadays most of the new bloggers are too hurry in making money online. It doesn’t work like that. Whether its online or offline, money doesn’t come that easily or quickly.

4) Behind the Scenes – Real Story

$5000 per month from internet is great and looks sexy. Everyone will want to have it. But you have to see the sleepless nights, frustrated days and years I spent on internet to build this online business. All successful online (even offline) business owners have hardworking and painful stories behind each successful business. To get the same success and reach $5000 or even more monthly income from internet, you should be ready to go through the same path. You will not find the short-cuts here, but someone would show the smoother but definitely a longer path to reach your success.

Every Successful Person Has A Painful Strory Every Painful Story Has A Successful Ending

Thequotepedia.com | Success | Forward this Picture

5) Stick to the Basics

We always change the way we work once we reached a certain level. For example, I changed the way of producing content once my blog started getting good traffic and income. I became too technical and scientist in blogging 🙂 . Sometimes, overdoing something will be harmful. Nowadays, I’m too much worried and concerned about keyword research, CPC, number of search queries in Google and the competition…etc, but believe me, these things do not work as you expect. The articles I wrote 2 years ago without considering any of these factors still doing good job for me to bring traffic and income. Those articles I wrote 2 years ago were purely for readers, I kept them in my mind, fixed their problems and gave the solutions. I did not do any keyword research or competition analysis, but they are doing good even now.

But the articles written recently with all kind of research, do not perform well as expected.  My advice is, always stick to the basics. Always think what has worked for you and what brought you good traffic and money. Even if they are old methods, not working for others but still working for you – stick to it, do not change it. I will be writing about the basics you should stick and follow in coming days. Currently I’m going backwards to stay with my basics and produce good content by keeping real human readers in my mind rather than Google robots.

6) The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, why is that?

Don’t mistake me, I don’t say that I’m rich and you are poor, but anytime did you think about above sentence?, I think it’s suitable for bloggers too. The answer is all about your ‘thoughts’ and ‘gratitude’. If you think that your blog is not working or not going to work, then it will do the same thing. If you think that your blog will work or starting to work, yes, it will listen you and start working. Also, be thankful to your blog, internet, Google, Amazon and even your local bank for the income you are getting from internet no matter how much it is.


The Money Making Programs

  • Google Adsense is still my favorite money making program which is leading my earnings.
  • With the recent change, BuySellAds took the second place and contributed  $1600 in August 2015
  • VibrantMedia in-text ads contributed $625
  • I’m concentrating more on Amazon affiliate products and seeing the different every month. It gave me $480 in August 2015. I’m targeting to reach $1000 from Amazon by end of December 2015.

What’s Next?

$5000/month mark was set for last year 2014 December and I achieved after 8 months. Therefore, I reworked my goals in 2015 and set $7000/month by December 2015. I still have another 4 months to reach the goal and I’m sure I can do it this time.

What is For you?

This is just a update and motivational post for you. I’m repeating my same old sentence –  “if I can make this much as part time blogger and father of 2 kids, then you must make more money in short time if you are a full time young blogger”.

If you think you have done some mistakes in starting your first blog and want to start a new blog from scratch with me, you must check the home page here. You can get my 1 month free service and we can work together.

Good luck guys.

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  1. Hello sir first congrats to achieve your goal ,I am very thankful to you for providing your best exprience among us.
    Sir i have a very easy question for you please tell me how much time a new blog or website take to get 1000 organic visitor
    I ‘m waiting for your reply sir.

    • @AJAY SONI, thanks for your comment.
      For your question, there are no certain rules or formulas or numbers to answer. It completely depends the topic, SEO and quality of the blog posts. Basically, it depends on how Google love your website/blog. In my experience, any new blog will take more than 6 months to reach this level considering ‘Google sandbox effect’. As I said earlier, there are no certain rules or calculations for that. All depends on how hard and smart you are working.

      Its like running, you do not know how quickly you will cross the 200m mark until you start running :).

  2. Hello Sir, Congrats at the outset . Yes earning from the net is certainly not easy. I am also an Amazon affiliate as well as of Flipkart and snapdeal . But im not being able to do much through my FB account and want to start a blog. Can you pliz just tell me the first steps to start a blog?

    • @Divya, Thanks for your comment.
      Making money via promoting your affiliate products in Facebook needs high marketing and promotion skills. I think, starting a blog and targeting specific people who are really interested and searching on Google about the product you are promoting, will be a good idea for the success.
      You need to find the topic of the blog, then select the domain name, and hosting it will be the first steps to start a blog. Contact me if you need more information.

  3. !!Congrats!! big bro.
    No…Comment…Only Promise that I’ll also work hard for my Success.
    Bro you are a Successful “Leader”
    Because a Leader is a person Who knows way, goes way and Shows way.
    Heart-touching Thanks for shows way.

  4. It’ s so motivational post to all bloggers. According this post, we need retain on our ambitions to fulfill them. We should remember one word in mind “You will get what you try”
    i just respect and follow this golden rule to be become successful in my ambition.
    Thanks For Great Post.

  5. Does Google reduce the CPC for old Adsense users? I’m a Adsense publisher since Jan 5, 2013. I use to have higher Page RPM at the starting like around $2. But now I’m having only CTR
    below 1% and Page RPM below $0.70.

    The CPC what I get is like something between $0.06 to $0.10 mostly. So, I used my friend’s newly created Adsense account on one of my site but now Adsense pays her like $0.40 to $4.00 per click. Since I had higher CPC during the starting makes me think that the Adsense reduce CPC over time. Does Google reduced my CPC since I’m getting only Indian traffic mostly? (Over 60% of my Traffic in the last few years are from India).

    I’m so happy to see your earnings, I wish you to earn even more in the future. There are only few people guides others while they are really busy and you are one of them. I think the Sysprobs.com was started in the year 2009 but Techulator.com was started in the year 2012 and it earns 10 times more since they allows their users to contribute and post content on their site and site owner gives the users a small one time payment as a return and thus they earns for a long term.

  6. truly no words for. The way you elaborate things, im just fan of that. I got your link from shoudme loud and now i am one of your top admirer. Iam a newbie, and want to make bloging as a profession.

  7. Late to see this post. But glad to read it today .
    BUNCH OF CONGRATS from my side. You are for sure making benchmark for blogger around the world to follow a pattern as suggested.
    Happy to see, and say modified Amazon punch line..
    Keep it up Dinesh Sir 🙂

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  9. Hey Dinesh, Congratulations on hitting your goals! Real action gets real results and it looks like you’ve got your just reward for all your hard work, effort and sharing of valuable information. You rightly point out that all businesses require this level of hard work an that there are painful stories behind each successful business. I’d really like to hear some of your “painful stories” so that they can be avoided! What would you say were the worst time-wasters and dead-ends you followed and wished you hadn’t? Also, if you don’t mind I’m going to add a link to your site on my own blog roll – it’s a new blog on a similar topic to yours and I think a lot of my readers would like to read your great blog!

  10. Surprising enough, you are targeting poor blogger also, otherwise Internet is full of monster earners stories.

    As you say ‘inspire’, I really admire your words and just planning to go for $200 per month Adsense earning.

  11. Hey! Congratulations on your success. I just landed on your website searching for an ideal income of a tech blog and that’s when I read this post. Your success is really inspiring and I hope to follow you for better tips.

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